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  1. I don’t think so. I believe that’s how they come.
  2. Awesome thread. I always wondered if I could mount radials on my old OEM 16" B1 wheels.
  3. As the title says. Can I put radials without tubes on my old OEM 16" wheels off my 1948 B1?
  4. Sorry for the delay response. This winter here in Boise Idaho was a rough one. Bought a house as well. Back to working in the ol girl again. Thank you for the info
  5. Long cold winter. Garage was to cold to work in. Found the problem. The pos ground cable was shot. Cleaned the starter as well and now she turns over. Thank fellas
  6. Cold winter so I put the truck aside in the garage. Warming up so I'm back to working in it. Cleaned it with brake clean and cleaned the brushes. Works great now.
  7. Awesome. I've been starting to clean everything very carefully.
  8. Perfect answer. That's what I needed. Thank you. Yes and I got nothing. It's getting power and so is the ammeter to ignition. Even tried the ol hammer tap tap and still nothing. Took it apart is really dirty and some light rust spots inside. It's been sitting since 1955 so there's no surprise.
  9. So I got a 1948 Pilothouse and need some help. Truck has been sitting for a few decades. Put a battery in and the starter won't engage. Tore it down and found it was very dirty inside. Now what's the best way to clean an old starter. Any ideas or tricks would be great. Thanks
  10. I tried a normal 3/8s extension and 5/8 shallow socket and couldn't get in there. It was hitting the pivot/bolt spring for the starter arm.
  11. So I've decided to remove the starter. Going to tear it down and clean up everything. What's the easiest way to remove it. I got the bottom bolt out and removed the kick panel in the truck. Still a nightmare to get that top bolt out. Any ideas? Maybe a 1/4 drive and a 5/8ths socket on a swivel coming at it head on. Not coming in from the kick panel. Seems to be impossible to remove it from inside the cab.
  12. Haha I'm in the same boat. Hopefully I'll be firing it up this weekend. First time since 1955
  13. Update. Changed the negative cable going to the battery. It's now getting Neg 6 Volts. So that's now fixed. Still not getting power to the headlights so it's somewhere after the starter. I'll keep all you updated.
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