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  1. Im stripping the car out and cleaning up some rust issues under the car. Im down to a shell now. Ordered floor pans and sills to install. I did the brakes a couple of years ago and the rearend is in good working condition.
  2. Im getting deep into this project now.
  3. I will check again. I want to put in a posi and maybe a different gear. Id like to know that its strong enough for more power.
  4. I have been working on the car and didnt check this posting, I will look again for any markings or # on the center section.
  5. I have a couple of pics of my dodge center section. Can anyone tell me what it is? I thought it might be a early 8.3/4 but it has 12 bolts in it.
  6. Im new to the site an just starting my tear down of my 48. All you posts an pics will be a great help for me. Thank you.
  7. Im looking to start getting parts for my winter project. Thought id ask here for any suppliers of floor pans and sills.
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