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  1. Totally forgot I had this picture of the front end of truck. Frame rails and where the steering box and motor are sitting. I know it a 6 and not a 8. See where the 2 holes are the one that are single by where the fender bolts in to frame. I wonder
  2. ok this has probably been answered but. Ok so I buy these motor mounts. Since my steering box is outside the frame. Does there really need to be a offset. Think this is what is really screwing me up. I get it if it was on the inside of the frame but mine is on the outside.
  3. With a bit of a google search I found them. Thanks will buy them tomorrow
  4. I see it was a ad. I went on Kijiji to look for it not there. I searched Canada but thank you I am not in a panic to get this done. I open engine up the other day. Got to get a few things for it. I will continue to look for stuff. Thanks everyone for the help. May still need a couple things for welder. Engine isn't bad or anything just need water pump and gaskets and a real good cleaning. Maybe paint, paint is good.
  5. I would but let it be a conversation starter
  6. Haha Haha funny 1 wrong letter lol
  7. I hear you can buy googles now that are auto darkening
  8. Factory are fine but to restricted. I may get some better but not sure for now I would like to get it in truck and see what type of room I have. Then figure it out from there.
  9. All honesty what would be the best thing to do here for the motor mounts. I would like to by a welder. Not sure what make or model. I may get the one on Amazon not sure. Guess in the end it is my money lol. I will need the accessories but I can by these through the coming months. The helmet does anyone know about that auto darkening. Would that be a good thing to have. I have seen them as much as $200 and as low as $40. I will figure the rest out. Thanks for all suggestions so far
  10. Hey Plymouthy Adams there is a link on your last post. It is tube. I fallowed it and it goes to headers on ebay. It says link added by VigLink
  11. Eat donuts hahahahahahahahahahahaha not in my city. Police are out there sometimes getting there man for not stopping at stop sign for 3 seconds or a couple years back it was for not having enough window pee in the container. They make tons of money.
  12. I I could blame particular group also but I think it was this generation of kids that have these stupid inport cars that can't stop pressing the gas pedal. Load popping from rev limiters or what ever
  13. lmao I just read a article in local paper. They just installed noise cameras in my city. If your vehicle goes past a certain noise volume the camera takes a picture and they send you a ticket. it is apparently a direct result of Sunday night cruise.
  14. So I'm looking at mig welders and no not on Amazon but Lincoln and Miller wow expensive. Oh well you get what you pay for. Now pricing this stuff out. Not only the welder. But the gas and tank. Ya I know I can use flux core but that splatters. Now for helmet which one is better? How much does that cost. Welders jacket don't want to be burned and gloves. And on and on and on it goes. What after taxes about $1000.00 And the kicker is I still don't have the stupid motor mounts made. Ugh
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