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  1. so sad , will never see dorf any more , so sad
  2. it will fill the bowl , will fill accelerator pump well , then when bowl is full drip down into intake and run out on the ground..won't go past the needle and seat...well if it works?
  3. just had same problem, a good come along was $250.. cheap ones fail.... so I blocked trailer wheels and rear of trailer so trailer wouldn't tilt , chained snatch block too truck frame ,a piece of good rope . tie to tow vehicle and to trailer ... pulled up on trailer , was amazed at ease of pulling truck on trailer.. my D100 slant six didn't even grunt ... simple tools are the best
  4. way to much tongue weight, back that big truck up..you'll be fine.
  5. I paid $1400 a year ago, bored ,crank turned, head flatted, pistons , rings ,bearings, magnaflux block, head and crank , balanced ,freeze plugs, valve guide , fly wheel turned, oven baked block cleaned, ..the magnaflux and balance was the expensive part...$250 each.ouch... I just added timing chain set , gasket set , oil pump, lots more cleaning of parts and reassemble.... sitting on stand. when installed it will run past my lifetime. won't smoke ,won't leak anything. my motors must pass the white glove test...
  6. been starting the search for tires, found these https://www.nebraskatire.com/passenger-car/hard-find-bias-700x15-and-750x16-new-traction-tread-tires-sale I emailed for shipping prices..
  7. you don't want trim it because it would leave a scratch on the arm next time.. I bet someone works on their car a lot and thats called planning ahead. Or is there a flag on the end ,so you know where to point the fire extinguisher...
  8. no copper spray on PermaTorque head gaskets.. i looked it up on felpro site. if block and head are flat, check torque wrench calibration , the big snap on trucks have a machine to check. . copper spray , is a band aid to other problems... head and gasket need to be able to move around. the gaskets you buy today are light years ahead of '49 gaskets... why did you change head gasket in the first place? was it blown between 1 and 2?
  9. https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/viral-video-glitter-bomb-package-144600989.html good idea ,but?
  10. OK, I guess the lower wheel cylinder.
  11. Bank teller at the bank said, " just roll the quarters and dimes, dump the rest in a coin machine, bring the rolls to me ". I'am cheap, so I roll all my own.. once a year...this year had enough to get a carburetor , a gas tank , and 5 gallons race gas . It's like free money!!
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