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  1. I have to replace the hard brake lines on my 1948 Dodge. Any idea where I can source this item?
  2. Thanks -- will look for it. There sure is virtually no room behind the dash.
  3. I own a 1948 Dodge d-24 sedan. Is there some way to lubricate the speedometer? I've reviewed previous posts but for the life of me I can not find any oil port/wick on the speedometer. Was this eliminated on the d-24 model?
  4. How difficult is it to remove the speedometer from a D-24 Dodge? I could fine no instructions in the service manual.
  5. I'm filling out my 2019 Eastern Fall Nationals Hershey registration. What is the horsepower of the 230.2 inch engine?
  6. I used this guy for my plate restoration: Larry D. Hoeft 1802 154th Garland, NE 68360-9311 ldhoeft@aol.com Unfortunately I could not find a before restoration photo but as you can see he does an excellent job.
  7. Starting in 1914, Dodge Brothers used, almost exclusively, the Budd Company to make all their steel body cars. Fisher Body made bodies for Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet and many other manufacturers https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fisher_Body. One body style they made was the 2 door Coach which was supplied to Chevrolet and Pontiac among others. The Coach body frame was made of wood with the exterior steel sheeting tacked on. I guess the Dodge Brothers/Budd did not want to invest in the tooling required to manufacture a steel body Coach so consequently they bought these bodies from Fisher. There is
  8. 9 foot box, Thanks for your response. Here is a shot of my '25 Dodge Brothers 2 door Fisher Body Coach. This model was produced for only 2 years - 1925 & 1926. I heard sales were targeted toward families with small children.
  9. Surprisingly when I purchased my car (which was 99.9% complete), it was missing a jack. Before I begin a search, is there anything unique about this jack? Can someone please post a photo?
  10. The rear of the speedometer in my '48 Dodge does not look like what is shown above (stem that is unscrewed). I've lubed the cable using a graphite lube made for this application. Is there any other oiling point for the speedometer? Also suggest you use rubber gloves when dealing with the cable lube -- really messy stuff.
  11. When driving my D24 Dodge (6 volt), the voltage gauge indicates charging is constantly taking place. The needle really never just settles in the middle. Is this normal? Does this indicate the need for a new voltage regulator? The needle swings between the center and extreme right.
  12. Thanks all for your comments. I assumed it would pull out of the speedometer end. I was concerned about getting it back into the transmission. As long as there is a square end - the same as the speedometer end - it should be an easy job.
  13. I would like to lubricate the speedometer cable in my D-24. Before I start, are there pitfalls I should be aware of? Will the cable slide out of it's exterior shield and is this cable easy to reinsert into the transmission end? I have a tube of graphite based oil that is intended for this application.
  14. In response to Silverdome -- see attached. vibrator Waking Up.doc.pdf
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