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  1. I hear ya tolls,,, 35 bucks round trip and 15 to park,,,but was still glad I went
  2. I have a pair of nos mooog 41 and up upper control arms I'm not going to use,, e mail me if interested ,,I forget if we are allowed to post our e mail in the topic,,,,thanks don
  3. shame I ddint log on sooner was there on wensday, most of the day, got 2 key blanks for my 40 dodge trunk and he cut them there on the spot 6 bucks each,,,,then got a lock cylinder new with keys for the compartment door behind the seat into the trunk,,n ow t osee if every thing else is there to make it work
  4. soon to install the wiper conversion that I bought 8 years ago lol in my 40 dodge cross my fingers I get time this winter,,,,thank god for rain x
  5. amazing job now here is a challenge for you,,, take a modern 4 door charger and make every ones dream come true,,,turn it in to a 2 door
  6. im thinking they would like to know that your ,ok and working on the ply
  7. just seen a topic on the hamb,, in my very old e mail,,they are wanting to know what happened to you,,,weird i see this and just read the other topic minutes ago,,,
  8. ok guess ill search rolled and tucked material ??
  9. car loooks amazing, never knew you could do the hydro dip at home,very interesting, where did you get the material from that you used on the door panels ??
  10. NOS or NOS replacement aftermarket mooog parts from rare parts in calif go to there web site they have pics part numbers and pricing,,pricey but the repop parts these vendors sell are junk,, rareparts.com good luck in your search
  11. nice looking starter,,, wish i seen your project sooner,,, as for shorter water pump,you can get a rebuilt 1969 an earlier, it will be shorter, and cast iron not cast aluminum, like the one you have now, you will also have to find the correct pullys for the water pump and balancer, if you need more radiator clearance,,,looking good so far,,becareful with those long shackels,,,
  12. sell 2 chebbies and buy one mopar,,,,
  13. great pics love the black and white
  14. beautiful wagon, i seen you in sept at the pottstown street car show from the classic club,looks great, if a 49 grille is the same a friend of mine passed away there are a few grilles said to be 49 but look like yours that will be,and are for sale see u in the spring
  15. looks goood ,,,stinks u broke down
  16. wow when did this forum change ???,,,, any chance you have pics of your outer tie rod ends, sounds interesting, and ide be willing to give it a try ,to tighten up my turning,,, so it sounds like you deleted the thread adapter ?? cant picture the out tie rod end reaching the inner calivere tie rods,,,
  17. ther are other gm cars that use the same steering set up,, if you know how to use rock auto web site you can see what other models are the same parts,,,not so many cavileres in the yards these days but the other models are still around,,,
  18. older fat man kit used datsun outer tie rod ends,,,they needed an adapter sleeve,,now a 2005 ford explorer is what he uses,,,no adapter needed,,,much beefier too then the datsun outer tie rod ends
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