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  1. The Classified section used to be pretty good. They had posts from guys who had laundry lists of great parts that you cannot find anywhere else, I looked in that section tonight and there is nothing there...shame. I rely a lot on the guys out West for parts because most of the old B series trucks in Florida are nothing but rust buckets, or they are in the same boat as me...looking anywhere for those rare and strange parts...
  2. Sorry, I think I just got my hand slapped. I haven’t been on in a while and I asked in a post where I could find a part and apparently a moderator erased it from the post. I didn’t realize this was taboo? If we can’t ask assistance in locating a part on this site...where can I go to ask for assistance in finding parts? This site has always been such a great resource for things like this, I guess no longer? Is asking for assistance in locating a part taboo, or just asking if anyone has one? Please clarify.
  3. I have the small bracket but need the dash to firewall bracket. Ant idea where I can find one of these?
  4. Outstanding pic, this is just what I needed to see, thanks.
  5. Hello everyone. It’s been a while since I’ve been on... I recently got a nice Mopar radio, and I’m trying to figure out how to install it in my ‘50 B2C. Apparently there is supposed to be a “dash brace” that runs from the front of the dash, near the steering column, back to the fire wall? Is this true? If so, I guess the PO didn’t feel it was necessary. I’m trying to get some pictures of this brace because it isn’t listed in any parts books I’ve seen. Thanks. Edited by moderator to remove request for parts on open forum.
  6. Went to the swap meet. It was huge, however everything about the trucks was either Ferd or Chebby. Very few parts for our trucks there.
  7. Hey, Is anyone going to this event? If so, I'd like to meet up with some fellow members...let me know. Also, if you have any insight as to where all the B series Dodge truck parts will be...let me know that as well...hahaha.
  8. Man, that is a beautiful piece of work!
  9. Good day folks! I’m trying to get some ideas for a toolbox for the truck. I want something to keep with the old style of the truck, so I’m steering away from the prefab, bolt to the floor model boxes, and the slanted rails don’t offer too many choice in rail mounted. Any idea? SHOW ME YOUR TRUCK TOOLBOX PICS! And as always, thanks for the advice and help. I’d be lost without you folks!
  10. I have an update for you all. After trying all the “normal” stuff that you guys recommended, the winner is...drum roll please...Greg g.... everything checked out OK however compression check results revealed cylinders 1-4 between 100 and 105 psi, cylinders 5&6 - 70 psi. So apparently there is a dry head gasket leak between the cylinders. Oil is not emulsified, no exhaust in the radiator. Ok so all that being said, any recommendations on additional work that should be done when changing a head gasket? Any pointers I should know before digging into this? thanks once again for all the help here!
  11. Thanks guys. Sorry, I should have mentioned that I checked the plugs, they look good, a light brown color, no gas or oil. I swapped out the coil earlier today, still no go. I have a buddy who thinks it may be a clogged idle jet in a carb? But I’d hate to have to pull the carbs off and mess with them. I rebuilt them last year and they have been running great, but there could be some crud in there I guess. I haven’t checked the condenser, I’ll look into that, or just swap it out. Any other suggestions on where to look?
  12. Ok all you mechanics out there, I need some help with ole Fiddy. But as usual, some background. I had surgery on my shoulder about 6 weeks ago. (Torn rotator cuff, bicep tendon and another tendon that holds the arm in the socket). Anyway, I haven’t been able to use my right arm for around 4 weeks, meaning I haven been able to handle the gear shifter or turn the wheel of ole Fiddy, so she has sat idle for a while. I took her out on Friday, and drove her about 10 miles or so, in the 90+ degree Florida sun. She did well. Then, I got antsy on Sunday and loaded up my dog and we went for a ride, again in the 90+ degree Florida sun. I stopped for some gas, filled her up, and got back in to leave, but she wouldn’t start. Opened the hood and saw there may have been some vapor lock going on so I let her sit for a while. I tried her again in about 10 minutes and she started, however she runs like she’s on 4 cylinders. She won’t idle, but runs OK but rough when gas is applied. I eased her home by keeping my foot on the gas at stop lights. She’s home now, and I figured it sounded like an ignition problem. I checked the cap and rotor, they were a little pitted, so I changed them. The points were changed back in Sept. of last year so I didn’t mess with them. She’s still not idling and is running really rough with some backfiring on deceleration or down-shifting. I’m thinking maybe bad gas? But not sure if the effects of bad gas would be that immediate. Any help/recommendations from you guys on what to check next would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  13. Does it work? Pictures sir, please post pictures!
  14. I like this, does it attach to the seat or does it just sit there?
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