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  1. tub1

    25inch motor

    hello andy , I have more info serial no is 90035410 model DD1-16 Its in a 1/2 ton dodge pickup a nice original old truck and the motor looks original , and its a 25 inch motor same length as a kew motor
  2. tub1

    25inch motor

    ok , how ever ive measured the head its definitely 25 inch
  3. hello ive a 25 inch dodge motor engine number T11236906c any ideas what it came from aussie dodge guys
  4. wow what a wonderful restoration job , I hope you use the car lots when its done
  5. dam nice car you have, I'm always keen on nice standard looking 50s cars
  6. I remember one of those in the bush down here in tas 35 years ago , it was burnt then and no good but rare , at the time a friend had a 38 Chrysler imperial 8 cylinder car it was cool ,
  7. yes andy that's what I was thinking about ,mind you I was thinking 25 inch engine
  8. why not use half of a truck manifold and half of a car one then you only have to block two holes with a brazed in plug and not the dump area as the strength of the cast dump be stronger than a brazed one
  9. nice car wonderful condition , last Friday a mate and I went and picked up a 1930 Desoto 8 sedan it drives real nice
  10. good on you young man keep going and you will have a cool old car ,now several things MAKE SURE YOU USE EYE PROTECTION WITH GRINDERS and also eye protection with that por15 stuff its great stuff but toxic big time remember when working on anything you wear a respairator for your mouth and nose you need eye protection as well , enough of my rant take car and have fun with your car
  11. that car is so straight through the sides what a job the body and paint bloke did
  12. hello craig, dam nice car you have there mate I look forward to seeing a picture when you have made it yours take your time and enjoy that car for your self scott
  13. wow what a car , was working on a 49 Plymouth myself yesterday,got it running after headgasket and spark issues drove it around for about 3 hours last night I don't want to give it back lol
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