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  1. maok

    No spark

    I can't understand how that copper strap on that condensor could not be grounding, as mentioned, use some heat shrink on it or just go Pertronix...:)
  2. There are packaged Li car batteries available, well here in australia anyway, but all 12volts not 6v. 2 extra won't cut it either, you probably will need 30-50Ah of capacity, so the cost won't be worth the experiment.
  3. Also, you don't have enough cells, that's only 14Ah, you need more capacity for it to not stress the cells.
  4. You will need a charge regulator, and a BMS for the individual cells. Best to stick with lead acid.
  5. maok

    No spark

    If you are getting good spark from the coil lead to ground, I am assuming you are referring to the high tension lead, then, you should be focusing on the rotor and cap. As been mention before, are they are matched unit?
  6. So tell us, what are the extra appointed features of the richman's Chrysler over the poorman's Plymouth? Yep, you have run out of fuel in the carb on that first run up the hill.
  7. Yep, as mentioned, any will do the job. Universal Car Truck Vehicle Battery Disconnect Cut Off Rotary Switch Brass W9H3 | eBay
  8. Easy to remember for a bloke, 15 (too young) 36 (too old) 24 (just right)
  9. I know the desoto model was a step down from the chrysler airstream but I would have thought they would have kept the push button start on the desoto version.
  10. Here is my '36 Chrysler Airstream, wouldn't be too different to the Desoto. We like pictures.
  11. Now you can bench test it with a 12volt battery, your 12v-->6v reducer and a potentiometer.
  12. Also, check the level of the oil in the trans, it maybe very low.
  13. Don't use a resistor, it wont work, use the an electronic reducer that you can purchase (ebay, etc) for less than 20bucks. Also, to test the gauge itself, you can test it with a potentiometer (variable resistor), 0-200ohm would be ideal. If the gauge works smoothly and well with the potentiometer then look at your sender.
  14. Also, is it possible that you have a hole in the cleaner, so oil maybe going down the carb?
  15. I would guess that you have inadvertently caused a huge air blockage in that air filter when you clean it out.
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