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  1. Keen to know how it performs, I'm assuming its the weber 32/36 STYLE of carb conversion you are referring to. I am also considering this as well, keep us updated. I have the 6 volt alternator in my shed now, its more like 60% postage cost for me...:( I'm currently dummy fitting it for alignment, which is a PITA on the my '37 Dodge, was much easier on the '28 Chrysler. It looks like I need a different shaped top bracket, the one for the generator does not look to work.
  2. You sure about the last one? 😂
  3. Ok, now I understand, you are wanting the fog lamps to flash as well, according to the above circuit.
  4. Why are you connecting the two circuits? I would have them separate so it's KISS.
  5. In 1928 Chrysler models had a series number, ie series 52(4 cyl), 62 (6 cyl 180cu), 72(6cyl 248 cu) & 80(6 cyl 308cu), the number represented the speed they could reach ie., 52, 62, 72, and 80mph. I would imagine your Dodge would be similar to one of these. I try not to go over 30mph in my 62, not that the engine couldn't do much more, its all the other systems that are not up to it ie. suspension, steering, centre of gravity, tyres etc.
  6. apologies, that looks to be a AC to DC controller. Here is DC to DC controller, http://vi.raptor.ebaydesc.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItemDescV4&item=163644688086&category=71393&pm=1&ds=0&t=1582093078385&cspheader=1
  7. You need a DC motor speed controller, something like this, https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/PWM-DC-Motor-Speed-Controller-Module-Switch-Control-for-6V-12V-24V-28V-3A-O1U4/164086622417?epid=2244173619&hash=item26345328d1:g:W28AAOSwwJ1eS3rf It would probably need to be more than 3amp, more like 5amps
  8. This comment suggests that you don't understand. Google 'DC motor and voltage/current relationship' So its more a mechanical issue than an electrical issue?
  9. I don't think you understand the relationship between a DC motor and the voltage and current(amps) applied to it. Its not the voltage that 'kills it', its the current. The current increases in relation to the mechanical resistance to the motor, ie., if the motor is stalled then current goes up dramatically.
  10. You can run the 6volt wiper motor on 12 volts without any problems, it will spin faster, the amp draw will be slightly more.
  11. Here is some pics of the Dodge at a couple weddings we did on the weekend,
  12. maok

    ID Chrysler Tacho

    Thanks for that. It measure almost 4". I wonder if that radial switch (1-4) is to adjust for different cylinder engines,ie., 2,4,6&8 cylinders?
  13. I purchased it at our large annual swap meet, can anyone identify what car or truck its from. Only markings on the back are AT-5001. The two nuts have insulating washers underneath and the two screws don't. The long threaded posts I assume are mounting studs.
  14. For future reference; Chrysler part number #601532 Cone = Timken #14125a Chrysler part number #43032 Cup = Timken #14276 Chrysler kit number #10546 = Timken 14125a/14276
  15. Thanks for that, I didn't think the CR was a brand name...lol After giving the bearing a good clean, bingo, part number. KOYO #14125A
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