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  1. hi ,i am interested in your 1937 Dodge MC Country Tourer 

    1. maok


      Hey mate, you know this car very well, you've had it in your early mopar magazine.



      Moe Akgun

    2. johns45


      Bugger thought I found a other lol

    3. maok
  2. There is a very good chance the insulation is broken mainly outside of the tube and a little just inside, there is no reason why you could not slip over some shrink wrap over the wire and keep using it.
  3. It will probably get to a price where people will refuse to pay and convert to a manual operated choke. Only the purists will pay the high asking price.
  4. You don't necessarily need to know the exact initial advance for the timing, adjust(advance) until you have the best vacuum on your gauge, back it off if you can hear knocking. If you do want to know the advance in degrees, get yourself a dial-back timing light.
  5. Is the smoke, an electrical smell or an oil burning smell? If its an electrical smell, have the generator rebuilt, if oil, there probably is some oil dropped into the generator that is burning off.
  6. Be careful Keith, once you go electric there's no turning back...😜
  7. Thumbs up for the ice cubes in the wine, same here.
  8. Andy, there is a good chance there is a rusty short somewhere. I had a similar event in my '28 Chrysler a couple of years ago, when I turned on the head lights it would show a discharge of about 5-10 amps, turn the lights off the ammeter would go back to zero. As you know, its a process of elimination. ps; rusty shorts tend not to burn a fuse.
  9. Also, mount the pump as low as possible.
  10. If you are positive ground then the red wire of the pump should be grounded and the other to your live wire from the ignition switch.
  11. maok

    No spark

    I can't understand how that copper strap on that condensor could not be grounding, as mentioned, use some heat shrink on it or just go Pertronix...:)
  12. There are packaged Li car batteries available, well here in australia anyway, but all 12volts not 6v. 2 extra won't cut it either, you probably will need 30-50Ah of capacity, so the cost won't be worth the experiment.
  13. Also, you don't have enough cells, that's only 14Ah, you need more capacity for it to not stress the cells.
  14. You will need a charge regulator, and a BMS for the individual cells. Best to stick with lead acid.
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