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  1. With the holes drilled out and the module moved closer to the shaft, made no difference. So I installed the points and condensor, after a few points gap adjustments, dwell is back to 38*, the car is running much better. The 38 Weber still needs tuning but its much better. Its weird that the Pertronix is creating only a 28* dwell angle, makes no sense to me. It should either work perfectly, like before or not at all. I've sent an email to Pertronix for their thoughts.
  2. Thanks DJ, this is what I have been wondering, though, this kit is design to fit where the condensor locates into, ie there is no adjustment as such, screws into place in one position. I am going to bore out the holes in the plate of the module and adjust it closer to the shaft today, hopefully it works.
  3. Hi all, I'm having a very interesting problem with my '36 Airstream C7, the ignition dwell is 28 degrees not 38 degrees. The distributor has a Pertronix module and has been running flawlessly for the last 18 months when I installed it, but just the other day the car starting running bad, will start but runs very ordinary. Has anyone experienced this before? Interestingly my timing gun doesn't work well with the car running like this, its intermittent, I assume its due to the lack of voltage along the spark plug lead due to the dwell being so short (28*) and its not trigging the timing light. I've checked the usual things, ie. 12volts to the module, leads, cap, rotor, coil. Could it be my dwell meter...lol Its got me puzzled.
  4. Make sure the pump is mounted at a level to the bottom of the tank or lower. This creates a siphoning affect, easier for the pump to pull the fuel.
  5. maok

    Power loss

    What is the coil primary resistance on the coils you have used? They're are going bad for a reason. If you have too much current(amps) going through them they will get hot and eventually fail. For a 6volt system, you don't want more than 4 amps running through them.
  6. maok

    Power loss

    What is the coil resistance on the primary connections? Is it 6v or 12v?
  7. You're looking for a nice light brown/coffee latte colour on the porcelain, electrode and ground strap.
  8. That spark plug electrode looks badly affected or are very old, what is your static advance timing? And is your vacuum advance functioning properly?
  9. Make sure the shaft is thin like the mopar shaft. Another alternative is the Langdons HEI conversion, just got mine in the mail yet to be installed. Regarding Pertronix, most failures are probably installer error. Pertronix can run on 6v and can be reversed to points in minutes. Sorry no info on that coil. Check google for testing it, it's just a coil.
  10. Yep, pull it out and work on it on the bench top. It would be a good time to give it a clean and a basic service as well ie check brushes, replace if needed, clean and grease the bearings, clean out between the common bars. They are very simple to work on.
  11. Thanks for the lead. Unfortunately no luck, they only do from 1937 inwards. First year we have for the Chryslers is 1937. The 1937s use a 7/8 rear eye. The 1936s use a 31/32 rear eye.
  12. Any one know of a source for rear leaf springs, specifically for a '36 C7 Airstream? I've tried a couple of vendors, one said no to a C7, other has ridiculous shipping price to bottom of the world.
  13. Hey Andy, thanks for the explanation of the brand, I thought it was a universal brand, not aust. specific...lol Are you sure about only boosting the front brakes? I think there were two sizes available, 7-1/2 and 9-3/4, I wonder if mine is the 7-1/2" and is undersized, will check tomorrow. I had it rebuilt awhile ago. Its got me stuffed, which is not hard at all....lol
  14. Its probably no coincidence that it has loosened again, the post probably has another nut (and insulating washers/bushes) on the other side of the main casing which probably needs tightening or needs a lock washer as well.
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