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  1. Yes, 'transformer' is not the correct terminology, however, the DC is converted into an AC source (a square wave by switching the dc 'on and off') then converted to the appropriate voltage, up or down then converted back to DC in these dc - dc converters. If the linkages are free and not binding, I can't see how the extra speed from a small DC motor would damage them. I have never had any issues running a a 6v wiper motor on 12v, but my wipers have only been single wiper arms.
  2. your 6v wiper motor would have worked fine without that step-down transformer. It would just run twice as fast.
  3. You're not old, you are vintage...😉
  4. If a small back fire occurs from the carb and exhaust then your are 180* out.
  5. I find the ammeter more useful than a volt meter. I have both volt and ammeter in my '28 and just the ammeter in the '37
  6. Maybe a leak from the oil bath filter?
  7. That corner gets a good workout with you Andy...lol I just build my bad Karma for when I am 6 feet under...lol
  8. A drive adaptor for the distributor from the cam?
  9. To be fair, they don't just stuff an off the shelf alternator into the case of your old generator. Having said that, it was too pricey for this TAMO...😕 I have the one wire alternator in both my '28 and '37 they work well however look terrible.
  10. I get excited when I get all the way to 30mph in my '28 and 40mph in my '37 down hill. I don't mind taking longer to get to where I want, it means I am driving and enjoying the cars longer....😉
  11. Okay, I was thinking the red head engines. Not quite spitting out fire, but still red...lol
  12. My understanding is that the compression was a little higher, and first available in 1927/28 series 72 models.
  13. Just a note, when you measured the output of the generator with your clamp meter, that would not have been the maximum output of the generator, just the amount the electrical circuit was drawing at the time, especially your battery charging requirement.
  14. I just installed one of those Spectra units into my '37 Dodge, not bad value for less than us$47. And the postage was only $20 No problems so far but its only been 1/2 mile test.
  15. Well done!!!! But I can't stop laughing at the 20,000 volts you got...lol! Everyone has had that happen.
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