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  1. maok

    Kew Engine

    Hi Paul, @Andydodge is the expert here on the KEW engines, I'm sure he will chime in shortly.
  2. As mentioned above, the kit comes with a linkage that needs to be welder to your existing linkage, I just used a universal ball joint type.
  3. Except if one is on a water craft on water.
  4. Same, though my 218 needed re-jetting because I live in the subtropics. However, my 242 (airstream) likes the jets that came with it. With both I needed to sort the linkages a little.
  5. I've done the same conversion on my '37 Dodge (218)& 37 Airstream (242) after some re-jetting and tuning, much better setup.
  6. Apparently when the bushes are press in they then need to be reamed to the correct sized because there is a reduction in the diameter.
  7. I had an expensive SU (Facet) style electric pump on my '28 for 12 months before it gave up, I now have a cheap Chinese pump ($15) that has lasted at least 3 years now, still going. My pump is running full time. I too have a regulator, set at 2.5psi.
  8. You can also use a 5/8" (or could have been a 9/16") open ended spanner/wrench with modified round washer to lever the spring up then remove the spring collets/keepers. The round washer needs to be large enough and opened up so it can slide in between the valve and cam follower and is used as a base to level with the spanner.
  9. If you have the alternator wire going to the Battery then, as others have mentioned, it is not connected correctly, though it will work. You need to make sure the alternator wire goes either directly to the ammeter or connected to the old 'BAT' terminal where it was on the voltage regulator, which goes to the ammeter. I would recommend you consult an auto electrician.
  10. Sam it depends on idle speed and the pulley size of the alternator. My '28 idles around 450rpm and needs a good rev of the engine, my '37 idles around 600rpm but still needs a little rev to get the alternator to excite.
  11. With the single wire alternators, you need to give the engine a bit of a rev to excite it. The ammeter should kick in then, its a little bit of an annoyance but not much.
  12. How did you install the oil pump gear? The distributor is driven by the oil pump.
  13. Hi Nigel, I'm in Brisbane as well, I have '37 Dodge with probably the same 25" 218 which I just recently converted over to the 32/36 weber (style...lol) downdraft. Working well so far, though running a little rich. The C6J1 may run a little lean but should be ok imo. Does it have have an adjustable main jet?
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