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  1. My new ride got dropped off about 10 p.m. last night, I can't wait to go out and start playing with it , of course it's pouring rain right now
  2. So sorry to hear, I recently lost my father to cancer of the esophagus, he fought it long and hard , and he never gave up, it seems like it's in everything these days , the water, the food, medication , just about everything 😕
  3. You just have to look in the south, except not as far south as Florida because they're mostly rust buckets with all of the salt in the air
  4. I'm pretty sure this one is going to be a Georgia state patrol car, I've been on this kick of doing police cars lately, I've already done a few CHP cars, a few Sheriff's Department cars, the police cars from the movie In the Heat of the Night with sidney Poitier , and a few others, this is a Ford in the picture (yuck) but that's the basic theme I think I'm going for, until I change my mind again by this afternoon LOL
  5. Yeah I just can't kick The Habit , I've tried hard, Mopar has been an addiction of mine for almost 55 years now
  6. Just when I thought I got the monkey off my back , I had to go out and get another one lol, just picked up this beauty about an hour ago, haven't even seen it yet, I really hate and discourage buying cars off the internet without being able to look at them, but this guy was a veteran, and it is an absolutely Rock Solid Arizona car, little bit of surface rust from baking in the Sun and someone in the past painted over the original paint with a paintbrush LOL but that's it
  7. yeah somewhere in one of my closets down in Georgia I have a bunch of old late 50s and early 60s JC Whitney catalogs with shifters for the selector trans, but I'm sure you can't get them either LOL
  8. nothing fancy, just nice smooth brass, and I pulled the pentastar off the passenger side fender and he recessed the knob and set it in, when I polish it real good it looks like it's made out of gold LOL
  9. I kind of figured that , it looked like a giant pain in the ass to try and make, I'll be back in Georgia in about a week and a half, and I love my column shifter but I have a shift knob that my grandfather made for me about 40 years ago for my first car and I really want to use it , but it's made of brass and it's way too heavy for a column shift , it would just keep popping it out of gear, weighs about seven pounds LOL, I was just wondering if anyone had started making them
  10. I know I'm beating a dead horse that's been beaten over and over , I was just wondering if anyone has started making a floor shifter for the selector trans yet, or if we still have to try and make our own or find an old foxcraft or dragfast shifter and pay a fortune, thanks
  11. I also ran 215 75 15 on my stock wheels on my 48 Plymouth for years, and then I switched to 15 x 7 Mopar police wheels with 225 75 15 on them
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