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  1. Did you polarize your regulator when you installed it? Was your amp meter showing charge or discharge? I would recheck all elec. connections for proper 12 volt operation too but whatever you do PLEASE have a fire extinguisher close at hand while you sort this out. Been watching your ongoing posts & can see that yours is a beautiful car. Fire in a woody is not a pretty picture. Good luck.
  2. Top two look a lot like shift levers but NOT for a '49 Plym. Bottom ones maybe some kind of body brackets. May be specificly for a wagon. (Just a guess, there.) The long ones seem to have rubber bumpers on them.
  3. Does that thing have an altimeter in the gauge cluster?
  4. Well since this is a p-15 site what about this diesel in a Plymouth! Saw this at Jalopyrama a few years ago. Real nice job.
  5. Here is a picture of my '38, throttle linkage, stock linkage, aftermarket Zenith carb. the spring in the lower left corner was added by me to relieve a similar issue with idling. This car, however, has been converted to a push button starter. This is a '54 engine, '38 intake manifold cast with an offset & 2 holes to support the linkage. not sure if all later manifolds had this provision. By the way, this is a Dodge & came stock for '38 with automatic choke.
  6. dpollo, please post on here what you learn. We are all concerned about Knuckleharley's well being,. Know he had health issues & will be praying for him & wishing him the best. Thanks!
  7. Good job picking that up John. Maybe you can get a job as a continuity editor for a film studio. My faves are the chase scenes where the big expensive limo goes over the cliff, then when it hits bottom in a ball of fire it's morphed into a cheap 10 year old sedan.
  8. Those are some of the best looking yard "planters" I've ever seen. Truly beautiful & maybe even EPA approved. Can just see my self cruising in that Caddy.
  9. Look like heater shut-off valves, maybe 60's era. Top one looks like vacuum activated the others seem to be thermostat controlled. Just guessing but I'm sure someone on here can be more specific.
  10. Here is a picture of my '38 hood support. If you have a D8 it should be as shown. Hope you can blow up the pic well enough to see it. Not just a rod, but a complex support mechanism. (Original grille is pot metal) .
  11. Beautiful bit of work! Congrats on a job very well done.
  12. Is your voltage regulator ok? Somewhere in this forum I & others have posted a wiring diagram, mine from a later but similar MOPAR. Make sure all your connections are right & don't start a fire . You're putting a lot of voltage through your system. Speaking of fire, hope you Oz guys get the fires under control soon We all wish your country the best with that awful situation.
  13. Outside door handle base for your woody? Show the size of the part.
  14. Young Ed is referring to the aluminum tags riveted to the starters. If those are still on there they should have a part number stamped on them.
  15. Do you think that could be anti freeze residue? possibly water evaporated from engine heat leaving that coating behind. If you pull that head bolt you are going to find that it goes into the coolant system. First like desoto 1939 says retorque all the bolts following the proper sequence. Do it cold then bring it up to operating temp & do it again.
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