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  1. Should be a stud sticking out along the lower part of the frame. The latch would fit over this & be held on by a tiny drift pin if my memory serves me.
  2. You should use a gasket between trans & bell housing. They are available from Andy Bernbaum & certainly other suppliers.
  3. Just a guess but looks like about a '39-'40 Nash.
  4. Here's a Chang Jiang. Fellow in New Jersey imported them 15 maybe 20 years ago. Sorry, my memory ain't what it used to be. I DO remember that quality control at the Chang Jiang factory was less than stellar. Apparently following WW2 Russia & China got the German plans for the Beemer, hence the Ural & Chang Jiang. By the way, this thing had a reverse gear too.
  5. Wow! You scored! Looks like you could just wax it & drive it. Congrats on your purchase.
  6. If you are open to having your clutch rebuilt the folks at H & S Clutch rebuilders in Johnson City, Tennessee did a great job for me, even provided an alignment tool. Turn around time was less than a week. Their # is 1 800 366 0629.
  7. Weather channel last couple of days reporting terrible floods in Australia. I'm not familiar with the geography down there but here's hoping all our forum members & everyone else is ok . Anyone heard from any of them?
  8. plymjim


    Don't forget the railroad workers. I have a photo of my great granddad with a bunch of his co-workers in front of an old steam locomotive quite a few of them are dressed in bibs.
  9. Bryce, you do have a gasket between trans & bell housing, right? Without this gasket the shifter rail holes in the front of the trans will leak & could be your problem.
  10. Looks like he moved a LOT of pick-ups.
  11. Since we've changed the topic anyway I'll add to the bits about exiting on the traffic side. Many years ago a driver's safety film shown to new telephone employees (me) pictured a guy getting out of a '46 Pontiac in traffic. Someone wacked his door leaving him with a puzzled look on his face & nothing but a door handle in his hand. It as funny then. Come to think of it, it's still funny. Hope the pictures were of help, Pete. That's a good looking car you have.
  12. Here ya go. These are 40 1/8" X2 5/16". Five attachment points on the back & if the pics show up you can clearly see that they are pot metal. First pic is my ride with an identical set installed.
  13. Not that it will be of any help but just as a point of info the vent trim on my '38 is all pot metal. No stainless. Another difference in USA car & those built in or for you-all in Oz. Also, mine is designated a D-8
  14. Sorry to take so long with your request. My car is stored for the winter off prem. Got over to it today & measured as you asked & width between rear inner fender lips is 6' 1\2". This car has 2' lowering blocks & rolls on p225/75/R15's. Maybe the pictures will help. Picture #2, there's about 1 1\4" clearance at that point. Hope this is helpful.
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