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  1. That set up was usually on the 265 trucks. I think they advertised a couple of horsepower more than the early Mopar V8 of that time. If you can get it for a reasonable price go for it. You can always flip it if it doesn't do much with your 251 cam.
  2. All Chrysler engines, Desoto engines and the Canadian Plymouths were the 25" block. If it's a replacement block for the original Chrysler 6 cylinder the 241 was used at that time.
  3. The '51 I know are the stock 16" rims and they are the ones for the 6.00 x 16" original tires I believe the rims are only 4.00 or 4.25 inches wide, so I personally would not go any wider than the 215's. I am not sure what the '42 rims are off off but they are the Mopar, but they have an offset and I think they were about 5.50 inches wide. I have 215/75 R 15 on my '38 sedan (late 40's 15" rims also)and went with that again on my Fargo. Popular size and cheap, about half an inch shorter than the stock 6.00 x 16 tires and calculator says 2500 rpm at 50 mph. Three sets of Mopar rims with no tubes,
  4. My '51 half ton came with 215/85 R16 on the original 4.5X16" rims. This size tire was a bit taller than the original original 6.00X16 tires but the main draw back was that they were for a dually application and meant to run around 65 psi. The tires were hardly worn but probably 25 years old. I went to a 215/75 R16 which is a half inch shorter than the 6.00X16 but they are made for an SUV and I run 32 psi which definitely improves the ride. There are no clearance issues on the 215/75 R16 tires. On my '42 half ton the previous owner went to a early 50's 15 inch rim. I am running
  5. Yes no corner corner glass on my Canadian Dodge, but it does have the wing vent windows.
  6. Coker Classic Nostalgia radial tire. 6 X 16 original rims I bought them thinking they would be an upgrade to bias white walls. I bought these about 4 years ago 2 tires had to be sent back as they too around 9 ounces to balance, previous tires had 1.5 ounces. They look nice but I would not spend the money again on this style of tire.
  7. I have used " Chassis Saver" with good results as well
  8. I found the Chrysler part number for the 1942 Canadian DD4 truck 3-7/16" bore piston and pins: 974072 then ending in 77,80,81 and 83 for .020 to .060 over
  9. On vehicles that sit for a long time between being used I put in an electric fuel pump. I prime it with the pump before attempting to start. Run it for about 6 seconds then turn it off, sure saves the starter. You can add fuel to the carb float bowl by attaching a small hose to the carb breather vent inside the throat, using a small funnel or syringe. If fuel pump is not working a remote fuel tank from a lawnmower above the carb should work if you want to run longer.
  10. The Canadian 2 ton truck in 1942 DD4, DDM4 and FL4 ,FLM4 went to 3 7/16" with 4 1/4" stroke for 236.6 cubic inch, piston pin lists 2 7\8" , length 1 1/8" A rare bird, but maybe a point to start your search, maybe military. If your engine is a Canadian export, a lot of the engine parts are different than the US counterparts I checked my parts list for 1941 Canadian and US long blocks all were 3 3\8" except the C30-C33 being 3 1\4" so probably no luck finding pistons in the States
  11. No swap meets around here this year. Really miss them and I need some parts.
  12. Thanks, previous owners did the chroming, Fargo even on the rear bumper. I think some of the late 50's Dodge trucks had chrome bumpers and that might be what is on the Dodge.
  13. I have the same issue with my M4 that has been disabled and used as a 2 speed manual using the direct gears, instead of the under drives. If there is any load on the gears through the differential when stopped it is impossible to shift out of gear. I have got used to shifting to neutral before coming to a complete stop. if I am backing up a slope or pulling up to a 2X4 that I use in the garage for a stop. When you are backing up are you going up a slope?
  14. If you can not shift into gear with the car running. You might have some clutch adjustments to make as well. Sounds like there is not enough clearance.
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