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  1. Update on the Monroes. They helped my ride quite a bit, so I thought I would change my rear shocks. Just installed some Gabriel 61500 ProGuard on the rear. My original rear shocks were sitting at 15.5", the ProGuard 61500 are 20.23" extended and 12.37" compressed so about 3" below and 4.5" above. These would probably work on the front as well. The best part is that they are $7.99 each on Amazon.com and they are not the base models.
  2. Definitely a bit of variance on the side angle strips. Mar-K sells the stainless angle strip cover pieces without holes. I imagine it allows installers to compensate for the variances when the side angle were tacked to the bed side.
  3. Brad, Thank you for taking the time to measure the locations of your side rails. Are your measurements at the approximate hole centers? Nick
  4. Can anyone confirm if my bed bolt hole locations are stock for the B3B 78" bed strips?
  5. Yes these are the stainless angle strips that just cover the existing steel units that are welded to the sides.
  6. Thank you for your experience with the Mar-k brand. Did you use the side angle strips on your truck?
  7. I am planning on refinishing the present white oak boards in my '51 B3B. I thought if I was taking it apart, that I would probably change the bed strips and bed angle strips to stainless steel. Companies that list the strips for my vehicle state," the mounting holes are drilled per original specs". I have learned through experience that a lot of original specs have been changes on my truck by previous owners. So I want to check that holes in my present strips are stock. Two companies who sell this product are so busy that they have not responded to email inquiries for the mount locations. These are front to back measurements for the mount locations(approximate), on my 78" strips. The bed and side angle strips seem to match pretty good except for the second bolt location on the bed stips; Bed Side angle 4" 4" 14" 16" 24" 24" 40" 40" 53.5" 53.5" 65.5" 65.5" 77.3" 77.3" Also does anyone have opinions on the stainless side angle strips that cover the original steel side strips, that are welded to the bed sides? The paint on my truck is decent and I don't want to remove the originals and damage the paint. Thank you for your assistance.
  8. I have the original Stromberg running on my '38 Dodge sedan, Canadian long block with 3.23 gears. It has been the best set up on any of my Mopars. Always starts right up in any type of conditions, I've had the car 4 or 5 years and never even taken the carb apart. I have an Edmund's dual intake and a couple of Carters still siting in a box to put on the car, but the Stromberg runs perfect through the whole power band. The Stromberg has a smaller intake mount than the later Carter set up so you might have to watch as to what will fit the Desoto intake.
  9. I used some of that header wrap strips and wrapped it around the heat sheild.
  10. Beautiful Truck. I just love this era of vehicles
  11. For the accelerator, is the accelerator linkage under the float bowl attached to your throttle? For the leaking fuel throught the gasket I would check the float cut off level or that the float is not binding or unsealed.
  12. Just checked the Monroe 34803 shocks at Rock Auto are $24.50 after applying the 5% discount code
  13. I finally installed a set of the 21" Monroe 34803 shocks on my '51 B3B and was very happy with the results. My previous shocks really only had issues with worn rubber bushings. Liked the ride improvement, so I think I will order and change my rear shocks with the shorter 18" Monroe 34904. Both model of shock go for around $27, after discount, at Rock Auto.
  14. Check Rock Auto they listed tie rod ends for my 1951 Dodge truck, they might have units for your car.
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