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  1. If the donor trans is a non fluid drive unit the input shaft will be too short. If it is a fluid drive unit I imagine they will be compatible, 48-49 were body style changes but drivetrain probably didn't change much?
  2. I quite often use the throttle cable on the dash, pull it out for 1/4 throttle before engaging starter.
  3. I buy a lot of tune up, brake and shock parts from Rock Auto. Wheel cylinders for your truck. Check out the wheel studs RHT $1.21 each worth changing them all to RHT? https://www.rockauto.com/en/catalog/dodge,1954,truck,3.6l+218cid+l6,1487770,brake+&+wheel+hub,wheel+cylinder,1952
  4. Outstanding find. She will be a great driver with the OD.
  5. Another point to consider. If your engine has been run on non detergent oil for a long time there will be a build up of sludge in the oil pan. you will want to clean the engine of the sludge before you change to a modern multi weight detergent oil.
  6. Where did you get your rebuild kit from? I have been trying to find a kit for my AC pump out of my '42 Fargo. Ended up getting a Carter fuel pump from Rock Auto for $29, but I would still like to rebuild the original.
  7. What do you consider very low oil pressure? I think the 218 in my '42 Fargo book lists 15 PSI at idle. you might consider running something like Rotella 15-40 which will probably bring it up a bit.
  8. With the power off needle should point below E. Your previous photo showed pointer at 2/3 full when out of the truck. Are the springs attached at the back of the gauge?
  9. I think 205 or 215 would make it a bit easier to steer. As stated just turn steering wheel when moving slightly.
  10. I have found that the length of the solenoid arm\plunger effects when the starter engages. In your case the arm many be too long and when you step on the starter pedal, the starter spins before the yoke fully engages the starter gear teeth on the flywheel. Make sure everything is clean and slightly lubricated. I have a bunch of old starters and it is amazing the difference in the lengths of the solenoid plunger.
  11. Back 70-80 years ago cars and I imagine cars and 1\2 ton trucks had bias ply tires and tubes that probably failed fairly often. Hence the use of the spare tire, no one is going to release highly torqued lug nuts on the side of the road with the common straight or star lug wrench of the time. I doubt local garages of the time just used a grunt when tightening rims .Probably around 80ft lbs? I know I never used a torque wrench when I was young. Anyway nothing to worry about with our Chrysler products, as left wheel lugs have reverse treads tightening when we drive😏
  12. On mine the 2 sections were riveted together. I just drilled them out and riveted back together when done.
  13. Did you take apart the original sending unit? They are quite basic, try cleaning up the windings and contact and make sure the grounding contact arm inside is clean and functioning.
  14. If it is a US built 230 it is probably 23". A 25" engine will fit into the body by moving the rad mount forward. Canadian trucks are the same size and they have the 25" block engines.
  15. That truck looks pretty tidy inside as well. You are aware that it is probably a non syncro 4 speed.
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