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  1. Hubs on the front axle are held on by the nut on the spindle. remove cotter pin and nut and hub will pull off by hand if shoes are not too worn or rusted. then tap with hammer around till loosened
  2. Change to single head lights happened part way through 1965. It is a correct early 1965.
  3. I was at a swap meet last week and ended up buying this 1965 Dodge D100 Utiline. She spent most of her life on a ranch in Coty, Wyoming. 225 slant 6 with 4 speed manual and 3.55 rear end.
  4. Brushes and bushings are still availble if the starter just needs that. I have also used and use different starters from the same era. It depends if you want to continue with your foot starter on your truck or go to a solenoid and srater button. I have even taken the nose of the original and placed it on a new body. You might want to post your truck questions in the truck section of the forum.
  5. I had a black '49 Dodge that probably was painted in the 60's. I used some meguiar products, first it was the cleaner I believe the megairs# 7 then I used the meguiar# 26 paste. This product kind of oiled up the oil paint and made it very shiney. I did it by hand and took my time doing over a week.
  6. Beautiful truck. Drive it with the 6 volt for awhile, nothing wrong with 6 volts. She is such a nice original example.
  7. I ordered a couple of head gasket sets from Rock Auto at $45 each which was alot cheaper than the $78 that a regional guy wanted just fot the head gasket.
  8. Thanks Keith I will order some. I use the copper spray as well.
  9. I would look for a good used 3 speed in your area. For some reason transmissions are one thing I have no trouble finding, I have 3 spares and know where there are 2 others.
  10. My '38 Dodge sedan started blowing some white smoke the yesterday. Cylinders 5 and 6 showing wet plugs. Checking on Rock Auto it seems not much is availble for head gaskets right now. One that is are the FEL-PRO, but these are copper faced with with a sandwich of fiber gasket material inside. Anyone used these and what were your opinions? Thanks
  11. Are your universal joints in good condition?
  12. I had a look at mine. Probably lots of rust in the bolt and axle. I would try, leaving it soaked overnight with penetrating oil, apply lots of heat and maybe an air hammer?
  13. The earlier filter canisters had a rubber O ring as a seal under the top, probably the same on your '57? Have you tried tapping up with a small mallet, under the lip, around the rim. If that fails a bit of heat maybe, then tapping.
  14. Easiest way to charge a cell phone on a 6 volt car is to carry a rechargable portable battery pack in your glove box.
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