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  1. Did you take apart the original sending unit? They are quite basic, try cleaning up the windings and contact and make sure the grounding contact arm inside is clean and functioning.
  2. If it is a US built 230 it is probably 23". A 25" engine will fit into the body by moving the rad mount forward. Canadian trucks are the same size and they have the 25" block engines.
  3. That truck looks pretty tidy inside as well. You are aware that it is probably a non syncro 4 speed.
  4. Some of the knobs that have a slit require you to push a thin blade screw driver to release pressure on the spring. Do so while putting on the knob and they slide off. Installation is just a push on.. A few knobs of the era had tiny allen key screws as well.
  5. There were some 1 ton trucks made in Canada in '38-39 designated TE22 with 160 inch wheel base that probably would have had the Canadian 25 inch 218 engine.
  6. Yes do a fresh oil change. Then keep a close eye on the oil level and smell until you are sure it is not the fuel pump.
  7. If you are going to keep your mechanical pump and want to prime your carb I would use one of the Airtex units as they are a pulse pump and the mechanical will pull fuel through fine. I have a few of these on a couple of my 3 of my vehicles. If the vehicle has been sitting for a long time I throw the switch for 5 seconds then turn off before attempting to start the car. I figure it saves the starter from additional wear and a backup if the mechanical fails or have a vapor lock situation. If you want to delete the mechanical I would use one of the Carter pumps as they are the rotary
  8. Sometimes it is easier to do a google search with all your parameters. Very often the most relevant links send you to the P15\D24 forum, and you just click on the link.
  9. T112 is a motor from a Canadian truck around 1940-41 and they are 25 inches long. Used in the Dodge 1/2 ton DC1
  10. Here is some pictures of my previous Canadian D32, 1949 Dodge Special Deluxe. As stated a Plodge as they used the Canadian made Plymouth engines in the Canadian Dodges.
  11. After you have tried to start the car, have you taken the top of the carb off and looked to see how much fuel is in the fuel bowl? Make sure the float and needle are functioning properly and that fuel is getting to the bowl. The car should idle for at least 15 seconds with just the fuel bowl full.
  12. I have that same heater in my '42 Fargo. Three speed fan switch and cable to control the defrost deflector lever. Heat is controlled by turning on the tap on the engine head at the start of cold weather.
  13. Power Wagons seem to demand a crazy premium. It might be an idea to advertise and sell the engine and look for a good car motor.
  14. I had a couple of difficult flex lines on one of my trucks and I ended up cutting the head off with a sawsal.
  15. I would say you are correct. Here is a photo of my 1942 Fargo.
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