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  1. How about a pair wired parallel
  2. Think you’re doing the right thing by adding the moldings to you car. It will completely transform the look of your car. My wagon was without any exterior trim and I located all the trim that was available and it makes the wagon. Be sure to fit the trim to body contours before installing. They tend to get a little bent sometimes when removed. Take the time to polish them before install and remove any dings its not hard to polish or straighten stainless the one thing I didn’t do was drill my wagon body for molding clips. I couldn’t bring myself to drilling holes. I sheared some aluminum slats that slide inside the back side of the molding then used 3M two faced molding tape to attach them to the wagon. Just like all new cars/truck have their moldings attached. 3 years and 10000 Miles later not one loose molding even my gravel guards are taped on
  3. I’ve got one of these units and plan on installing it on my 52 suburban everything is either new or rebuilt in the brake system with a remote fill reservoir looked at the remote vacuum brake booster but they recommend I use two boosters one front and one rear. Seemed like a lot of hardware Hoping someone out their had some experience with the E-Z power booster but I’ll update my experience with the effectiveness of this system
  4. Anyone have experience with these vintage kits to improve and assist brake performance
  5. Trying to find if Plymouth made different weight flywheels for 218 engines
  6. I’m looking for the factory weight of a 218 flywheel out of a 1952 Plymouth thanks for any info
  7. Does anyone know the weight of the factory flywheel has anyone lighten a factory wheel and how much thanks for any info or comments
  8. The Fulton visor will work fine have mounted several Fulton visors on different makes and model vehicles there’s enough adjustments to fit most roof lines and A pillars
  9. She’ll cruise all day at 75 and I did last years power tour 3000 Miles has factory overdrive 1800 rpms@ 70mph
  10. Stay with the flattie and my experience is dual carbs helped the most then the head and improved compression ratio then the split exhaust manifolds. I bored my motor .040 any good machine shop can perform this task and be sure the ignition system in good shape electric fuel pump to maintain constant fuel pressure. My wagon moves down the road way better than a stock one and gets 20 mpg and tons of looks when I raise the hood
  11. I relocated the front shocks when I changed the front coil springs and installed the dropped uprights. I thought the factory method of attaching the front shocks to the upper and lower control arms made for little or no value in controlling the stability or dampening of the front end. It’s was the least expensive improvement and in my opinion did provide better stability. I do drive my wagon at 70 plus mph and find that the steering is improved
  12. The headlight eyebrows are covers that fit over the headlight ring they’re aftermarket easy to find
  13. That’s an old style ford front shock mount. Many different company’s offer it speedway motors will have it
  14. My choice for simplicity is vintage metalworks. Dave farewell. 330-322-3102 retain all the factory clutch linkage change the throw out bearing,pilot bushing and clutch disc. Small adapter to bell housing used stock rear end and made new driveshaft with spicer type u joints if you want to retain a stock appearance then locate an overdrive unit. Really makes these old vehicles into a driver with an extra gear. Call me if you want John Edge 813-245-0444
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