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  1. I saw "field coil screws" on the title and I cringed with memories.
  2. Most of the ones I've seen are body color as well. Mine is gray with a black firewall/bay but when I paint it I will have it painted body color just because I think it would look cleaner.
  3. Cebreros

    Need help

    This site also has a great list of suppliers found here: http://p15-d24.com/links/category/5-suppliers/ It located by selecting Browse at the top of the page > Links Directory
  4. Cebreros

    Need help

    This thread had some good suggestions on carpeting and some made reference to the pre cut capets from stockinteriors.com There are also pre cut carpets from newstalgia at http://www.newstalgiaparts.com/search?q=1948+Plymouth+Deluxe+Cut-Sewn+Carpet+&SearchBoxButton=Search
  5. They more than likely do, excuse my ignorance (: haha
  6. Nice, Silverdome was right on it. Ignore my previous post, haha.
  7. I saw these pumps on eBay, one is for the 230 and the second one is for the 218. They seem to have the hole on the same side. I have a new pump on mine but I haven't checked if it has that perforation, I will have to check once I get home. Will update this post.
  8. Yup, I have no idea on the answer to this post but just wanted to throw in that some Hudson flatheads had that casting stripe running along the center and sides of the head but this is not a Hudson.
  9. What about a jumper pack and a tire pump? or a spare gallon of coolant?
  10. The entire California coast is beautiful. My wife and I drive HWY 1 every once in a while, its easy to loose track of how many miles you drive with such scenery!
  11. Distributor Cap > Check the contact points on the cap and rotor. Examine the condition of the spark plug electrodes. If it is running lean right after starting it you might want to check the fuel system and carburetor as well. Just throwing ideas out there.
  12. Has it "always" stalled after a couple minutes or is this recent? Does it misfire before stalling or it is a sudden stall? Does the bay get too hot when it stalls? heat can cause issues when it is not regulated like vapor lock or coil overheating. Does it crank after it stalls? Keep us updated, good luck.
  13. This pic deserves 5 stars. Beautiful setting.
  14. Seems like they are doing repair on the roof, or at least they were at the time the satellite took these pictures.
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