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  1. Hickory, Sorry to hear. That's awful. At least no one was hurt. Harold
  2. I met Bob a number of years ago at the Rhinebeck show in New York. He was very nice and added a lot to this forum.
  3. Just a WAG but maybe the manifold heat riser valve got damaged somehow causing excessive back pressure?
  4. That somebody was me. I used u-shaped fender washers so I could pull them right out as I went along inserting the welt. The prior owner had gotten paint on the original black plastic welting and it took me a good few hours to clean everything off, using a variety of non-abrasive products. When I got done, the welting looked like new.
  5. The heading doesn't mention Chrysler products but they're there.... https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/711506206247330
  6. If it's still a mechanical voltage regulator, I'd try smacking the VR by hand with the engine running when it's showing a discharge. If the ammeter shows it's charging again, I'd change out the VR.
  7. Welcome to the forum. A couple of things that may interest you... The Plymouth engine was known as the 'Powerflow Six' in the early '50's. I've got '51 and '52 Plymouths and the short-wheelbase cars had a smaller non-oil-bath air cleaner. I believe it was the same in 1950. The '50 fastback has its own unique taillights. They were a one-piece assembly that included the housing. Nothing else interchanges.
  8. Looking great. When is the maiden voyage?
  9. I'd be willing to bet it is the same car. It's hard to believe there are two shiny New Brunswick Blue fastbacks relatively close together in the northeast. I saw it in the Flemington area and was behind it on the highway for a few miles.
  10. Welcome to the forum. Great looking car. Did your car come from the northern New Jersey area? I saw a fastback in your color up there a few years ago. Oil filters were optional on the Concord, being an entry-level model. I have a '51 business coupe and a '52 Cambridge (both in not-so-great condition) and you might say I'm partial to these cars.
  11. I found four '49 Plymouth taillight lenses among my stuff and am trying to pin down their exact applications. They are all marked PLYAD and I believe the 'non-tilted' ones are for a fastback and the tilted ones are for a business coupe. Is this correct? How can you tell which side of the car they're for? There are no part numbers on any of them, which is unusual compared to other years I've seen. Any ideas appreciated. Thanks, Harold
  12. Interesting video. Being filmed in Canada I thought the car would be a Plodge. I also thought Dodges got lug nuts, not bolts.
  13. I've seen that car in person and the firewall had a recess put into it to accomodate the slant six. Whoever swapped the drivetrain did a nice job.
  14. Are the front brake hoses correct for the car? If the wrong length, they may bend and pinch on tight turns, not allowing the wheel cylinders to retract because brake fluid is still pressurizing them.
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