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  1. Get a wireless baby monitor and leave the speaker section in the house and the microphone section in the shop.
  2. The non-overdrive trans weighs about 80 lbs (by my estimation) and I've removed and installed them with a rolling floor jack. If you get two bolts with the same thread as the transmission attaching bolts but longer, you can cut the heads off and use them as guide pins to reinstall the trans. I screwed them in at diagonal corners, installed two regular bolts in the remaining mounting holes, then removed the guide pins and replaced them with the correct bolts. Hope this helps.
  3. The time a bid was placed also factors into the equation. If you and another bidder place the same proxy bid amount, the person who placed it earlier is the winner.
  4. The only floor panel that comes out in a '52 Plymouth is the one around the pedals. Everything else is (or, was) solid. Also FWIW, '52's came with an Auburn clutch and a different return-spring setup than the '51's.
  5. The old drum pullers are great, but can be beat-up if really beat on. I got my drum puller at a going out-of-business auction at an old repair garage in Buffalo, NY about 35 years ago. One of the tool lots had a puller. I just stood there and said 'yup' to every bid. I still have the puller....
  6. Looks great! If you have pitted pot metal can you just fill and sand the pits before coating?
  7. It's called 'proxy bidding'. You enter the highest amount you'll bid for an item, and the system automatically bids over whoever else places a bid, until your upper limit is reached. That explains why you immediately got outbid...at least one of the other bidders placed a proxy bid with a higher limit than your bid.
  8. Congrats to your son and his bride, and to you and you wife as well.
  9. '50 Plymouth fastbacks have their own unique taillight assembly. I've rebuilt light pigtails using aluminum pop rivets for the terminal. Pull the 'nail' out of the pop rivet, push the rivet head into the insulator disc, then strip the wire end, push it into the hole in the rivet, and crimp it in. Use a little solder if you want to do a first-class job.
  10. He now has a business selling NOS and repro Mopar parts. His eBay name is moparpro.
  11. Good luck in your new home. It looks pretty urban compared to your former place.
  12. The noisiest 'el' line I ever heard is the Brown Line in Chicago. It is about 12 feet off the ground and runs tightly between buildings. I don't know how people can stand living near it.
  13. Might not hurt to stuff a towel or rag into the bottom of the door so if the glass falls it will hit a cushion.
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