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  1. Found this on my shelf yesterday. Does anyone know what it fits? It's not for a Plymouth so I'm thinking '51-'52 Dodge. Can't find a part number on it. Any help appreciated. Thanks, Harold
  2. I've pulled a few engines from '51-'52 Plymouths and always done so with the transmission removed. I also raised the rear of the car higher than the front to help with angles. If you cut the head off a couple of bolts that have the same thread as the trans-to-bell housing bolts, you can use them as a guide pins to make transmission installation easier. I've used the upper left and lower right bolt holes for the pins. Once you have the trans held onto the bell housing with 2 bolts, you can then unscrew the guide pins and replace them with bolts.
  3. I saw this car in person when Aero3113 had it. Good to see you're freshening it up.
  4. They remind me of '71-'79ish Ford Pinto. Double-check to make sure the diameter is correct.
  5. Yes, it's an extra. I tend to want to keep it, but my wife says 'sell' to make some room. The discussions continue....
  6. I've heard that airlines use a 'price increase on 2nd visit' algorithm for ticket pricing. It wouldn't surprise me if other industries do the same. Try RockAuto for the sheet metal you're looking for. They may catalog it. If you buy anything, don't forget the 5% discount code.
  7. I've been looking at online photos of air filters and I think Mopar got them from various suppliers depending on year and factory. There doesn't seem to be consistent use of the 'ribbed' type vs the 'dome' type. Does this sound reasonable?
  8. My garage-cleaning saga continues. This air filter looks like a Mopar but want to be sure and also pin-down the years it fits. The air filter for my '52 has more of a 'dome' lid without the ribs. Any help appreciated. Harold
  9. A mechanic's stethoscope may help track down the source of the noise. Just be careful when poking around a running engine.
  10. Make sure your title paperwork is in order before dropping a lot of money into the car. It can be very difficult to get a title without documentation in many states, and you don't want to have an un-registerable car after it's done.
  11. I tried both approaches and they both worked great. Thanks to you both!
  12. I tried to look up a very old thread that I started and can't find a search function for the forum. How can I get to it? Thanks, Harold
  13. The link below is to the temperature gauge repair page on the 1933 Plymouth website run by Tod Fitch (who also participates here). The operating principles are the same. Hope it helps. 1933 Plymouth Temperature Gauge Repair (ply33.com)
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