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  1. Found this over the weekend. The car that started my P23 obsession, with my father next to it, in July, 1953. Does it look like the car has 9" hubcaps? Should be 10" on a Cambridge.
  2. There are some scanners that can do slides and film strips as well. Might be worth a trip to Best Buy (or online).
  3. I've put a plastic bag with ice on the coil to cool it down. If the car starts after that, I'd suspect a weak coil
  4. Does the Powerflite transmission get its oil from the engine oiling system like the HyDrive ( a semi-automatic transmission offered by Plymouth in 1953-54) or is it self contained and use ATF? If it uses engine oil, be aware that engine oil changes take a lot of oil (like 10-12 quarts)!
  5. The '53 Plymouth business coupe had a lift-out rear seat and you could mount the spare tire on the bulkhead under the rear package shelf. Might have been the same for '54 as well.
  6. Looks great! Like night and day compared to what you started with.
  7. Several years ago I saw a fully-restored Dauphine navigating bumper-to-bumper rush hour traffic on US 9 in New Jersey. I thought the driver was either brave, nuts, or both for exposing the car to that type of use.
  8. Are you referring to a Dodge Route Van?
  9. The windshields are flat safety glass and the easier route, in my opinion, is to have a local glass shop cut them using your old one as a pattern. A bigger concern would be finding a good windshield gasket.
  10. Thanks for the kind words. Occasionally I do something useful.....
  11. You want to get the car out of there ASAP, and waiting for the bureaucracy to do its thing can take months. For what it's worth I'd get an attorney involved sooner than later. If the car was seized by the state, it is accruing storage fees in whatever tow yard they parked it. Plus, it will be treated like any other impounded car, which means it's subject to damage and vandalism. Good luck!
  12. Great car, enjoy it! Interesting to see it was a State of Illinois fleet vehicle. Somebody got a good deal at the surplus auction! It must have been well maintained to have avoided rust.
  13. Just a WAG, but try disconnecting the battery for a half hour , then reconnect and go for a ride. The trans may have to reprogram itself.
  14. I have a Motorcraft FG14C fuel filter screwed into the fuel pump inlet of my '52 Cambridge. The other end has a nipple for a rubber fuel line. The filter, made by several manufacturers, is readily available. The application was '60's-70's six-cylinder Ford products.
  15. I had a job interview with Exxon Enterprises (a division of Exxon oil) in 1977 and was shown a hybrid they were working on: a '75 Chrysler Cordoba with a Volkswagen engine. Don't know what happened to the project or the car, but the fact it existed in the 1970's is impressive.
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