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  1. Pic 1: Warming up on the frozen tundra. 😆 Pic 2: after I put her away. 😊
  2. Thursday Nov. 7, 2019: Single digits this morning when I fired up the Meadowbrook to run some errands. Plus we got about 3-4" of snow. As long as the roads aren't salted heavily I will keep driving the car. It is a driver! It ran great and the heater was awesome as usual. I really needed the peaceful cruise. The sun was shining and there's still a lot of fall colors now mixed with the white ground. I wish I could have driven all day long. Grateful to get the run in that I did. About a 25 mile round trip.
  3. Awesome! I want to hang out there. Thanks for sharing 👍
  4. What type of oil did you use?
  5. Idle is set at 600 on my car. When I "use" Fluid Drive at a stop sign it idles down to 450rpms. Set your idle up a bit and retest? Just my opinion.
  6. I thought about that when I took this picture. Stay tuned!👍
  7. Nov. 2: One more picture on our way out. The previous picture was when we got back. I had stopped for coffee and a donut on the way home. The coffee was glorious as I was kind of chilled after putting the car away. 😋
  8. Nov. 2: Pretty much all of the leaves from our trees are on the ground.
  9. Nov 2: Mack likes to ride along. I had the heat going as it is only about 25 degrees and Mack hardly has any hair to keep him warm. 😆
  10. Nov. 2, 2019: Warming up the Meadowbrook to haul recyclables. Why use a truck when I have a big back seat? 😁
  11. Well, that looks good to me Keith. I don't see any reason why that wouldn't be just fine. If you're feeling crafty you could always put together an aluminum heat plate that helps block the manifold even more. Just throwing that out there.
  12. Awesome Keith, nice work 👍🎃
  13. Everything works good Keith. No problems with the generator since my friend rebuilt it a couple years ago😊
  14. Looks great! Glad you were able to bring it home 👍
  15. October 25: Picking up my daughter from the dance. Our property would be the perfect setting for the filming of a creepy Halloween story. 🎃
  16. October 25: Driving my daughter to her Halloween dance. Pic 2: Stopped to grab the mail at the end of the driveway.
  17. October 25: We stopped at the liquor store first to get wine for my wife. While I was in the store, an employee from the butcher shop across the street ran over to ask about the Meadowbrook. He was in his mid-60s at least, so he appreciated the car and was excited to see it. I told him about how I drove it to work when it was -30F. He didn't seem too surprised. I was happy he inquired and he was happy I shared.
  18. October 25: On the drive there. Much of the corn is still standing as it's been too wet to harvest.
  19. October 25: Out once again. Driving my daughter to a neighboring town for some Halloween makeup. Warming up in the driveway 😊
  20. October 25: Took the Meadowbrook out again to grab lunch. What a difference a few hours makes; our maple lost all of it's leaves! Scroll up to the earlier photo
  21. October 25: One last picture. Coming out of Kwik Trip with the goodies.
  22. October 25: Ready to take off. 🎃
  23. October 25: The heat felt good once the thermostat opened up. 😊
  24. October 25: Flag was still this morning.
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