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  1. Cool story Andy! Thanks for sharing. I'd sure love to see that '36; what an awesome vehicle....
  2. I caught my older daughter off guard with the picture. Believe me, she was enthused! She was the one that suggested the cruise in the first place, and then wouldn't leave me alone until I went out to warm up the car. Usually I'm not so stubborn to convince, but once we got going I was grateful for her persistence. 😊
  3. Nov.15: Home sweet home 👍 The car ran great. Sure was a fun cruise!
  4. Nov. 15: While we had our snack I had my baby daughter on my lap. She liked to touch the steering wheel, the horn ring, and the knob that opens the smokers window! My older daughter looked right at home with that bandana on her head. 😊
  5. Nov. 15: We stopped at the Whitewater Travel Plaza for a snack. A friend of mine owns the place. With it being Sinclair now I save $0.20 per gallon every time I fill up with the Sinclair gasoline app.
  6. Nov.15: Couple shots out of the window...
  7. Nov. 15: Much of the snow melted, and the farmers have been able to get into the fields. That's a good thing because there is a lot of corn still standing.
  8. Friday, Nov. 15, 2019: Me, my 2 daughters and the dog went out for a cruise. Gorgeous day with temps in the lower 40s. The sun was shining and the farmers were harvesting corn. The drone of the old flathead had everyone relaxed. Pic 1: buckling my seatbelt Pic 2: awesome landscape as we cruised along
  9. Pic 1: Warming up on the frozen tundra. 😆 Pic 2: after I put her away. 😊
  10. Thursday Nov. 7, 2019: Single digits this morning when I fired up the Meadowbrook to run some errands. Plus we got about 3-4" of snow. As long as the roads aren't salted heavily I will keep driving the car. It is a driver! It ran great and the heater was awesome as usual. I really needed the peaceful cruise. The sun was shining and there's still a lot of fall colors now mixed with the white ground. I wish I could have driven all day long. Grateful to get the run in that I did. About a 25 mile round trip.
  11. Awesome! I want to hang out there. Thanks for sharing 👍
  12. What type of oil did you use?
  13. Idle is set at 600 on my car. When I "use" Fluid Drive at a stop sign it idles down to 450rpms. Set your idle up a bit and retest? Just my opinion.
  14. I thought about that when I took this picture. Stay tuned!👍
  15. Nov. 2: One more picture on our way out. The previous picture was when we got back. I had stopped for coffee and a donut on the way home. The coffee was glorious as I was kind of chilled after putting the car away. 😋
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