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  1. 10-24: Tonite me and my oldest daughter went out for a 2 hour night cruise on some back roads. It was chilly and spooky. We had great warmth with the heater on low. It was a fantastic ride and gave us some good dad/daughter time. The Meadowbrook ran really nice and gave us that lulled feeling for the whole trip. We capped it off with a stop at DQ for sundaes. The employee at the drive thru asked about the car and really liked it. What a great evening. Sorry I didn't snap any pics this time.
  2. Worden18


    Looking good! My Meadowbrook is rusty and crusty, perfect for a cruise like that. Looks like fun👍
  3. 10-16: My son and I gassed up and took a cruise to visit my brother. It was a chilly 32 degrees, so heater on. Thermostat only halfway though, and fan on low. The Meadowbrook ran great at 55mph. I could have driven all night! Maybe tomorrow 😋
  4. 10-15: Capped off the evening with a short cruise; just me and my daughter. Here we're mailing a bill since I forgot to leave it for the carrier.
  5. 10-15: After work I drove to Hwy 61 Liquor for some Henry's hard soda 😋 Had the heater on low as it was chilly and windy. Pic 2: Had to park in front of the neighbor's. Later I'll take her back to the garage. Got a couple of thumbs up and some strange looks too. 😆
  6. 10-14: Been driving the Meadowbrook to work every day this week. I have the oldest car on the road every day, at least that I've seen. 😁 Now that my e-brake is working good I don't have to worry about rolling down into the neighboring business' grass. 😋 I'm happy to see the car after work is done! Pic 1: 7:50am Pic 2: last one to leave
  7. That's a good question. Never thought of that. My manual says to add a little 10w to thin it out in cold weather. I might do that soon.
  8. 10-12: Tonight's maintenance: fill up steering box. It was low, so I'm glad I remembered 😊
  9. No, it's 6v. The bright lights do work excellent. I think my phone's camera probably distorted how bright they really are though.
  10. 10-9: Home at last! Then later the kids and I drove to visit my brother. We went for a nice long night criuse. He drove. I got to sit in the back and be chauffeured. 😋 After the ride we sat in the car until 2am and laughed our heads off reminiscing about the early 80s.
  11. 10-9: About ready to lower the hoist. Then, getting ready to head home. I took the interstate @65mph.
  12. 10-9: So while under there I adjusted the E-brake, changed the transmission oil, topped off the rear axle oil, greased all zerks, adjusted all 4 brakes, sprayed up rusty bolts, snugged oil pan bolts and fuel pump bolts, re-routed my gas line from bowl up to filter, and checked fluid level in master cylinder (after car was back on the ground). I bought some more 15w-40 for the next oil change (in maybe another 500 miles).
  13. 10-9: It's a huge barn-shop with an awesome hoist.
  14. 10-9: Had the day off work just to do some maintenance on the Meadowbrook and enjoy myself. 😁 Stopped at friend's to pick him up. He'd be letting me into his son's shop at his place of business so I could use the hoist.
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