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  1. 3-29: Drove the Meadowbrook to work this morning. 19F; heater was nice. Last night me and my two older kids cruised around town late. Got the new headlight in, but I'm having a grounding issue on the opposite side with the headlights on and the right blinker not working. I'll figure it out 😌
  2. 3-27: Out running more errands. Stopped for gas first. Then on to Menards for fence post stabilizers. Heat on; running good. More looks. At least people notice 😁 Second picture looks like a toy car out of a Godzilla movie!
  3. 3-26: Out running some errands. Stopped at the Bluff Country Co-op for some goat milk and a few other things. Man I tell ya it felt good to drive the Meadowbrook. What a cool car! Got some strange stares as not many people around here drive a rusty early 50s car. Actually, I think I'm the only one! πŸ˜‚
  4. 3-26-23: It's alive! I'm still here you guys. After sitting all winter outside (with more ice than I've ever seen in a winter) I got the Meadowbrook going again yesterday. I installed the rebuilt generator and a new battery, dumped a bit of gas down the carb and it fired right up. Brakes work, runs normal temp, etc. I even took it to the Drive-In for burgers and malts. Once again I'm impressed by the old flathead. I've got a new headlight coming in Tuesday.
  5. 1-3-23: I'm still here fellas. Just read thru the 14 pages of this thread. I'm upset at myself for the delays, and for having to delete most of the pictures to make room for future ones. One excuse is as bad as the next, but we had a baby born 3 months early and that alone kept me from doing anything but concentrating on her health. Anyway, all is well now. Not afraid to admit that it was my son (now 13) who very harshly insisted that we start work again on the B1D. So here we are. We've been cleaning my disgusting mess of a garage, putting tools away, and picking up brakes parts off the floor. We're just going to chip away at it I guess. Thanks for the support everyone.
  6. I had a 65 Imperial with a 413 about 25 years ago. It was a really nice driving car; I miss it. I like your plan!
  7. Welcome John! What an awesome car. You'll love it here πŸ‘
  8. 8-28-22: Out for a cruise with the kids. We haven't been out much in the last month and a half with the Meadowbrook. We stopped for snacks at QuikTrip and on the way out a gentleman asked me what year the car was. He said his dad bought one just like mine in 1951 brand new, but in Illinois where he used to live. It was gray in color. He was super shocked to see my car, and was very happy that it was all original and that I drive it. Once again I always meet somebody at the gas station with a good story, and he appreciated mine too. He said his dad eventually traded the Meadowbrook for a Nash!
  9. Cool truck! On your phone you can just go to the edit function on the picture and crop it to make it smaller...
  10. One more damn thing to break. Opinion voiced πŸ˜‹
  11. -Make sure your plug wires have not worked themselves loose, especially the one to the coil. -Do a coil test with a multimeter to eliminate that. - If those 2 things are okay then you're going to have to dig into the distributor. Check point gap, condenser, possible electrical short. That's what got me the last time, I had an electrical short from a wire touching the inside of the distributor. Start with these things...
  12. Battery is about 1 1/2 years old. Fleet Farm tractor battery. They last about 2 years. I did not take the caps off and test. I have the right size cables 00. I don't believe there's any corrosion. I'll get to this probably on the weekend.
  13. I use a finned aluminum shield under the carb. Wrapping the lines should help, too. Yep, electric fuel pump as well, although I haven't made it that far on my car.
  14. Attempted to start the Meadowbrook last night and I could tell that the engine was cranking over slower. The battery died before I could get it started. I checked the battery with the volt meter and it said 6.32. I put the charger on it overnight. Tried to start it again this morning and same thing. Only this time after it died the battery measured 6.17. How is this possible? Maybe the starter is pulling it down?
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