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  1. Parked in the boss's spot...doh!😆
  2. 1-13-21: Headed to work. Man it feels good behind the wheel again!
  3. Motocicletas Nacional Barcelona 18 de Mayo 1924 Norton flat-tank
  4. Bugatti Type-35B @ Circuit de Monaco in 1931 😊
  5. Cicuito Internacianal Do Porto 17-Junho-1956 Ferrari 290MM
  6. Never turn your back to the door 😆
  7. Antonio going in first 😊
  8. Very cool Keith! I'm assuming you used the video pad editor for this? I've had the wave pad sound editor for the last decade, and love it! I'm working on a project right now. I should just break down and buy the video editor to add another dimension to the whole thing. 😊
  9. Happy New Year to you and your family! Here's to many more miles...
  10. Vincent on his way to take care of the problem 😊
  11. Drew this New Year's Eve.
  12. What someone is asking for a car and what they actually might get are two different things. But, as someone mentioned, you only need one buyer. My boss paid $100,000 for a '61 Biscayne. Although it is a damn nice car with an LS-1 engine, it's not worth anywhere near 100K in my opinion. But, he couldn't wait to spend some money on SOMETHING... he's just bored. Money is not an issue for some, and those same people aren't worried about recovering money later on down the road.
  13. A pair I drew on Christmas Eve. It's 1940. At a ballroom dance, she spots him as he enters the room. I had a lot of fun drawing these!
  14. I checked mine about 4 years ago. It looked clean, didn't smell like anything. The car had been driven less than 1,000 miles from 1973-2015. After that is when I had the engine rebuilt and really started driving it. I might check it again here soon to reaffirm level and possible smells.
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