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  1. 9-21: To work this morning with the American. Full moon night cruise with the kids later on. Just got back from that...10:30pm. The generator light came on and stayed on during the the ride. I just slapped my multimeter on it; looks like I'll be taking it off tomorrow after work.
  2. They never look at any of my cars. But we shall see if they notice this time! 😋
  3. 9-20: Was scanning eBay for a cool front plate. (MN only requires the rear plate on a car 20 years or older). My Meadowbrook has an awesome Veterans of Foreign Wars plate. I went with a perfectly patinaed 1960 Iowa plate. A strange thing happened when I was searching for bolts to mount it. One bolt I picked out of the bin has an "R" (for Rambler!) on the face. There's just no way that can happen. It was literally the second bolt I grabbed, and it fit the hole!😋
  4. 9-18: The gray bearded guy in the picture was the owner of this Ford thing. I talked to him for about 20 minutes. He bought this thing in 1973 and drug it home where it sat in the woods on his property for 45 years until he decided to do something with it. The engine is a 1945 flathead V8 that took him a while to get unstuck, but he never had to put piston rings in it and it doesn't smoke. He made his own seat, his own wooden steering wheel, and part of the bed in the back is made from pieces of a windmill, and the rear fenders are made from basement window wells. The picture of the ta
  5. 9-18: Not sure what that engine was, but with 6 two barrels it was quite radical. The station wagon is a 1960 Edsel Villager. Spectacularly restored. 1 of 216 built.
  6. 9-18: The guy singing looked right out of ZZ Top. He later played bass with a 4-man band that was spectacular. He was awesome by himself though. The Cushman was a '47 and ran good. The owner drove it around the grounds. I liked the smell of it.
  7. 9-18: Attended the Apple Fest car show (LaCrescent, MN) at the personal grounds of Mark's paint and repair. This was the best show I've been to yet. The entry fee was a non-perishable item for the food shelf, and Free Will donations were accepted for food and the band. My son and I got there a little after noon and stayed until about 5:30. They had brats, ham salad, apple crisp, beer and water. The band was amazing! Just sitting there listening to them made my day! They also had a bouncy house for the kids. I got to talk to lots of people about their cars and lots of other people
  8. 9-17: Showed my son how to change spark plugs. He's done it before, but not on the American. After that I tackled the heater fan switch. PO did not hook it up because the car was missing the original switch. I bought an aftermarket one. I had to use the wiring diagram for the car to figure out which wire was the ignition switch. I thought it'd be red, it was yellow. Spliced an inline fuse between the ignition switch and fan switch. Bam! We have heat! It has a good heater. Not much square footage to get hot. I'll still have to fabricate a bracket for the temperature lev
  9. 9-17: After work my son and I loaded the truck with grass clippings, sticks, etc. and headed out for the city compost. Light duty for the truck, but useful nonetheless. 😊
  10. 9-16: Out for a night ride again. It was breezy with a hint of fall in the air. My kind of night 👍
  11. I read somewhere that the overall simplicity of the car appealed to those that were "less mechanically inclined". Yeah, that's right up my alley 😄
  12. It can't be, it's parked next to my B1C! 😆
  13. "What's up?" "Not much, just hangin' out on the pad." 😁
  14. We also recently attended a nice gathering at a park in LaCrosse Wisconsin. There was an awesome 50/ 60s band that played throughout the afternoon. I talked to quite a number of people but with one gentleman for about 20 minutes. He really liked my car, and we sat inside and discussed it and other cars I've owned and cars he owned. That's exactly what I like to do. Pic1: this was a replica race car. The owner built it from pictures and memory of the exact car that his older brothers raced back in the day. It was pretty impressive. Pic2: a really nice International Scout.
  15. 9-14: Sorry for the long wait between posts everyone. I actually HAVE been driving and doing things with the Meadowbrook, but have been failing to post them. Here's some pics from the Steamboat Days show. I sat next to a Vietnam veteran who had a 38 Chevy. We talked for quite some time before he ended up walking around with his two brothers. Pic 1: my daughter hanging out on the bumper. Don't worry the tailpipe was long cooled by this point! Pic 2: 1938 motorbike...German?? All I know is I loved it 👍 Pic 3: '60 Desoto. Worthy of a posted pi
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