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  1. Congrats on the great finds! Makes me wanna take a closer look at the jack in my Meadowbrook's trunk...
  2. There might be YouTube videos that will help you out. Post more pics!👍
  3. The winter spare is one of two that came with the car. They are super old. Holds air though!😋
  4. He and the previous owners did nothing good at all for the car. Together combined (not including the original owner) they put on less than 1,000 miles in 40+ years and left me with a pile of junk upon purchase. Yep, I was dumb enough to buy it. 😋 On the other hand, it's been the best and the most fun car I've ever had. And I've owned almost 60 cars.
  5. 4-17: Out to Fleet Farm for mulch. 10 bags to start with. Who needs a truck?😆 The young lady at the Fleet Farm yard gate said, "this car is sick!" She wanted to know what year it was, and was surprised when I told her its a daily driver.
  6. 4-17: Took the road less traveled to my boss's mom's wake. The steep curvy road was one I hadn't driven in 20+ years. I was able to lug up the hill (about a mile) at 30mph without losing speed. The pictures are from after I reached the top, which is basically the highest point in Winona county because you're above the bluffs. It was a good time for a photo op. The smell of manure in the air, the clear skies, and the beautiful fields made me grateful to be alive.
  7. Don't be discouraged, just take your time and do one thing at a time. There's no hurry, and there's plenty of smart guys here to help you out and answer questions. Every little thing you do is a mini victory. That's the way I look at things, because if I didn't I would have given up long ago.
  8. 4-16: Out cruising with my daughter. Stopped at Kwik Trip for snacks. Heater on low. Meadowbrook running mighty fine 😊
  9. 4-16: At Papa Murphy's... pizza and Pepsi for "rum and Pepsi" since I'll never drink Coke again 😂
  10. 4-16: On lunch at work. 55F and sunny. Driving the Meadowbrook every day, rain or shine. Been parking on the street in front of my house. It'll soon lose its garage space to my B1C; that's sitting outside at the moment too 😆
  11. That's what I'm using right now. I've had great luck with that in the past. There was nothing so far I haven't been able to get loose.
  12. I'll probably end up using socket head cap screws with a lockwasher and nut. Like you said, the hubcap will cover it up! 😁
  13. 4-14: Heading out for work. A chilly 32F. Heater cranked! Last night I took a look at the linkage on my carburetor. Good thing I did because the nut was loose. Note to self: put a lock washer on there...
  14. 4-13: Working on the brakes again. after several failed attempts with different tools, I finally used a snap ring pliers to remove one of the horseshoe clips. The nut is seized up on the opposite side so I sprayed it again with WD-40. Picture number 2: after further inspection it looks as though my rear shoes have a quarter of an inch of meat on them. They darn near look good enough for me to clean up and reuse. What do you guys think? Picture number 3: Some cleanup on the passenger side front. I scraped off most of the gunk and sprayed everything up with WD-
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