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  1. July 12: My son and I finally got the driver's rear wheel off. One stud is broken off. I imagine that is going to give me trouble to remove at some point. The drum says Budd on it (with some numbers) and also, on the shaft part a "D" is stamped. My shop manual says "remove wheel, remove brake drum" and then it gives a little bit more specific instructions on how to remove the shoes, etc. Well I'm lost now! How the heck do I remove the brake drum? And what is the square hole on the face of the drum? What is the extra hole between the nuts on the end of the axle? I suppose I'll have to remove those outer bolts on the end of the axle... I can see that much. But what's behind that I should be prepared for? Gonna really need you guys' help on this. Thanks 😊
  2. I owned a '56 C-3 about 25 years ago. It was as slow as a turtle. You're not gonna go anywhere fast with the original running gear. But maybe get one of the three to go fast for starters and see how it goes 👍
  3. I work in a machine shop, so I can turn the drums myself. If need be, I could even make longer pins. I'll do what it takes. There will be a lot of questions along the way 😊
  4. Looking good man! I want to ride in your car pretty bad. My son does too! Glad to see it out and about. My son just said he wants to drive it!!😆
  5. July 6: Success! We have it up on jackstands, but tomorrow night we'll take off the driver's side wheel. Lug nuts are loose👍
  6. July 6: My son helping me get a rear wheel off. Lugs were tight!
  7. July 5: This side is pretty ugly too. The shoes are worn down, the drum will need to be skimmed.
  8. July 5, 2020: The passenger front was tight and kept getting kinked, so I got it off with the puller. I placed a brass shaft against the spindle to protect it.
  9. In the middle of maintenance. Next year I'll attach a flag and parade around 😊
  10. July 4th: Front drums are easy to take apart, even for someone like me. I've seen worse assemblies than these. Certainly time for an overhaul. Looks like I'll be skimming the drums at work as well. The look a little rough. Anyone know what the max diameter is?
  11. July 4th: Dust covers off. Lots of grease in there.
  12. July 4, 2020: Happy 4th of July fellas 👍 I got the front end up on blocks, wheels off, and dust covers (hubcaps some call them) removed. I ended up using a channel locks to remove them after all. I think they worked themselves a little bit loose after the drive home last weekend.
  13. Unfortunately the horns aren't working. I have some serious wiring issues beyond those that I'll have to work out; including TWO key switches that have to be turned on in order for it to start. Why on earth anyone would go that route I can't say.
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