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  1. Can't see the video...says its private?
  2. Pilot house trucks are super easy to steer. She'd have no problem 😊
  3. Sweet! I've never seen one of those before. 👍
  4. I wouldn't drive that beauty on sloppy roads either. My car on the other hand rusted out 60 years ago lol. Still clear here, but my brother is enjoying the Meadowbrook yet! 😊
  5. 11-30: I got three of the four anchor bolts off of the rear brakes using my trusty Craftsman impact. The the last one is soaking, and I'm sure will be a bear to the very end. Can't say I didn't do anything. 😋
  6. 11-29: I have the day off today, plus it's 50F, so we had to take the truck out. When I filled up with gas a woman filling her car approached me and said she liked my truck. She asked what year it was and if I was going to paint it. I told her I was going to leave it as is and that I actually use it to haul things, which she was pleasantly surprised to hear. She said all I need is a wreath for the grill... not a bad idea! Then it was on to Fleet Farm for a couple of Christmas presents.
  7. The previous owner did a lot of the work on my truck. Radiator flush, thermostat, etc. So I don't know what installing the VPW one would entail. Someone will chime in.
  8. Try the VPW 180. 160 is too cool for decent heat. My truck has never overheated with its 180 thermostat even in the hottest weather. And I'm grateful for the heat now that the weather is cold
  9. 11-27: Out to the city compost with two full loads. Most came from the neighbor whom I volunteered to help since he doesn't own a pickup. Wish I had enough to haul so it would take me all day 😋 First pic we're waiting for the train.
  10. The tree looks strangely small in that pic. But its actually well over 8 feet tall and medium fatness. Weird angle 😋 Happy Holidays to you as well!
  11. 11-26: This afternoon we used the B1C to haul our Christmas tree... something I was really looking forward to. The place was packed, and a lot of people were looking at my truck. Kids were pointing at it and smiling. It was a fun time. Although I don't have any postcard pics, here's some fun ones 😊 Pic 1 and 2: warming up at home.
  12. Looks like I have lost some and kept some. Not much I can do about it at this point. I would hope that one of the moderators or owner of the site would expand how much we could post so we don't run into problems like this. I'm certainly not the only one that has reached the limit.
  13. Were the wheel cylinders NOS or new production? Do you have a link, or was it a random eBay purchase?
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