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  1. Big difference between the '98 with the Cummins and the '18 with the Fiat diesel. You did good! Mine had major design flaws they just didn't know how to deal with or fix.
  2. 70 years old (darn near), and my Meadowbrook is the most reliable vehicle I own. My '18 Ram Ecodiesel was a piece of junk lemon. I had to trade it off. Yet my Meadowbrook will start and run when it's 100F or -33F. Never had any major problems so far. Simplicity is a big part of it. These damn new cars are so complicated for no real reason in my opinion. Technology has gotten us nowhere. Okay, rant over 😆
  3. Thanks for sharing 👍
  4. Congrats on the purchase and welcome! You're in the right place 👍
  5. That's what I should have done! Looking good; thanks for sharing 👍
  6. Looking good man! Really enjoying your thread. You have a nice variety of trucks 👍
  7. 12-20-19: Had the Meadowbrook out last night for a short cruise. The battery was down once again, but it still started. It also needs a tune-up big time. I'll probably get to all of the maintenance in the spring as I'm not regularly driving it now. Felt good to be behind the wheel as usual. If I don't post again before next week, I'd like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas!
  8. The seat looks fantastic. Tell your wife I'm impressed!👍
  9. Thanks man. Just trying to have fun. I really enjoy driving my car and sharing the simple pleasures with the people here. Merry Christmas to you as well!
  10. My phone's camera has a sneaky way of making my car look nice. It's not nice. It's super rusty. This morning when we took it out things were frozen solid, and road salt is at a minimum right now. So I don't worry about it much. If my car was rust free like my 48 B1D, I wouldn't drive it at all in winter.
  11. Dec. 6, 2019: Drove my daughter to Cabin Coffee so she could get a "turtle frappe". She texted me from inside and said some old guys (everyone is old when you're 14) liked my car and wondered why it wasn't put away for the winter. She came back out with her coffee before I could finish my return text. My battery was down a bit for whatever reason so the generator was working hard. It leveled out after a while. Heater worked good. I need to take it for a longer cruise! 😊
  12. Welcome to the forum. Great looking car. You seem to have a good plan; keep us informed!
  13. All of your work is fantastic! Love the car. Jeez I can't even get outside to get the wheels off my truck🤭
  14. I went through the same thing as you are now with what are strikingly similar sounding problems. Turns out I was one wire off with the placement of the wires on the distributor cap. My buddy caught it when we pulled a plug and watched the spark while turning it over. He has a Keen eye for those things. His dad and I were certain we had those wires on the cap correctly. Fired right up after we got it right.
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