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  1. Just an update from New Zealand. Have decided to stay stock. Have repainted chassis and are now rebuilding front end. Have also just purchased a rebuilt '35 Dodge senior motor. So any any help on where to get parts etc would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Thanks all for some feed back. I should have added to this, this is our first project. It is a family project 5 kids as well. This Plymouth was made in LA and stayed in the area. Was shipped to New Zealand in 2008 from Las Vegas. Steering box is to be left hand drive. All original as in states. Re Stock rear end. I would rather update to newer as I would like to rebuild car properly first time round. What sort of ratio would you suggest? Thoughts at the moment are to update when needed e.g. Brakes, but would like to keep original drum setup back and front if possible. Lower car approx. 2" by spring lowering not by using blocks, but wish to keep the majority of car stock. With brake master cylinder is there a bolt on cylinder available in states to bolt exactly where original sits (thought I saw but cant find again).? Stock steering as in states( left hand drive). Bushes for front / rear suspension where is the best place that you guys have found? Is there other bush types rather than the rubber? But pretty much anything that could be of help would be greatly appreciated. Tony
  3. Hi to all, New here to the forums from New Zealand. Having just purchased a 49 Pylmouth, have stripped ready to re build. As this car didn't come with motor and gearbox have decided on using a 318 motor and 3 speed auto box. My questions are the following; 1. As the stock diff would now be unsuitable what would be a good replacement for this. 2. Am happy to use stock 4 wheel drum brakes. Has anyone else kept these? 3. Fitting 318 motor what mods did anyone encounter? 4. When I got this car it has miss matched wheels and rims. What is the correct 15" wheel size? Am looking at having narrow from and slightly wider wheel at the rear. Looking forward to all the help and advise that can be offered.
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