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  1. Does anyone have any numbers or where i can find them , front leaf spring bushings on a 53 Dodge b-4-b.
  2. Does anyone have a master cylinder with the 3 bolt pattern off of a 53 pickup that they could take the measurements of the bolt pattern so i can make a bracket to switch to a dual master ?
  3. Does anyone have any dimensions of the bracket to change to a Cherokee master or corvette one ? Any pictures will help to .
  4. Has anyone put on Rusty hopes brake kit on a 53 pickup if so any pics and if the bracket is on the outside of the spindle or on the inside ?
  5. Having a problem getting my steering wheel off any help took nut off tried pulling on it but will not come off ?
  6. Maybe down the road changing the engine out , for now looking into moving it to the fire wall or up grading the master . I heard something about a master from a Jeep Cherokee or maybe you have a better idea?
  7. Has anyone moved there master to the fire wall and if so what did you use ? Or am i better off to change the master cylinder to a dual one if it will fit , Jeep Cherokee ? 53 dodge pickup 1/2 ton.
  8. Anyone put a slant 6 in a 48 to 53 dodge pickup ?
  9. Is there any other engine that will bolt up to a flat head 6 trany in a 53 dodge pickup ?
  10. Wondering what years to use and what Dakota to use , regular cab or ext cab , long box or short ? Frame swap on a 53 pickup
  11. My fuel pump is leaking out of the screw on the bottom , The screw is striped out so I am looking for a fuel pump number or a fuel pump any help ?
  12. It seems to be getting a good squirt from the acc pump there is an extra white mark on the damper so i will look into that . I will take #1 plug out and find tdc and find out where its at .
  13. I rebuilt the carb , checked timing adjusted to 4 degrees , vacuum advance work in good . Pops back through the carb if you really get on it . Any suggestions .
  14. I rebuilt the carb , checked the timing its at 4 degrees before , the vacuum advance is working good , wants to pop back through the carb when you try to accelerate . Any suggestions ?
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