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  1. Richard, I am not actually using an injector plate at all. I have a T pipe threaded into a port on the side of my intake manifold. This T connects my PCV on one side and vacuum wipers on the other. I have another T connection spliced into the PCV hose which goes to the oiler. This T connector came with the Amco oiler.
  2. As I mentioned before mine works great and I can actually see the difference on the tops of my valves when I get it set right. It keeps the surface clean and is easy to inspect by taking the plugs out. I also run a PCV valve too so this seems to help keep the middle valves that are sucking in the brunt of the PCV vapors cleaner. And again, I have put almost 50k miles on my 218 in my '39 in 5 years with my oiler. How many on here have driven their flatties 50k miles in 5 years?
  3. I use one in my '39. Tops of my valves stay clean with it. I think it works but if it happens to actually just be BS it is definitely a conversation piece at shows. Gets a lot of attention. I can also turn it way up to blow smoke on Teslas and Priuses.
  4. I have 2 of those '41 Plymouth models. I too got a kick out of the V8 with a 6 cylinder head glued on the top.
  5. Of note cylinder #4 is closed to the oil pickup to not sure if that makes a difference because if something makes it through the screen or is also the first to get or lose oil
  6. I connected 6 volt relays to my high and low beams. Made a huge difference.
  7. Just an update on my old gal I slapped a couple new bearings on her and she has been running another 1,533 miles and made it through the rest of the summer cruise season. This was last weekends cruise and going to another tonight.
  8. I also got my leaf springs from ESPO Springs and Things about a year ago. I went with a 1" drop. Springs have been working great and no issues installing.
  9. Here is the latest update. After 4,342 miles after my shade tree rebuild I noticed that my oil pressure dropped again, down to 20 psi and would not climb. Was starting to show lower 20 psi at cruise but then would go back up shortly. Noticed glitter in my oil filter too, thought maybe leftover junk from the prior spun rod. Thought I could hear a sound that I thought might be a spun rod again, but it sounded more like dieseling sound. Took off oil pan today and checked all rod bearings and none were spun, which is good. Saw glitter around crank crevices. Checked all rod clearances and a
  10. My 1939 plymouth speedometer shaft actually broke so I sent it out to an instrument shop here for repair. Mark of Clawson's Instruments did an awesome job explaining to me what was wrong and what he needed to do to fix. It as found that the only way to get a new shaft was to get another donor speedometer that had the same mechanisms. These speedometers are very particular in what manufacturer was used for certain years. 1939 happens to be one that is very particular. I found that the 1938 Dodge Motometer mechanism is practically the same as the 1939 Plymouth Motometer mechanism and he was
  11. I put 32,000 miles driving speeds of 65-70 on the freeway with my 218 (is a 1950 block) and 3.9 rear end and no overdrive. I finally spun a rod bearing and have since semi rebuilt the engine and have put 2,500 miles on it already. I have no idea how many miles were already on the engine when I got it. Odometer read 22,000 miles when I bought it 4 years ago. Good compression and vacuum during those 32,000 miles. Cylinder bores had almost no wear and I was able to use new std pistons and rings. Ring grooves were worn wide so had to replace the pistons. Now I take it more easy and cruise 6
  12. I have been cruising mine at each monthly cruise they are doing in Downtown Enumclaw, WA. Hundreds of cars and people show up to watch everyone cruise down the main street through town. Here's some pics some bystanders took of me. I have also put on 2,500 miles on her since my rebuild a couple months ago.
  13. The pin on my brand new fuel pump failed as well
  14. I use this glass sediment type bowl with the langdon headers and have no issues on my '39 plymouth
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