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  1. I think I really need a GAZ M-72 now. Hmmm, I already have a 1950 Dodge Meadowbrook and a couple of old Chevy 4x4s for parts... Excellent post man! Don't worry, your English seems better than most Americans I talk to on a daily basis.
  2. If there's anything more important than my ego in here, I want it caught and shot now.
  3. Carr show at my favorite little brewery, about an hour away. Car running great except for lots of oil smoke on decel from highway speeds. This is my first long drive after the piston fix, so hopefully the smoke will start to clear up soon. Still better check the oil before I head back, haha. Besides, all the dudes at the show are just dying to see that 230" plant I bet. Was gonna post some pics from my phone but either Photobucket/my phone/this website (or all three) are being absolutely infuriating right now. Maybe a pic or two when I get home tonight.
  4. Years back I commuted in about a 1982 VW Rabbit diesel non turbo. I remember heading home one day into a stiff North wind, probably 30mph, gusting up to like 45. I had my foot to the floor for the whole 20 minute trip. Slowing to about 45mph up the hills and letting it run to a majestic top speed of maybe 64 down the really big hills. Of course that's when I encountered a shiny state patrol crown Vic. Oops. I couldn't help but laugh as he walked up to the window and looked over my 30 year old crap-can of a car. He said he caught me doing 63mph! I started laughing again. He asked me what was so funny, so I told him my ordeal. He kind of stepped back and looked at the car again and must have decided that I was probably telling the truth. Got a warning and he let me go on my way. Of course he got me on the last big hill. I don't think I reached 55mph the whole rest of the way home.
  5. Had no idea, figured he was a yank. Not sure if any would be local but ag/implement dealers have them. John Deere is everywhere right?
  6. Here in SW Iowa you can still walk into a hardware store and find a bowl. Napa can order them if you find a parts guy that still read a paper catalog.
  7. I approve of this hijacking. Bringing some class to this shindig! Love that suburban!
  8. Lots of stuff going on with the fitty the last couple weeks! New shoes! Noice! Much Wow Cool! Now that it looks kinda badass what should we take care of first? The sketchy stock rear brakes I've still never even checked, like ever, and the car sat for something like 40 years? Nah, it's fine. Just fine. Oh, maybe a heater would be nice! Nah, it'll be warm soon. Maybe next winter. Windshield wipers that don't leak so much vacuum that the idle jumps 500 rpm when they are switched on. Nah, scientists have invented Rain-X! Nope, lets work on the disgusting interior! I don't have to look at all that other stuff every day. Out with the old This is what we started with. Blanket covered front seat and no rear seat at all. Remember this is only temporary, unless it works. What! Yeah they still fold (kinda) flatI Hahaha This amuses me, and I'm thinking of removing the rear bulkhead and using it to haul longer stuff. Is it structural? Like overly? Next time I'll tackle the front seats.
  9. When I was younger, the BEST 6 volt battery was the one "borrowed" from grandpa's old Farmall because it was free...
  10. I should also add that it only smells when it is burning. When it's not on fire it has no odor whatsoever. Strangely enough, not on fire seems to be my cars default setting so I usually don't even notice it.
  11. Despite my best efforts, I just couldn't get the peel n seal in my car to go up in a raging inferno. Had to do some welding on my floor to install some seat mounts and all the peel n seal stuff did was melt and puddle, which I will admit made welding difficult. It did catch on fire a bit, but seemed content on self-extinguishing after a second or two. It smelled and smoked something awful though. I probably took ten years off my life with the fumes, but if I were keeping track of all the things I've done to shorten my lifespan throughout the years I probably should have died about twelve years ago. Here's to living on borrowed time.
  12. Will have discs all around as soon as I install my Grand Cherokee rear axle. Every single wheel cylinder on my car leaked and the master cylinder was bad. There's no doubt drum brakes work fine for the most part, but I'm not gonna spend any money repairing them. To me that's just throwing good money after bad. Discs are easier to service, work better and I can go to any parts store for parts when the time arrives. And I hate working on drum brakes.
  13. Most battery warranties are pro-rated once you get out of the free replacement period. The parts stores usually consider a group 1 battery a commercial or ag battery so they don't offer much warranty. Think mine was 12 months pro-rated. So if it had went bad in six months I would be on the hook for half the price of a new one as a warranty exchange. Ya pays yer money and ya takes yer chances.
  14. Haha first time my wife rode in the car it was pretty hot out. I saw her out of the corner of my eye getting ready to roll her window down. Like really steeling herself for the arduous task ahead. I could tell she was expecting a battle. (She has ridden with me in a great number of old piles over the years.) She grabbed ahold of the window crank with all her might and was amazed that it rolled right down with hardly any effort. It was pretty amusing.
  15. I notch where the gaskets come together and then cut them off flush. Then apply a skim coat of silicone on the thing. No leaks at all yet. Actually, my 230 leaks way less oil than a couple of my more modern heaps.
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