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    Palm Desert, Ca
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    Getting the old Dodge Power Wagons running. I don't do restorations...body work or paint. I just like working on the mechanics of them.
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    1941 WC-12
    1941 WC-14
    1941 WF-31
    1946 WC
    1946 WF-32
    1947 WDX
    1952 B3 PW 126 (POWER WAGON)
    1955 C3PW6 126 (POWER WAGON)
    1957 C3PW 126 (POWER WAGON)
    1952-53 M37's (5), 3 with winches, and 1 rolling chassis

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    I was an antique firearms dealer for 40 years
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    sales of old Dodge Power Wagons, military & civilian

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  1. Great story of life's little "happenings"......as a hippie would put it. Which I'm not. Our trucks are one of those things that take everyone "back in time". When life moved slower and was not of the current "warp speed" look at life. I get to drive the old Dodge trucks almost every day....my new one being a WWII WC-53 that has been updated with diesel power.......BUT! still has the original axles with 4:89 gears. Which still means....I'd get run over on the freeway. So, its still just an "around town" transportation......even though it looks TOUGH!! Everyone always asks.......even my friends....How fast will it go? I always say "as fast as you want it to go.....................as long as its under 60mph". I laugh. I always mention to them......in an analogy. I've been a power boater as well, and we all know there are two types of boaters......Power boaters and Sail boaters. For one....the destination is the important part of the adventure. For the other.....its the journey. Have a blessed day......and keep your powder dry! David
  2. Raised in SoCal........on Catalina Island. US Navy Submarine Service 1968-69 carrying SEALS into North/South Viet Nam, on board the USS Tunny, APSS-282. Vocations: carpenter, auto dealer, commercial fisherman, firearms dealer for 35 years. Now....new passion is the old Dodge WWII trucks and 1946-68 Dodge Power Wagons.

    HAVE A BLESSED DAY, and "keep your powder dry".





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