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  1. Thanks for the replies guys , going to get packed up and make the journey.
  2. Hi all , I’m looking at driving my truck 600miles back to my home , have any of you guys done this kind of mileage in a Pilothouse and if so how did the truck do and what would you say a good speed would be for one of these as I’ve only ever done short journeys in it (100 mile)It’s got a 3.73 rear in it . Any info would be appreciated Thanks.
  3. Thanks for your reply, I will check the valve galleries for any blockages and thanks again for the list of suppliers of engine parts just in case I should need any.
  4. Thanks for your reply, I’ll give that a try , the crankcase oil level is between maximum and minimum .
  5. Hi , I wonder if some of you guys can give me a bit of information on my 218. Was out today with the truck when I started getting a smell of burning oil , when I checked there is oil on the rear fender and round the rear of the truck . Having checked underneath it looks like it could have come from the crankcase breather . The engine has done 65000 mile and I’m quite sure it has not had a rebuild. If I need parts for the engine are they available and do you think suppliers will ship to the UK . Any information would be appreciated. Thanks Trevor
  6. I've considered looking at getting an 1/8 inch machined off the carrier and the face of the ring to help make the adjusting more central in the casing .
  7. I'm replacing my 1950 B2C 4.11 ring and pinion with a 3.73 , the problem I've got is because the new pinion is larger because of the ratio when you try to adjust the screw rings to move the crown wheel across for the back lash its making 1 screw ring screw inside its carrier and the other 1 is screwed out by quite a bit and it doesn't look right. Has anyone made this change to their truck rear end and did you have the same problem .
  8. Many thanks for the information can now finish the job. Kind regards Trevor
  9. I'm rebuilding the rear end on my 1950 Dodge B2C and have been trying to find the preload setting for the pinion and the backlash on the ring but no one in the UK can help with it . Would anyone be able to help with any of these settings so that I can get the truck back on the road . Grateful for any information given. Thanks in anticipation. Trevor
  10. Hi Brent , I'll take a look at the salvage yard and send them an email to see if they might have a diff for my truck . The truck I have is a 1950 B2C it had been in a barn in Minnesota for 45 years and then imported into the UK , we have restored the bodywork which we are very pleased with , the running gear is all original and it has 65000 miles on the clock . If you go on you tube and put in 1950 Dodge Truck you will see how it looked when it came out of the barn , it's a faded green one . Thanks Trevor
  11. Hi guys , thanks for your information . I am based in the UK and its not too easy trying to find parts for my truck , would you know of any car breakers that might have a diff from any of the cars you have mentioned and someone who would be willing to ship to the UK .
  12. Hi , my old truck has a 4.1 rear end and makes it slow and its working the engine hard , does anyone know if there is a higher ratio diff that will fit into the dodge axle.
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