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  1. Please send in photos, I am wanting to do a overhead set also on my 1934 Plymouth PG and my 1934 Dodge KCL. If this works out well for your car, then I will do the same on mine.
  2. Since you started this topic, I would like to follow up with you.... How are things going with your car?
  3. Great call on keeping the original front suspension. They work very well. I bet with your 440, that car really moves.
  4. You can always go back to the Hemi later and adapt it to the 1967 Transmission. Hopefully it is a 727. Let us know....
  5. If I make changes, it will be to a 8 3/4". It's my favorite axle set up.
  6. That "offset" is what turns me off in regards to the 8.8 conversion. It looks weird from the rear of the car. I know it works... But...
  7. Thanks Tim, I am excited for next year!!
  8. Please let us know if he has some parts that we can buy the off of him.
  9. Great news for sure! I got lucky and bought up some extra George Ashe Junior manifolds for both engines. I just wish that I could find a cool manifold for my straight 8....
  10. I also have a Industrial 230, powers my 1969 Pettibone Forklift. Awesome machine, and runs fantastic!
  11. They are completely different, I never had a car have one of those early clips missing... Thank God... I wish that I knew where one could be easily found.
  12. I am really enjoying following along here. I can't wait to get enough free time to put into my Plymouth.
  13. You are spot on Andydodge! JSabah, you can call Brewers Performance and order the plastic pieces(if needed), the Mopar Muscle cars used them in the "Z" bars well into the 1970's. However, if you have the metal halves, keep those. Don't forget to grease everything up really well when you assemble it. The clutch torque shaft retainer clips may also be available at Brewers, but I don't know for sure. I fortunately have never lost one, and never needed to search for one. Sorry for not being useful on the last part....
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