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  1. Wanted - Leaf Springs for 1953 Plymouth View Advert I found a broken leaf (2nd from the top) in one of my rear springs. Anyone have a set they could spare, or even just the one leaf would be fine. Thanks! Advertiser motterso Date 05/18/2020 Price Category Individual Member Classified Wanted Ad  
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    I found a broken leaf (2nd from the top) in one of my rear springs. Anyone have a set they could spare, or even just the one leaf would be fine. Thanks!


    Millerton, New York - US

  3. "Tech" is the best! His gritty good sense is very educational. Thanks for the link to that index - lots of good stuff there.
  4. motterso


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  5. I took out the Gemmer steering box and installed a GM 525 Steering box (PN 91032277 from Speedway). Made an adapter plate so I could use existing holes in frame. I used just the top end of the old steering shaft and attached with a u-joint. Also had to expand the end of the steering column tube (using a piece of exhaust pipe). Steering is much improved, but had to hook up the horn button and wire down the side of the steering column. I would guess that one of the universal steering columns would work well for this, too.
  6. inline tube has everything. perfect fit. brake lines https://www.inlinetube.com/_p/prd14/2914378771/product/48-dodge-pickup-3-4t-b-series-brake-lines-cdb4801 and fuel https://www.inlinetube.com/_p/prd14/2914386041/product/48-dodge-pu-3-4-ton-b-series-fuel-lines-cdf4801
  7. Something like these? https://www.ebay.com/itm/Gas-Tank-To-Frame-Mounting-Kit-12-Pieces-Stainless-Steel-Ford-Passenger/113002608033?hash=item1a4f7af5a1:g:QTAAAOSwj2RbAC44
  8. I just had the same problem. There just isn't enough room to put a grease fitting there at the center. I got a right angle fitting to fit in the front after grinding a bunch off of the top of the fitting. The back u joint I could only get a short, straight fitting to fit, which will be a problem when I need to grease it. The originals had the fitting on the side, angling out so a simple straight fitting worked fine.
  9. Just to make sure - you might inspect all the brake drums and see if one might be cracked. Pedal movement (with steady pressure from your foot) can be a sign that a brake drum is out of round or broken. Another good reason to upgrade to a dual master cylinder when time allows.
  10. Yes, absolutely the best way to go to improve performance - and easy, too!
  11. 230 crank + 218 rods + custom pistons = flathead 6 stroker. measure carefully.
  12. If this is a fully functioning vehicle then $6,500 seems pretty reasonable. Ad doesn't mention whether the brakes work (gotta assume they don't), but if they do and there isn't anything else wrong with it then this is not a bad deal.
  13. That bolt holds the white metal flange that the oil pan seals on. There are 2 of these - one bolts from the outside (you probably already got that one) and this one that bolts from the inside. Unfortunately, you will need to drop the pan top get at it.
  14. Should just be 2 bolts holding the oil pump onto the engine - nothing more to it than that. Sounds like you are trying to take the pump apart while it's still on the engine, not a good idea.
  15. Might just be valve noise. Try adjusting the valves and see what happens. Take the passenger side wheel off (safety stands please) and remove the inner fender panel and you'll be able to get in there pretty easily. While you're in there check for any broken springs, etc.
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