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  1. I always use a hacksaw to cut radiator hoses. It is much safer than using a utility knife.
  2. You can purchase individual 12" feeler gauges in whatever thickness you want from McMaster Carr. They are only a couple of bucks each.
  3. I am having a bit of difficulty understanding the dimensions of your existing stud. The head and knurl are both 0.9"? If you are calling the knurl the section between the head and the thread, they are not both the same dimension in the photo.
  4. I had a local brake shop that does mainly commercial vehicle and bus brakes reline mine. I also had them turn the drums. The price was very fair. They do not radius them anymore due to environmental issues with the brake dust, but they matched up extremely well. I will know in the spring how good a job they did as I will be doing the full brake replacement work when my car comes out of its winter hibernation.
  5. They walk as a result of wheel flexing. The wheel flexing is normal. I had metal valve stems installed when I last put tires on my 51 Cranbrook. You can also take a short piece of air hose or fuel line that will fit over the valve stem and it will prevent the wheel cover from cutting into the valve stem, but it won't stop the wheel cover from walking. I have heard some folks have had some success in stopping the movement by placing a bead of adhesive caulk on the wheels where the wheel cover clamps contact the wheel and then installing the wheel cover.
  6. You were close with the count of 500. I think it is 25 and you have to work to find them all.
  7. The first things that I would check are timing, points, and vacuum advance.
  8. I found the same thing at our local NAPA. I asked and was told that it is a common hose used on smaller farm tractors. I guess it is good to live in a village surrounded by farms.
  9. When reassembling the carb, you will want to set the float about 3/32" lower than the spec. New fuels, especially ethanol enhanced fuels, are less dense than the gasoline available when these carbs were built and the float will not sufficient force to the needle to fully shut off the fuel inlet. The float has to be set lower to compensate for this. One more thing, the two check balls are not the same size. The smaller one is for the accelerator pump check valve.
  10. In NY, directional signals are not an inspection item for 1952 and older cars and if it is installed it cannot be cause for a rejection. NYS Motor Vehicle Inspection Regulation CR 79.21 pages 42 and 43.
  11. The bouncing comes from either binding of the cable or one of the magnets inside the speedo unit either losing its magnetism or is missing. More often than not, it is in the speedo cable. You are dealing with a 75+ year old part here and it will need a little TLC to get it working properly. If you used a grease, your best solution is to remove the drive inner cable and thoroughly clean it and lube it with a graphite lube. You can also use a very light oil like 3 in 1, but beware, it will very likely loosen any old lube in the sheath and your problem will probably return. Sometimes it is easiest to remove the entire cable assembly and thoroughly clean out all of the old lube that is in it, relube it and reinstall it. Grease, as was mentioned before, it is too thick and will cause bouncing. The best lube is a graphite lube. Messy but it works the best. Good luck with your repair.
  12. Like Rich says, get the tool. There are a couple of good youtube videos out there on how to best use the brake spring pliers.
  13. Leaking past a stud/bolt is very likely what is happening although all of what you listed are possibilities. If you are going to check the manifold bolts, there are 13 bolts/studs that hold the manifolds to the block. One is partially hidden and tough to see.
  14. I learned how to drive on two stroke SAABs. Free wheeling was part of how a SAAB transmission worked so the slow throttle application from freewheeling comes naturally to me.
  15. I agree. The control circuit is a simple series circuit. Adding a toggle switch does the same thing to the circuit as the governor. You just have to drive smart when you anticipate the need to keep it out of OD. Proper use of the toggle switch is less stressful to the OD unit than the kickdown switch.
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