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  1. Can anyone tell me what the thread is on a P-23 front spindle? I searched and did not find anything posted. Thanks
  2. I used Rectorseal #5 pipe dope on mine. The stuff has been around forever and is designed for water, gas and steam use so it will hold up fine. It is a non-hardening product so removal after years of service is generally not a problem.
  3. I scraped as much off of mine as I could then hit it with the pressure washer. It was all part of cleaning the engine bay in preparation for installing my new motor last year. I scraped off so much weight that I got my 0-60 time to under a minute! Nothing to really be concerned about, just be careful around the rubber parts. Make sure you grease everything well once you are done, especially if you use a pressure washer. You want to displace any water that may have gotten past the seals.
  4. I would go for the full stud kit. It includes the washers and the nuts with the taper machined on one end. A touch expensive but when I did my engine I felt it was worth the money. Studs alone will run you about $3 each at NAPA or the hardware store.
  5. We will have to include a stop at the Prison City Brewery for lunch.
  6. Actually you want to leave some room. There needs to be flow over the top of the valve to aid in cooling.
  7. Looking for sources for a 6 volt voltage regulator. Of course I need one on a holiday weekend and need to have my car running by Thursday. I have tried the normal sources but cannot get deliver early enough. Is this something a farm supply house might have? Thanks in advance for your replies.
  8. Today Greg G and I worked out the details of the cruise from Bennington, VT to Lake George, NY. It will be about 75 miles long and will cross several covered bridges, plenty of New England scenery, have one ice cream stop and a couple of regrouping locations. It will be a fun run.
  9. Watkins Glen for Vintage Weekend in September. Looking into renting an RV and towing the Plymouth. I am done with camping in a tent and sleeping on the ground.
  10. I was trying to avoid unbolting the driveshaft if possible. The trip is only 75 miles one way.
  11. I have a 51 P23 with an overdrive transmission. Has anyone flat towed or dolly towed one with the drive wheels on the ground? Can it be done without damaging the OD? If so, should the OD be engaged or disengaged? Mike
  12. I bought a pair of 6 ton stands from Harbor Fright and will probably get another pair on my next trip there. They appear to be of good quality and I rarely put over 1,500 lbs on one stand and never go under the car unless it is on at least two stands.
  13. An old timer told me that the best way to prime an oil pump on an old Mopar engine was to lightly pack it with vaseline as the vaseline will dissolve in engine oil. Has anyone ever tried this trick or was he blowing smoke up my tail pipe?
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