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  1. Not necessarily freely. But it drains. I should look into it
  2. I figured, something made me feel weird about it. Thanks
  3. Working thru overheating issues, car is in incredible shape so I felt confident I could get it out. Doing the distribution tube, thermostat, water pump, and an aluminum 3 core radiator.
  4. I just won and removed my 1st WDT. Is there any reason I can’t flush the spot where it goes out with water before Installing the new one?? I sure don’t see any obvious reasons. Thanks in advance
  5. I’ve been running mine at 70 and 75-80 at times. It really feels like it is fine. But got me thinking. It sounds no more wrapped than a non overdriven car at 60. Will be running it 7 hours to the Hot Rod Hill Climb at the end of the year, so I’m trying to find a comfortable sustainable speed. (Will be traveling with bigger motors).
  6. Thanks. I will do some more research
  7. Pushing in the cable. , I did it once today. Tried 2 more times and couldn’t. Need to figure out what I did the 1st time.
  8. Just curious what speeds you guys with overdrive are comfortably holding on the highway. And do you sustain those speeds for long trips, or give it breaks. Thanks
  9. No I haven’t. Will give it a try
  10. ‘40 Chrysler C25. No matter what I try, I cannot pull the car out of overdrive while the car is moving, without it grinding. Are you able to? Or am I doing something wrong? Thank you in advance
  11. Thanks. I don’t believe so. They are not stock. I did quite a bit of modifying to them. I actually want to find another good one, the 1st one is in tough shape. The face was crushed a bit. Got most of it out, but it’s rough looking.
  12. They are below. Will have to open up the holes in the X member to run it thru. Very doable
  13. You know what they say.... if it’s to loud, your to o l d!
  14. Couple shots from our local Social Distancing cruise last night on Mt. Rushmore Rd.
  15. Thanks for the heads up. Will surely give this a try.
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