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  1. Had to put pics in last post. Not sure why it flipped upside down
  2. They don’t. Too big. Making an adapter of some sort.
  3. Well I went back and read my post. The air cleaner I used was ‘35-‘36 ford. My bad.
  4. Darn. Thanks for trying. But yes I am still looking
  5. Huge snow storm today. When the power stays on long enough I’ve been out buttoning a few things up. Then decided to mock up the intake and carbs. Boy this should be fun this spring.
  6. Anyone know what this switch is? I just found it and it’s in more pieces than it’s supposed to be. thanks in advance
  7. It is for a 25” I even double checked and mine is a 25”. thanks for the heads up though!
  8. This is everything up to date, Thanksgiving morning.
  9. Sometime in its life, I suppose 50s or 60s someone cut the heat risers off of the intake. I cleaned it up and took it all off. Ran it through the blast cabinet, cleaned and trued up the flanges, threw on some high heat primer, and finished it with some cast blast paint. Boy I can’t wait to run this thing.
  10. Got a couple fair pictures of my new intake. I can’t want to assemble this thing
  11. My buddy picked up my intake! He sent me this picture, I think he took it with a potato. Can’t wait to get it cleaned up and installed. (This was last weekend). (Posting this all in one morning)
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