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  1. Thanks for all of the input, guys! I'm thinking I can get by without a choke, you just have to warm it up properly in cold weather, right? I live in Charlotte, so that is only a problem for 2-3 months... and I'm itching to get those headers installed.
  2. Bought a 51 Plymouth Cambridge with a good running 218 flathead a few months ago... I'm not a master mechanic, am using this project to learn. Seems one of the best ways to get a mild hp boost is to up the exhaust, so I picked up headers from Tom Langdon and a couple of glasspacks mufflers. I will eventually swap the intake manifold & add a second carb, but don't have the cash yet. So my question... what is the device that sits above the central portion of the headers and is connected to the carb via linkage (see attached photo)? I'm guessing it's some kind of heat riser .... can it be removed during header swap without any mechanical repercussions? Many thanks for any help - I know I'm a novice, that's why I'm asking "stupid questions" here before I tinker with this beauty.
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