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  1. I will go ahead and measure the stroke to find out what this mystery engine actually is. Thanks for all the information guys! Steve
  2. the block casting is 1400229-2. THERE IS ALSO A CASTING NUMBER ABOVE THAT WHICH LOOKS LIKE 584. Thanks for any helpful replies.
  3. Thanks for all your help guys. I will take a close look at the block and look for those date casting numbers.
  4. Can you tell me the brand or year of production from this casting #.. Thanks
  5. Thanks for the reply. Head number is 1120806-1. Any information is welcomed. Thanks again.
  6. Just bought a 25" engine that does not have any stamped numbers on raised pad on left side of block. Only stamped number is on the Spitfire head; which is S-267. Anyone got an idea about year and displacement ? Thanks.
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