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  1. choice of two carbs ,Stromberg AAVS 2 ,almost impossible to find <i looked for over ten years then gave up . Other choice is the standard carter b and b ,very easy to find and set up/ Relaible and relatively economical. About 10 HP less than the Stromberg but there is such power in the engine it doesn't really matter.
  2. now the brake pedal almost touches the floor before it bites!! My local garage has no experience of this ebrakes but my fading memory tells the cam on the back of each drum needs to be adjusted, until it drags ,then slacked off a little ,THEN the brakes bled/rod adjusted.
  3. problem fixed ,it was the rod into the master cylinder was too far in!
  4. I have two old cars ,my 41 Windsor convertible straight 6 and my 60 thunderbird with the 430 v8 ,both old cars and both as different to each other as they are to my BMW X5 .. I love them all for their differences not their similarities!
  5. hi i just had my brakes adjusted and got a nice hard pedal ,however on driving the brakes gradually locked on and no the car is immovable ,Has the mechanic tightened the rod on the master cylinder too much ? How to rectify ,all the lines and pads are as new and the system is completely flushed with new fluid.
  6. my 41 chrysler with triple carbs ,only one hooked up to the fluid drive was needed ,headers and twin exhausts. Pretty quick up to 65 but then runs out of puff! Really needs an overdrive but im in England so thats tricky!
  7. hi ,i have a 1941 Windsor convertible with vacamatic ,seems to me like the dash pot on your carb may not be helping ,rebuild the carb including the leather dash pot and adjust the idle ,should cure most problems .In my experience of fluid drive ownership its most unusual for them to need flushing and new fluid ,simply topping up has always worked for me. my key for the ignition unlocks both doors. Ive had the car 6 years now and after rewiring and fettling it runs like a champ, mind you the triple carbs ,twin exhausts and headers do help!
  8. normanpitkin


    12 approx from the big 8 in my 48 New Yorker ,about 15 from my triple carb/twin exhaust 41 Windsor convertible.
  9. hi, yes just had the generator rebuilt and the ammeter also ,the regulator output is varying wildly whilst at constant revs or even at ticker ,seems like its the culprit to my electrician ,just bought a NOS one and will report when i get it.
  10. My electrical guru ,who is in his 80s has fettled it for all he's worth and has pronounced it knackered!
  11. This car is a 19000 mile original and i'm committed to keeping it original as possible.
  12. hi,Im in London ,England and need to buy a new voltage regulator ,my electrical guru tells me mine is FUBAR ,any recommendations out there? thanks ,car is a 1948 Chrysler New Yorker.
  13. Generator has just been rebuilt and correctly installed ,battery is new and also tested .
  14. I have called in the cavalry ,phil who is in his late 70s ! He thinks its either the regulator or the starter brushes ! Perhaps even the ammeter itself we shall see ,watch this space ,he is coming round with his meters and more importantly ,his brain.
  15. battery is new ,cross tested in my 1941 and holds perfect charge.
  16. yes ,I've read that ,checked all connections ,all are ok ,its only hardly turning over when its hot. When cold it turns over like new ,I have had the car a long time and its only started to do this after the generator was rebuilt. only thing i haven't done is got a new voltage regulator ,could it be this?
  17. no ,the battery leads are correctly placed and the ammeter is fine on start up ,its only when it gets hot ,maybe the coil?
  18. hi, my 1948 New Yorker has developed an annoying problem, recently fitted a completely rebuilt generator and now not only does the ammeter bounce all over the place intermittently but when hot the motor barely turns over ,which it never did before .I think the car is charging and when cold or just warm starts instantly .Im thinking I need a new voltage regulator ,thoughts from any electrical geniuses out there? Is the voltage regulator the same for the New Yorker as the Windsor?
  19. I run a triple carb set up with headers and twin exhausts on my 41 Chrysler ,runs like a champ ,much quicker acceleration ,roughly the same top end ,
  20. hi ,i own a 1941 Chrysler Windsor convertible and before I go ahead and buy, could any knowledgable forum member confirm that the following shocks will fit Front MONROE sense track 5752 Rear MONROE 31000 i am in London England and can get these fro Rockauto for a reasonable price, thanks in advance D0D0AC9C-20B2-42A9-BA48-56DA82EF181C_1_201_a.heic
  21. Love the Sisson on my 48 New Yorker ,a great design and pretty foolproof.
  22. I had the inclination to see just how fast my 1948 Chrysler New Yorker would go yesterday ,I got her up to 80 on the speedometer and it still had a bit more to give ,bearing in mind the speedo is probably 10% out ,I reckon the true top speed is about 75/80 depending on road conditions. Has anyone else tried this and what speed did you get? I'm not particularly interested in any comments regarding brakes or tyres or safety issues ,those are topics for a different post.
  23. I have this problem even with my BMW X5 ,had all the lights tested but it turned out my eyes are old ,not the lights.
  24. I have bought 3 optimas ,the oldest are 13 years old ,still perfect with no maintenance at all. Worth every penny.Buy nothing else
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