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  1. My 41 windsor will cruise at 65 but has triple carbs ,twin exhausted and a split manifold ,it needs an overdrive really! On the other hand my 48 New Yorker will cruise all day and all night at a true 70 ,more if needed.The straight 8 is literally a quantum leap form the 6.
  2. Speaking of the Commonwealth ,New Zealanders also contributed!
  3. Obviously more expensive when new cars were always valued more, there will therefore be a correlation between survival rates and original purchase price.Some vehicle types like wagons will also be fewer due to their harder life. More plain jane cars ,like 4 door saloons will also have survived in fewer numbers due to their lack of collectability/desireability. So ,lets say 10% for convertibles ,a little less for coupes, less again for saloons and even less for wagons.orphan makes will be even less due to the unavailability of parts to keep them going.
  4. 76cm for the first and 23cm for the second However the New yorker is not just a trim package it is a larger longer heavier more powerful car with an 8 cylinder engine not a 6.
  5. I have a 48 new yorker but i'm not sure sure if the windsor would be the same?
  6. hi, i bought a new glovebox door from Ed PAuch about ten years ago in burgundy for my 1948 New Yorker ,still looking good to this day ,it was $75 as I recall .I don't have his info any more but I am pretty sure he's no longer in business.
  7. hi as regards the promo bowls ,the greyish mottled colour is really common ,i got mine for$30 about ten years ago and they are still about the same .In all that time or longer, I have only ever seen one blue and one red for sale .The red one above sold for about $200 ,very rare.The Ivory/confetti mottled colour which I have on my 41 ,I have never seen, they were sold as candy dishes! i keep change the jukebox in mine.
  8. This is the page from my salesmans handbook ,i also have the original build sheet and documentation from the original owner in 1941 ,he bought it for his wife and kept it fo rover 50 years,I have all the documents from each year.Originalowner was the Oscar winning cinematographer for such films as Its a wonderful life,Lost Horizon etc etc. ,name Joseph Walker 4F744D8C-381C-4FE6-9B37-6731704A68AC.heic4F744D8C-381C-4FE6-9B37-631704A68AC.heic
  9. Mine is black ,1941 chrysler windsor convertible ,one of ten lustre baked solid colours offered by Chrysler in all models and all series for the year.Additionally the convertible ONLY was offered in sumac red. Two additional two tone colours also available on closed models.
  10. Sad news ,one of the leading lights of this small community has gone out.
  11. I did exactly this for my 41 ,it was quite easy ,i actually bought a NOS cable ,be careful the length is correct ,the old cable was so gunked up ! I also connected it to the speedo end and ran it using an electric drill from the unattached end just to check it worked before complete reassembly. .A tiny amount of liquid graphite on the ends just to make sure!
  12. If steam comes out of the radiator it is too hot.If there isn't any steam its fine. Easy to overthink these issues.
  13. I drove my 48 new yorker 400 miles this weekend ,as long as the fd fluid level is correct it has never been a problem.Vapour lock is the enemy here but only after driving for 3 hours or so!
  14. hi yes ,but am running 6 volt electric fuel also as prime pump ,nothing worked! Just not enough vacuum
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