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  1. hi ron ,i shellacked the cork float on my 48 chrysler fuel tank sender unit as the old one just disintegrated on removal.
  2. Head torch is your friend here as well
  3. Hi chris ,welcome from a fellow owner in England ,Im in Colchester Essex ,where are you? Ive had my 48 new yorker for 13 years and my 41 Windsor convertible for 5 .
  4. Im still looking after 3 years for the 41 CHRYSLER convertible rear window short flipper in the white plastic!!
  5. 1941 Chrysler rubber convertible top motor covers ,need two and have never found any!
  6. i do about 1000 miles a year and have no filter on my 41 ,I just change the oil every year.
  7. I took my tank out ,cleaned it ,repaired it and replaced but then put two inline see through filters in ,despite all new lines and spotless tank they still need cleaning about once every 6 months ,I assume the fuel is not 100% clean ,the downside of supermarkets driving down the price of fuel.
  8. I used the rubber from an old ping pong bat i had lying around,12 years ago. Still seems ok
  9. My 48 new yorker suddenly had full oil pressure and i removed the plunger to clean it ,no dice ,but when i soaked it in vinegar for a week and then buffed it with my dremel ,it was good as new!
  10. I hereby apologise for my car looking so terrible. What was I thinking!
  11. Good points ,Ive checked the pump ,the flange is in and its pretty new.seems to be fine.plugs were black AND there was soot from the pipe.I wonder if maybe an idiot(me) left the electric priming pump on whilst I talked to the builders??? Electric pump is a low volume 6 volt one ,its been on the car for 4 years. Im running triple carbs and this has only just happened ,Im pretty sure its my own stoopid fault No leakage from the carbs at all ,i have checked the floats on all three as well.
  12. the mystery is solved! The carbs were somehow leaking into the engine causing a massive build up of crankcase pressure ,All the oil was then burped out through the downdraft tube.There was about 4 times as much petrol as oil in the engine ,its because Im running triple carbs i guess.If I had smelled the dipstick i would have realised the engine was full of petrol NOT oil.
  13. A car with an original Navajo interior just so i could see it!
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