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  1. Thanks guys, now the search for a Bus. Coupe
  2. As others have said. Outside door mounted mirrors were options on some low end models right through the early sixties before federal laws stepped in with mandates. My 1963 Savoy was sans outside mirrors and sans many other things as well, radio, arm rests, cig lighter , etc. Wish I still had it though !
  3. Happy New Year to all my P and D friends ! Hoping I could get some info on engine swaps for my 1951 Cranbrook motor. The Cranbrook runs great with a motor with only 39000 miles. But what I really would like is a late 30's thru early 50's Business coupe. If I could find a good rolling chassis Business coupe, what model years would accept my '51 motor/tranny, with little or no alterations ? Also would possibly be willing to sell the '51 as is, and look to buy a Business Coupe. If interested, let me know. Thanks
  4. Thank again guys. Have no idea why someone would remove the filter and by-pass the system, but as I plan on driving only about 300-500 miles a year (at most) and changing the oil every year , I'll probably just leave it like it is.
  5. I'm trying to identify my 1951 Cranbrook. It has no oil filter. The copper oil line returns back into the block. The bracket is there for a filter. Does anyone know if the '51 Cranbrook came standard with an oil filter or was it an option. I believe I have a stripped down Cranbrook with no options. No turn signals, Lighter, radio, or clock. It does have arm rests front and rear however and sunvisors. (Cranbrook chrome tags on the front fenders). Just wondering.
  6. Thanks to all you guys. You've been a great help !!
  7. Hope one of you guys can help. Trying to replace rear brake shoes on my 51 Cranbrook, and ran into a problem. After removing the castle nut on the right side, I could not get the hub to slide off. Got a slide hammer and put some heat on the hub. Nothing doing, the thing wont budge. Any suggestions ?
  8. Thanks to all you guys. Definately heading to the locals shops, thanks again !!
  9. Does anyone know where I could find a header exhaust pipe for my Cranbrook. Found one supplier, but its over 100 bucks and will take 6 weeks to make. Wondering if there is a ready to ship supply somewhere. Thanks for the help
  10. Thanks guys, thats exactly what I needed to know. I love this forum !
  11. Thought it would be a good idea to get some expert advice on this subject. Will be getting the barn find '51 Cranbrook on the road this spring and would like to know if I need to use a lead substitute to protect the bone stock six banger. I plan on very limited mileage, probably less than 500 miles per year. Any thoughts ? Thanks (car has 39000 miles)
  12. Actually Choptop, it's a Club Coupe, but you guys make some very good points. I appreciate the input. Probably would be mach easier just to sell the club coupe. BTW underside is rusty, but all panels and the rockers are pretty much rust free. Any idea what its worth ??
  13. I have a 1951 Cranbrook coupe with 39000 miles on it. The motor runs like new, with no issues. I may have a chance to pick up a 1948 Coupe and was wondering if the '51 motor and trans. would drop in with little or no mods needed. Always wanted a business coupe and would glady make the switch if its no big deal. What problems would I encounter ? Thanks
  14. thanks to all , very helpful with good advice.
  15. Need some help guys. Redoing the brakes on my 1951 Cranbrook, took the whole front brakes apart before I noticed the big bolts that hold the wheel cylinders on have what I call "orientation arrows" on them. Now I dont know where to position the arrows during re assembly. Can anyone help ?
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