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  1. Wow, I've read many posts about your "Phoenix Rising" but didn't know it happened because oily rags!
  2. You ever do something so stupid that you have to confess? I had not cranked the B3C in about 6 weeks so I thought I would start it last night in the barn and let it idle. Since its been sitting in the high humidity of a late Georgia summer, the clutch was stuck engaged, unbeknownst to me. Well you wouldn't think it would start and take off in reverse (it should have lurched and stalled), but it did, and my pressure washer happened to be behind it. The pressure washer was flattened and lodged under the truck where it crushed the new fuel tank I installed this summer and tore the sho
  3. Thanks! They are Goodyear Wrangler Duratrac LT215/85R16. I swapped out the stock 15” wheels for 16’s.
  4. No parades this year but I did drive through our little town yesterday. Snapped this pic back at the barn. I always put up this very faded Old Glory on the 4th. Apologies for the horse’s butt in the background.
  5. Just wondering here if there are disc brake conversion kits for the 1 tons or at least dual reservoir master cylinders? Peace of mind to have the stopping power of disc brakes and the safety of dual master cylinder. That’s one beautiful truck you have. -roland
  6. Thanks for the reply. After I replace the rear end (I hope to finally accomplish that this month, as I have an 8 1/4 3.73 on hand), I plan on driving it a lot more.
  7. I was going to go for a drive this morning, but when I cranked the B3C up, I noticed ticking - tick, tick, tick. This 218 was rebuilt 3 years ago but has only been running since last August and has maybe 500 miles on it. I drove it yesterday and it ran quiet and steady. Oil pressure is steady at 40, temperature 180, once it warmed up. Is this something that is normal with these flatheads, or should I worry since it came on all of the sudden? -roland 61557417891__DDD90D53-921D-4F25-A919-A823834F151D.MOV
  8. Wow, an amazing build you've got going! Super envious of your shop! If you're looking for a rattle can product, I've been using Rustoleum Rust Reformer for a few years and have been happy with it.
  9. Are you are seeing the dust in the air where you are in Georgia Plymouthy? The dust from the Sahara is so thick here today in west Ga that it looks like fog. I still run the oil bath cleaner in the B3 - rinsed the element with kerosene this morning and changed the oil in it. It was gritty.
  10. Excellent help working on the truck today...
  11. No, it’s a dual reservoir. Brake lines are split, front brake line port is on the front, closest to the steering gear box, rear brake port is on the driver’s side. The brake light pressure switches are on the frame, behind the pedals. I need to clean up the wiring a bit, could be neater!
  12. Enlarged the 3 holes on the master cylinder to fit the original bolts. I believe that's all we had to do, other than adjust the push rod, I can't remember if it had to be shortened or not. Of course you'll need new brake lines so that you can split the front and rear. The fittings for the split and the brake light pressure switches (two, one for each brake line circuit) fit on the frame under the cab.
  13. What a cool truck! I'll double-check tonight - pretty it bolted right up, but I may have had to enlarge the mounting holes. -Roland
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