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  1. My mistake, that is a driver's side. 🥴
  2. Nice find. The driver's side visor on my B3 looks the same as that passenger side version, and in identical condition. I was going to attempt to recover it myself, at some point. -Roland
  3. Wow, that’s gonna be an awesome project, I’m envious of your find! Welcome! -roland
  4. Wow! What a beautiful truck, love it just like it is! I’d do a compression test to Check on the head gasket, before replacing.
  5. My 52 3/4 ton still sports the original bed. The support bracket goes under the shovel strip so that it’s the same level as the other strips. The bed wood has quite a deep route for it. The tailgate on my B3C, however, has been modified with an opening for a grain slot, so the bracket offers no support. -roland
  6. Busy IWOYTD at Crooked Meadow Farm. Washed the old girl (the truck). Saved my final fuel system issue troubleshoot (new mech pump not supplying enough fuel to carb) and resolve on the B3C for today. Put in a second “new” fuel pump this morning and it started and ran great - issue resolved at last! Went for a gravel road test drive, it stumbled after 15 minutes of driving and almost stalled once but then ran OK - I’m guessing there’s a little bit of water left in the fuel. Noticed the oil pressure was low and fluctuated between 5 and 30. Checked the oil and it looked thin, maybe got contaminated with a bit of gas from the bad fuel pump, it didn’t smell like gasoline though. Went to the auto parts store, got some oil and changed it. Oil pressure now normal, dead on 40. A slight leak at the fuel pump, very small, took pump off, put a new gasket on, sprayed it with copper coat, torqued to 30fp but the leak remains. I have an electric fuel pump on hand (thanks BKahler), I may blank off the mechanical pump and convert over to electric. Also for today, I removed my Hula Girl from the dash, as her grass skirt had mostly dry-rotted away, and her backside was starting to show. -roland
  7. I took a closer look at this and, shamefully, I must say that it’s from a Model-T. Hopefully, the site admin won’t boot me and make me join the H.A.M.B.
  8. LOL! 1910's or 1920's 4-cylinder exhaust manifold. Judging from the size of the trees and that the road has been closed to through traffic since 1970, it's been there a while.
  9. Spotted this in the old fence-line along a dirt road near our house. It's not a musical instrument. -Roland
  10. I faced similar issues on my 16" rims when I went to radials, rims were in bad shape and varied from wheel to wheel. So I bought new 16" rims at $115.00 each from Summit, plus $25.00 each to powder coat. Only draw back is no clips for the original center caps and cost more than sandblasting and painting. I suppose you could put clips on them. -Roland
  11. How strange, I wonder why, too far away from the cam?
  12. Speaking of brush fired Dodge trucks - read an article a while back about the MASH film location in Malibu Creek State Park. Apparently the vehicles that were hauled up there for the filming were left and then later on burned in a wild fire.
  13. How cool, I saw Tanda62’s engine in another post and commented on the filter housing, and here’s your post about the same thing!
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