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  1. Nice find! That will be one sharp car. Hard to find one without much rust in Iowa. I was a student at UNI many years ago. Great country.
  2. I’ve always done my own body and paint work. The results are driver quality. Like MarcDeSoto, as long as I get a few runs like the originals, I’m happy. You just need to do one yourself to understand why a paint job is expensive. Prep and paint is a hell of a lot of work! I have one more to paint, then I’m done. Looking back at my lack of PPE when I was young and dumb I’m thankful to be 70. The new stuff scares me.
  3. I think a 1936 Plymouth pickup would look great parked beside my ‘36 coupe. Then maybe a ‘54 Plymouth wagon.
  4. Thanks to all. My front looks like the one on eBay. Checked Steele. $100 and three weeks. Rebuild time isn’t a problem She’s asleep for the winter anyway. Thanks again!
  5. The motor mounts on my 36 Plymouth need replaced. Apparently 35, 36 and 37 are unique to those years and replacements are crazy expensive. Seems I remember seeing a company that would rebuild the front mounts. Does anyone have any knowledge of that.
  6. Hey, 70 isn’t so bad. Figure I’m just in my prime. And I don’t have that tool either.
  7. Great looking car. Any more pictures for another 36 owner. No advice on the rubber. I have a Steele’s catalogue but haven’t purchased yet.
  8. That’s exactly why I wear red socks.
  9. Well, what’s easier. Changing the doghouse or continually explaining a ‘54 on a ‘53. I’d probably make the switch. Really nice project, by the way.
  10. My neighbor passed his copies on to me for awhile. I’ve saved 2 or 3 issues. Not much value as that I can see.
  11. Good luck. I know it’s not the intellectual method but on these old units sometimes I just start replacing old parts till the problem goes away.
  12. “On the road again.......!” Good to see you guys out and about. My coupe has been pretty much a garage queen this summer. Have fun.
  13. Casper50, show us a picture when you get the bumpers back.
  14. Sweet looking car. More pics would be great when you get the time. Have fun!
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