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  1. I had the same problem with my hood. It's still not perfect. Mine doesn't have a support on the inside of the hood. I had to look in the maintenance/ service manual and loosen all four bolts that mount the hinge to the body. It was somewhat lined up after that. I had to climb in the engine compartment to tighten them while it was closed. Mine also had loose rivets or pins in the hinge. I put them on a 50 ton press in my classroom and drove them tight again. Just enough to have the hinge still move.
  2. The cable goes thru the driver side inside the fender. It's a very small hole with a grommet.
  3. Vin's 49 Plymouth

    49 P15C off frame restomod

    As of Feb 2021, left to do is finish new 12v wires, fabricate throttle linkage, install fenders, engine start-up, install new windows and weather strip, radiator and hoses. Mods so far are triple B&B's, ECI brakes, fatman drop spindles and a few custom body lines.
  4. Nick, I used a metal hook with a T-handle and pulled the top onto the hinge. Maybe have someone help pull. I'm 6 ft 220 and it took all my strength. Just keep trying. I've been going one step forward and two steps back during my whole build. You can do it.
  5. Nick, I installed mine the opposite way that you have them, because they hit the fender. But it was difficult to get the bottom of the spring attached with the fender on. Looking good, keep up the good work. I'm starting to put in the glass, did you guys have a problem with the windshield gasket? Vince
  6. I would try them then. I flew in P-3 Orions in the Navy during the first gulf war. And been in aviation 30 years now. Time goes too fast.
  7. Tayto, I don't think you can use anything but suppression core wires on HEI, if your using points any thing will work. As far as aircraft spruce, I'm an aircraft mechanic and instructor. I wouldn't use aircraft plug wires. Just my thoughts friend. Vince
  8. I used copper/nickle as well, I think it's a bit softer. Way easier to flare.
  9. Keep at it Bob. Brake conversion has been the most frustrating thing of my restomod. I still have a couple drips, I've double flared some of the lines three times to still have leaks. I used the same tool you have, love that tool. I also did the whole thing with no lift. I should have done it when I had the body off. Looking good sir.
  10. Nick, we are requesting an update? We all enjoy this thread very much.
  11. Here is a judging guide that mentions the under carriage and colors. It's great for other info as well. It doesn't list under coat. Judging Guide.pdf
  12. I just installed mine. I think thread size is 1/2-20 or 3/16 inverted flare. But I think the side to the gauge is a special fitting. It had a ferrule or flare that I haven't seen before.
  13. Welcome to the forum Mister B.
  14. Thank you Andy D & DJK, I think your both right, I think when it was acid dipped before machining, the fitting was taken out and not put back. Thanks again! Vince
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