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  1. Wow. A lot of great info here. What a great forum. I am going to advise her to try and negotiate a $500 price, maybe $1000 max. We obviously don't want to offend him, but I really don't want to pay too much. It's difficult to tell someone that something that they have owned for most of their life, and are quite attached to, is not worth much of anything. Wish us good luck. Thanks everyone!!!!
  2. Thanks Labrauer. I know the motor is free, and I was told that there are no major issues with it. I'm thinking that $1000 is really the top for a car like this. I know that you never get your money out of a restoration, but it seems like there are a good number of decent cars out there, some appear mostly restored, for around $6000. I'd spend double that restoring the one we're looking at. Would this car bring 12-15k if it was nicely restored? Is this even something we should consider buying, or maybe just see if she can find a better car, despite the sentimental attachment?
  3. I appreciate the responses. However, I do not put a lof of faith in the online appraisal guides. They tend to be very hit or miss. What I would like to know from anyone is, "what would you pay for the vehicle"? I do not particularly desire this vehicle, so just about anyone could give their personal opinion. I would love responses similar to "I would only pay $500 because it is not a desireable car" or "The car, in that condition, should sell for around $2000" I know that there are many people on the forum that have their finger on the pulse of the classic car market. If you know of one that is for sale or has recently sold, please chime in. I truly appreciate any help.
  4. Hello everyone, I am new to this forum as I have never owned a Plymouth, but I recently find myself in a position in which I soon may. I am a mechanic / collision tech by trade, so I know what I am getting in to. A little background regarding the issue: My father-in-law wants to get rid of his 1948 Plymouth Special Deluxe 4-Door. He wants my wife to purchase the vehicle as she has a sentimental attachment to it. She wants it, but we have no idea what it is worth and he wants her to to come up with a fair market price. There is limited information online regarding the sale prices of these vehicles, so I am asking all the experts to put a valuation on the vehicle. The vehicle: Complete and original - except paint which is not good. Body is in good shape - Minimal damage and/or rust. It has been parked in an old garage for the last 10-15 years. It ran when parked, but hasn't since. Not to say that it wouldn't with fresh fluids and some work. The interior is pretty well destroyed. One could assume that it would cost $1000 to get it running and driving safely. i.e, new brakes, wheel cylinders, brake lines, fluids, fuel pump, carb rebuild, plugs, etc. I appreciate any help that readers could provide. Thanks
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