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  1. Hi Andy the 46-48 TJR bodied cars have shifter shaft over the top like the 41 when i get home tonight ill take a picture and post for you of my 48 Desoto cheers Gareth
  2. every time i pull the 23 Dodge out of the garage to work on the others two pulls and away she goes 😀
  3. Also try Auto surplus in Melbourne 03, 98733566 i get a few parts from them
  4. yes Andy TJ richards body for me still would like a Long body one day and yes the long fenders are fully imported cars cheers Gareth
  5. Andy i have the Oz DeSoto but as far as i know they all came with single rear window Have had two and one had the 48 badges on and the other had a 42 rear badge also out of the 4 i had two were wrecks for spares and the side trims were different . Was told that after the war T J Richards did not have enough money to fully tool up for the new models and used their 1940 bodies and grafted the styling cues from the new models to the front ends from Canada . Makes it real fun to find body parts .
  6. There were a thew Desoto's imported back in the 40s along with d24 Dodge's . Was told they came in through Sydney dealer not sure who and that most were diplomatic cars . Funny thing is that all pictures of the Desoto's ive seen were all green
  7. 6 volt electric wiper motor was standard on Australian built plymouths but the linkage is different and set up for RHD . very slow on 6 volt
  8. I run a electric pump on my 23 Dodge brothers for over 20 years have only had a few times where it flooded the carburetor . Filled up the lower section of the carb and would not allow the sliding section to rise. Only thing i would suggest is to put a pressure regulator in as these old girls don't like much over about 1 1/2 pound .
  9. Yes i have them on my car had them still on and all the wrecks i bought still had them
  10. Cool project looking foward to reading this as i have a 33 TJ Richards body sedan Cheers Gareth
  11. I painted my caps with the same paint as the car it was holden commodore red firethorn in acrylic laquer think it was about a vb model it was very close to sumac red the color for those years been on 15 years and havent touched them up .
  12. Sorry i havent got back before now just got back in the shed here is a couple of pictures of vent rubers there is also a place called scotts old auto rrubber in Melbourne they supply the rubber as well be sure it isfor TJ richards body
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