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  1. I believe, the same Michael Warsaw that caused a lot of arguments on here a few years ago.
  2. Bob Drown passed away tonight. RIP Bob.
  3. Andy, the dogs name is Cooper. Bob's wife Patty passed away less than a year ago. Bob's cancer got worse, and he moved in with his son in Oklahoma. Cooper went with him. About 3 weeks ago, his Plymouth followed him. He did get a chance to drive it some. His son has a '48 Plymouth.
  4. I've copied this from Bob's Facebook page. It was written by his son. Bob and his '40 Plymouth the Wayback Machine have been posting on here in the past. Keep him in your thoughts. Hi guys, Dad has been hacked. It's Josh. I have no idea what to say or how to say it. My hero is losing his battle with cancer. He is very weak and is in Hospice care at my home. the started his morphine pain management meds today. he is taking very little in the way of food or water. What little he gets is when he is asked. I would like to personally thank everyone of dad's great friends and family for all of the love and support you all have given him with this journey. I will do my best to post what I can when I can. I just don't know what to type as the tears flow from my eyes, to see the one of the strongest men in my life fight so hard and be this weak is very heartbreaking. I love you all as does dad. Thank you all so much.
  5. Got my 1st cb in 1964. A Sonar Model G a 6 xtal model (had to buy send/receive channel crystals for each channel). Still have 3 or 4 sets laying around somewhere with power mikes 23 channels). Also have a Cobra base. In my custom van, my set would dead key at 175 watts and talk at 200 watts.
  6. If anyone who has been here for a few years remembers Michael Warshaw, he is the owner of this company. If I remember correctly, he caused a lot of arguments with the members. Don't remember if he quit or was kicked out of the forum.
  7. I parked my '37 Plymouth Coupe in my drive on October 18, 2017. Threw a cover over it. Last week I put a battery charger on it for a couple of hours. Then I cranked it over with the ignition off for about 30 seconds. Poured less than a spoonful of gas down the carb and waited a few seconds. Turned the ignition on, hit the starter pedal, and it sputter for a few seconds. Hit the starter again and it started right up. Took it for a 25 mile drive Saturday and it ran great. I live in Michigan.
  8. I've looked at the photo and that's not ME and the Meadowbrook. Looks more like YOU and the Meadowbrook. Misleading title.
  9. I've purchased regular 6 volt seal beams at a local auto parts store. I've also bought 6 volt halogen bulbs from Rock Auto for half the price the local NAPA store wanted. They worked as well.
  10. It's alive!!!!! Started the '37 Plymouth today. Started on the 3rd crank. I parked the car in my driveway in the middle of October just threw a cover over the car. Left the battery in the car. So here is an 80 year old car that sat out all Fall and Winter in the weather with only a light weight cover over it, and it starts on y the third crank of the starter. All I did was pour a little gas down the carb. Didn't have to put the battery charger on. Now my 2005 Dodge Magnum with a Hemi motor, if if sits for 2 or 3 weeks without being started, won't start. Have to put a charger on it. I had only driven it 41 miles since the end of September.
  11. Finally got out of the house today. It's been 2 weeks today since I got out of the hospital. Started speech and physical therapy today. Will be going 3 days a week. When I met with the speech therapist, She said she didn't see a need for me to continue seeing her. In her opinion, everything looks good. So now all I've got is physical therapy. Don't know for how long. Said they will do an evaluation after 10 weeks to see if I need more. Been having a lot of lower back pain when I was using my cane to get around inside the house. Today I used a walker and didn't seen to have as much pain. I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow morning. will see how I do with the walker. If I'm feeling pretty good, and the weather is nice, Might try to start the Plymouth. Know I won't be able to drive it, but at least get it started.
  12. On Dec 15th I went to hospital ER with a severe back pain. Had a serious spine infection. While there, they found a couple of other infections in my blood. Plus I got C-Diff. Since Dec 15th, I spent 116 days in the hospital (a few in IU). Plus I spent 22 days at a rehab facility. While at the rehab, the messed up my mediations, which sent me back to ER. So I had a total of 116 days in the hospital, and 22 days in rehab facility. With a total of 21 days at home. Spent Christmas, New Years, Valentines Day, St. Patricks Day in the hospital. Came home today. Pretty weak and not very mobile. won't be able to drive the Plymouth for a while. While in the hospital, I had 2 transfusions and they had to shock my heart once. Lost over 30 pounds and spent probable 99% of my time in bed. Just started to get a little mobile the last couple of weeks. Hopefully, now that I'm home, I'll start to get some of my strength back and get out and about. Plymouth hasn't been started since I parked it last October.
  13. When I got my '37, the previous owner had H70-15 wheels/tires on it. When I cranked the wheel all the way to the left, the inside of the drivers side tire would rub the drag link. When it was turned all the way to the right, the inside of the passenger side tire rubbed the rubber brake line. They had smeared grease on the inside of the tire where it rubbed. I replaced the wheels with stock 16" wheels and tires.
  14. High and Mighty. I believe this is a clone of the one built by the original Ramchargers. It was brought to our 2008 Grand National Meet from the Chrysler Museum.
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