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  1. Thanks, that really helps! I will be able to get my car done faster if i dont have to do an entire suspension swap.
  2. I know there is alot of debate about frame swaps, suspension upgrades, etc. etc. on the D24 coupes. I see you can buy reasonable rebuild kits on ebay now. Will the stock suspension handle a 440? A disc brake upgrade will be a must. Anything else i should consider?
  3. it seems to me that i seen a pic of a woodie that had a 46-48 dodge coupe front end. is it a members car? I would like to see more pics of it.
  4. i contacted this guy, yesterday. he responded quickly, and it sounds like he has the parts readily available. there are also a couple of others selling nos suspension parts.
  5. thanks for the reply. there is definately a lot of info there. i will start posting pics as soon as i figure out how to do it. right now i am tearing it down.
  6. I am a new member who has been reading posts over the past couple of weeks. I am tearing down my 48 D24 coupe. My current plans are as follows...... 1972 440, 727 trans. 8 3/4 rear. I might change my mind on the motor, pending on what I find when I am ready for mock up. The 440/727 that I have has been sitting in my shed for a while. Anyhoo, I am deciding on the brakes and suspension. I see there a lot of posts about using the old suspension, with upgraded brakes and shock relocation. I am leaning this way, but I want to check it out first. I just have a few questions, if any of you have input, I am listening. Q1--Is there a build thread that shows these mods? I have searched for it, I am not finding it if there is. Q2-- Can you still get bushings etc. for the original front end parts? Q3-- With the brake upgrades, and shock relocation, will the front end hold up to the 440? any help will be greatly appreciated.
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