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  1. Bisquik whats future for the 4V manifold look like? I just bought a 315 Hemi and am looking for 1.
  2. Have You Tried Autolite 308 plugs might help
  3. Langdon sells Holley Weber Carbs, Red Line sells Weber 32/36 carbs
  4. James , couldn't you just mill the outside of the intake flange to match the cast iron of the headers??
  5. Loren i built a 265 .030 over and milled .085 off the head and used stock cam with no interference . before i purchased an Edgy Head.
  6. Actually Don't believe you can bore a 331 block to 354 but i could be wrong check with machine shop
  7. You will need to modify the routing of the heater hose off the back of the cylinder head, pipe marked heater.
  8. Beautiful Car Aus Absolutely Beautiful Nice Trade.
  9. Main bearing journals are different size
  10. Just finished ceramic coating my triple 2 for my 265 with 32/36 Spanish Weber progressive 2 barrels from Red line
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