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  1. I rebuilt mine will find out where rod bolts came from, i seem to think it may have been ARP but will check with the machine shop.
  2. i have 1 i'm not using from my 265 since we put a remote filter on the firewall
  3. I have a pair of flat fender skirts that fit 1940 & 1941 Plymouth's available for $375.
  4. my 265 0.030 over Egge head 9-1 compression HEI distributor intake/exhaust by Manifolds by Moose Spanish Weber 32/36 Carbs
  5. The Module You Need comes from 83 - 84 Chevy S10 2.8L v6 The difference is it has 4 very small push on connectors Part no. LX327.
  6. Engine ID would be on the first photo , the very top edge where the head meets the block facing up
  7. Pete what is the 6th intake up on the right and what's it for?
  8. Anyone have any idea what gear ratio's for 2nd and 3rd are for 1950 Plymouth Manual Stick Transmission, short transmission out of Business Coupe.
  9. Bisquik whats future for the 4V manifold look like? I just bought a 315 Hemi and am looking for 1.
  10. Have You Tried Autolite 308 plugs might help
  11. Langdon sells Holley Weber Carbs, Red Line sells Weber 32/36 carbs
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