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  1. Oh my no, it can stay put till the museum is gone. After that you can move it and get your happy spot all better. Lol Earl
  2. Oh my no. I want it to stay here. That's why I placed it here. So I highly recommend a mod to keep it here for all to see. Earl
  3. Oh, you guys listed it under off topic. I thought it was extremely odd no one was mentioning it. It should never be in off topic. Off topic would be a Ford museum. Lol Any who, I thought I'd pass it on as it wasn't mentioned on the forum. A Chrysler Museum for Chrysler vehicle's is definitely worthy of making the main forum. Hopefully this will make it to more eyes. I myself never been on the off topic forums because, it's off topic lol Earl
  4. Last weekend the Walter P Chrysler Museum will be opened. It's permanently closing. We'll be making the trip that weekend. December 17th and 18th. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=189535251450689&id=125745217829693 Earl
  5. I will be there all week. Sunday through Sunday. Earl
  6. 74.00 is cheaper than your air filter assembly falling off or leaking dirty air in between the carb and filters and dusting the engine. Just my. Two cents lol Earl
  7. Is that vent clean and open? Very important that the vent functions on that type of master. Earl
  8. I will be at Hershey Sunday through Sunday. I would add a high quality electric fuel pump and regulator and get rid of the mechanical pump. I assume your heat riser is working correctly or at least held in the correct position? My heat riser was working backwards cause the spring was made incorrectly and the car didn't like that at all at idle for long periods. Got a correctly made spring and that took care of my idle issue with the carb. Earl
  9. I have a Champion in my 52 Dodge. Three row and it fit perfectly and works much better than the original. Got mine on Amazon. I also added a coolant recovery tank with a coolant recovery tank compatible radiator cap. Earl
  10. Adjust all linkage as per manual. Replace the missing or bad rubber bushing. Earl
  11. On my 52 Dodge I left the brake pedal on and removed the pedal pad and removed the master with the pedal still attached. My 52 has the clutch pedal on the frame. Earl
  12. Bought Echlin tune up parts for my 52. Appear to be China. Rotor was sloppy on the shaft, got another one and tighter but still sloppy. Wasn't impressed. Coil started leaking oil and had to be warranted like the rotor. Condenser had a strap instead of wire and was difficult to get it in place without shorting it. It appeared universal. Earl
  13. I loved standard brand. Use to sell that brand back in the day when I worked at Big A auto parts as a kid. Earl
  14. Points and condensers fail as well. Good luck finding anything not made in China. Earl
  15. You can not use solid core wires with Pertronix. Have you contacted Pertronix? I assume you're setting the timing? The timing used on points won't be the same as with the Pertronix. Earl
  16. Electronics do not, I repeat do not like low voltage and bad grounds. I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of the failures is do bad wiring, bad/dirty connections, too low or too high voltage, bad coils, or using solid core wires. I plan to install a kit and their coil. Just haven't got around to it yet. I also plan to install a 6v alternator to keep the voltage constant. Earl
  17. I've seen new reproduction heat shields on eBay if you prefer store bought. Earl
  18. Single circuit systems have no backup like dual circuit. You definitely want to replace everything, I mean everything. I also highly recommend a dual circuit master cylinder. Nicopp lines are great and not expensive. Also make sure your parking brake is working correctly as that is your last chance of control if the single circuit system ruptures somewhere. Earl
  19. The M6 transmission is underdriven. 4th gear is 1 to 1 same as 3rd gear on a 3spd. Earl
  20. Aren't some of the bands adjusted during fluid change? Maybe just a matter of band adjustment? Earl
  21. Much more simple than needing a complete rebuild or trying find a good used trans or converting it to a manual trans. Earl
  22. When I had mine apart to clean and reseal, my screen was mostly plugged. Many years of nondetergent fluid had took its toll. Glad it was a simple fix. Earl
  23. Pull, clean and polish the pressure relief valve. Make sure the solenoid isn't sticking keeping the ball from fully seating. May have to pull the trans apart and clean the pump suction screen. Pump could be weak. Earl
  24. Kinda but still not a flywheel. Flywheel keeps momentum for the engine, fluid coupling takes that place. The plate is just that, a plate. Is no flywheel. Not sure what he wants to inspect, but I can assure you, there is no flywheel. Earl
  25. No flywheel to inspect on a fluid coupling. It bolts directly to crank. No flywheel nor flex plate. Starter ring gear is on the fluid coupling. Earl
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