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    I love music and history . Im a Civil War as well as Revolutionary War living historian / reenactor. Last but not least as one would expect I love working on my Pilothouse.
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    1949 Dodge B1B

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    Im a retired bodyman and I love working on and restoring old cars truck and bikes
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    Retired slightly beat up and slow moving bodyman :)


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    Benson, AZ
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    Gear head since birth , Civil War artillery reenactor, history geek and musician

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  1. Great job, it looks fantastic ! John
  2. I'm glad to be able to help. Yup, the copper washer goes right there between the wheel cyl and the hose fitting. I forgot to say how much I like the work your doing on your truck, your doing an awesome job, it looks great ! John
  3. The front wheel cylinders on both my B1B and my B2B rolling chassis have a copper washer between the front wheel cylinders and the threaded fitting of the rubber brake line. John
  4. Back in about 1979 I found a 19" Zildjian crash cymbal in the grass on the side of Hwy 80 about 100 yrds my house. It must have landed flat and softly because there was no damage on it at all. Some poor soul probably had their drum kit in the back of their truck and it got blown out by the wind but it was a sweet find seeing as Im a drummer. I also found a small plastic tool box with tools in it. Someone must have left their tailgate open and it slid out and off the road. "Lawson: was written on it on it I live in a small town so I looked in the phone book and called every person with that last name but no one had lost it. Being a bodyman and mechanic by trade I have all the tools I need so I gave it all to a friend that was in need of tools and he was thrilled with them. I also found a cell phone which had a bit of road rash but still worked. There was still enough of a charge on it that I was able to look in the contacts and found one "Dad" I called the number with my phone and it turned out that "Dad" was an old coworker Dads. His daughter had lost it a few days before. I drove over to his house and gave it to him. My Dad had died 10 years prior so it really felt good to visit with someone that knew him. John
  5. Wow that came out fantastic. Your doing a terriffic job on all the mods and such.Well built with a very nicely finished appearance as well. Im having fun reading and watching the progress on it. John
  6. Once I got all the mung cleaned up the inside, the tank is beautiful, all the galvanizing is like new. Even the steel makers marking are still in perfect condition. Here is a pic of the inner top surface of the tank but all the metal in the tank looks just like this. I used my phones camera to make sure that I got everything clean without having to to and stick my head inside it After I took this picture I took a towel with a little lacquer thinner on it to the residue and it wiped right off.I found a grocery store in Sierra Vista that carries dry ice so I took a ride and bought some. I dropped some chunks of dry ice in the tank and with the 70 degree temps outside the tank was soon filled with the CO2 fog then I welded it up. Im really happy with the result. I metal finished the weld and gave the area a good sanding with 80 then 180 on my DA and now there is no trace of the repair. I capped the fuel filler pipe and installed a old sending unit, then I put a little air in the tank thru the fuel line fitting and checked for leaks with soapy water. No leaks except for one at the sending unit where I used a old gasket It came out really nice. I really lucked out with this tank. I didn't want to waste the last of the dry ice so put it in my massive mug filled with diet coke . When it got done bubbling and smoking my coke was really slushy, it was awesome. It was a great day. John
  7. Success !!! Yesterday I did what Jerry and Tooljunkie suggested. I used an old 10 speed derailleur cable and housing that I had laying around and chucked it up in my cordless drill.. I had to use the housing with about 1" of cable sticking out to make sure that cable was rigid enough use then as the cable went in I would pull it out and shorten the housing and run it in again. It was plugged with fine powdery brown residu and it only took about 20 minutes and it went pretty easy .Once it passed all the way thru I broke out a can of spray carb cleaner and ran it till it was running free. After that I put a vacuum hose cap on the end and filled the tube with carb cleaner and let it sit overnight. In the morning the tube still had the cleaner in it so there are no pinholes or leaks in the tubing. I then blew out the tubing with compressed air then I sprayed it with carb cleaner again to make sure it was clean and no more residue was coming out. To clean out the mung in the bottom of the tank I used acetone like Tooljunkie suggested. It worked great. I ran out of acetone so I used some lacquer thinner to finish it off. It came out nice and clean. Now all that's left is to weld the piece that I removed back on when its safe to do so. The hole that I cut in the top of the tank is large (see photo) so I had plenty of room to not only work out the smashed tank bottom but also reach in and clean out the tank afterward.Between the piece I removed , the hole for the sending unit and the gas filler tube there is a lot of ventilation for circulation. By this morning there was no scent of lacquer thinner or acetone. When it comes to welding on something like a fuel tank one can never be too careful. Im not sure how long to wait before I weld the plate back in . I know some folks attach a hose from a tail pipe and run it to the tank and weld while the engine is running but I dont think that will work very well because I'm going to MIG it and the shielding gas will be blown away from the stinger by the exhaust. Ive also heard of placing dry ice in the tank but sadly no one carries dry ice here anymore. It looks like I'll be waiting for quite a while just to be safe. Thanks again Jerry, Tooljunkie and 48Dodger for your help, I appreciate it. John
  8. Thanks Jerry and Tooljunkie, I will try both suggestions. Im hoping that the clog is only in the last inch or two of the tube where the gas remained. I fear I made my job a lot harder by not attempting to clear the tube immediately after draining the tank before it might have had a chance to harden up but at the time I just didn't think of it. I wish I had , Im kicking myself for not doing it. I carefully bent the tabs of top of the support that holds the end of the tube up off the bottom of the tank . Now I can lift the tubing up and out of the support so now I have some room to work on it. John
  9. Howdy all, A couple of months ago I picked up a B2C parts truck. It had been parked since 1979. Among the parts I removed to use in my B1B is the gas tank which had a rather nasty dent in the bottom at the very rear of it. Believe it or not it still had about a 1'" of gas (if you could call it that) in it. I dumped out what was a really dark amber colored syrup / varnish . To my delight the tank was bright and shiny inside. I decided to see it the syrup I removed from the tank would burn so I took my torch with Map gas and proceeded to try to light a small amount in a dish afire. No surprise, it refused to light or burn. I let the tank sit for a month or so while I tended to transferring some of the other parts to my truck. Yesterday I started to work on the tank. I cut a part out of the top so I could knock the dent out from inside then I hammered and dolly it out and it turned out really good. Now for the part I am seeking advice for. The fuel pickup tube is plugged and plugged good.I tried putting some air in it to see if it would blow the goo/residue that is plugging it up out but no dice. As one would expect the bottom if the tank is covered with thick tarry old fuel goo for lack of a better word. I also retrieved about a dozen 1" rocks and a 1971 nickle. My dilemma is how to best clear the blockage in the pickup tube. My neighbor suggested that I apply heat to the tubing to soften up the blockage and then try to blow it out with the air hose. Even though the old fuel that I drained out of the tank refused to light I dont think its a safe to put heat to a tube filled and plugged with a potentially flammable mixture of solid gas residue so I nixed that idea but my dilemma still remains. I have toyed with the idea of removing the rivets that hold retain the fuel inlet and removing the whole thing from the tank then set about either unplugging the tube or forming a new pickup tube and installing it in the tank.Along with being riveted on it appears to also be soldered as well. As for removing the old tarry residue from the inside of the tank itself I was planning to used some heavy duty easy off oven cleaner on it and wash out. It really is a nice tank thats well worth saving as my truck sorely needs a new one. The PO of my truck drilled holes to mount a screw on sending unit in the process severely bent up the sealing surface so it leaks when the tank is full. Also when he got it in the mid 80's there was a foot long rip along the bottom that he soldered up. Theres no rust inside but the tank in my truck now but its a mess. I would really appreciate your suggestions as to the best way to clear the pick up tube ? Thanks, John
  10. Welcome to the forum Rodney. Thats a sweet truck you have there ! John
  11. Ive never seen one of these before,what a cool and fun project. Its looking really good. I have never owned a VW but I think they are cool cars. My cousin has a baja he is building little by little. I was a bodyman in a VW dealership in Tucson back in the early 80's. I didn't get to work on many Beetles mainly Golf, Jettas, vans etc .... oh and Deloreans. It was also a Delorean dealership. I also always thought the "Thing" was a cool car. If I ever get the chance to get a Thing it would be fun,that is as long as I could escape any possible wrath from my wife resulting from taking on another project. John
  12. Im deeply saddened to hear that Don has passed away. His family are in my thoughts and prayers. John
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