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    I love music and history . Im a Civil War as well as Revolutionary War living historian / reenactor. Last but not least as one would expect I love working on my Pilothouse.
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    Im a retired bodyman and I love working on and restoring old cars truck and bikes
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    Gear head since birth , Civil War artillery reenactor, history geek and musician

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  1. Maybe the accelerator pump isnt working. With the engine off and the air cleaner removed, have you checked to see if there is any fuel spraying into the throat of the carb when you manually work the throttle from the closed position? If its not working , perhaps the acc. pump linkage has come undone or something has become plugged up in the circuit. Just a thought. John
  2. I have had really great luck loosening up rusty parts and such with PB Blaster. I used to use WD40 on rusty fasteners etc until someone on the Wheel Horse garden tractor forum told me about PB Blaster. It works a LOT better than WD40 did. It comes in a spray can just like WD40 . A couple of weeks ago I had some door hinge pins on a B2C that I picked up a month ago which were stuck big time .I sprayed them good and let them sit for a few days. A few days later I was able to tap all 4 of them out with a small ball peen no problem.I just thought I would pass it on in case you want to give it a try. John
  3. Something like those would look pretty cool. If all else fails, Ive got an idea....... Ya cant go wrong with an Air Grabber
  4. I rebuilt all four of my rear wheel cylinders and both of the fronts on my '49 and they work great. I have to say that there was absolutely no pitting in any of them and the pistons were in great condition as well so I have that going for me. I think a lot of my good fortune stems from that my truck as been driven and well maintained since it was new. When I rebuilt them all I did was clean them really good first, then I honed them and then cleaned them up real good to get rid of any abrasive debris left etc over from honing. I bought the kits from DCM if I remember correctly. Also when I assembled them I lubricated the internal pieces with brake fluid. I rebuilt the rears about 4 yrs ago. John
  5. What a cool find and it looks to be in great condition too. John
  6. If your hearing the whistle at an idle and it goes away when throttle is applied I'd be looking for a vacuum leak. Id start with the fittings for the vacuum advance and any vac lines coming from the manifold etc.. John
  7. So cool, what a great find ! Utes are so awesome. John
  8. I remember it like it was yesterday. I was barely 6 and I was glued to the TV watching it in wide eyed amazement and admiration the whole time. I knew that this was something very special. It never occured to me that something could go wrong. All I knew that men had landed on and were walking on the very same moon that my Dad and I stared at while laying on our backs in the bed of Dads truck with my head resting on his arm. If it wasn't a school night I would ask Dad "Can we go lay in the truck and look at the stas". I had not learned to pronounce the R in stars yet. That following year at school they had a couple of astronauts come to our school to do a NASA presentation for the 6th graders. I remember my teacher came up to me one morning and said she had a surprise for me. She took me by the hand and led me to the auditorium and sat me with a 6th grade teacher. I was in 2nd grade and I was the only non 6th grade student there . At the end of the day before as the bell rang my teacher asked me to stay after for a minute. I thought I was in trouble. After all the kids had left the room she handed me a box. Inside of it was a model of the LEM and command module that the 2 astronauts gave her to give to me. She asked me to to tell the other kids because it was a secret ad I never said a word to any of them. I walked home holding that box tight with both hands. I was so proud ! I went home and told Mom and Dad all about it . It seems that my teacher realized how interested and amazed I was by all things Apollo 11 and NASA so at some point before she got special permission from the principal and my parents for me to join the 6th graders that day. Oh and I drank Tang for years and years without fail. "Tang, its what the astronauts drink" Wonderful memories !!! Every time I think back on watching Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin climb down the ladder and walk on the moon I get chills. Sorry for babbling, John
  9. I can appreciate the talent and work that went into it but I don't care for it at all. It's looks like someone just decided to do a bunch of random mods without even thinking if they fit the truck . PS , I think that rear window looks hideous on it 😱. Just not my cup of tea, coffee .... etc . John
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