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    Benson, Arizona
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    I love music and history . Im a Civil War as well as Revolutionary War living historian / reenactor. Last but not least as one would expect I love working on my Pilothouse.
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    1949 Dodge B1B

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    Im a retired bodyman and I love working on and restoring old cars truck and bikes
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    Retired slightly beat up and slow moving bodyman :)


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    Benson, AZ
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    Gear head since birth , Civil War artillery reenactor, history geek and musician

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  1. Your truck is turning out fantastic Bud. Beautiful work ! As for the sideways pics...no biggie. I looked at them while eating a taco and as if by magic they turned right side up ! John
  2. Man that looks fantastic. Beautiful truck ! John
  3. The Cowboys, Geronimo: An American Legend with Wes Studi, Tombstone, Heaven Knows Mr. Allison, Last of the Dogmen .
  4. Newbomb Turk's Pie Wagon, Project X. Funny movie with lots of great cars ! John
  5. After re reading the original post I saw my reply would be of any help so I deleted it. John
  6. It sure looks a lot like the Model 36 Mopar Deluxe heater that I restored for my B1B. There are some differences but its very close to mine. Perhaps it is an earlier or later model . John
  7. Great job, it looks fantastic ! John
  8. I'm glad to be able to help. Yup, the copper washer goes right there between the wheel cyl and the hose fitting. I forgot to say how much I like the work your doing on your truck, your doing an awesome job, it looks great ! John
  9. The front wheel cylinders on both my B1B and my B2B rolling chassis have a copper washer between the front wheel cylinders and the threaded fitting of the rubber brake line. John
  10. Back in about 1979 I found a 19" Zildjian crash cymbal in the grass on the side of Hwy 80 about 100 yrds my house. It must have landed flat and softly because there was no damage on it at all. Some poor soul probably had their drum kit in the back of their truck and it got blown out by the wind but it was a sweet find seeing as Im a drummer. I also found a small plastic tool box with tools in it. Someone must have left their tailgate open and it slid out and off the road. "Lawson: was written on it on it I live in a small town so I looked in the phone book and called every person with that
  11. Wow that came out fantastic. Your doing a terriffic job on all the mods and such.Well built with a very nicely finished appearance as well. Im having fun reading and watching the progress on it. John
  12. Once I got all the mung cleaned up the inside, the tank is beautiful, all the galvanizing is like new. Even the steel makers marking are still in perfect condition. Here is a pic of the inner top surface of the tank but all the metal in the tank looks just like this. I used my phones camera to make sure that I got everything clean without having to to and stick my head inside it After I took this picture I took a towel with a little lacquer thinner on it to the residue and it wiped right off.I found a grocery store in Sierra Vista that carries dry ice so I took a ride and bought some. I dropp
  13. Success !!! Yesterday I did what Jerry and Tooljunkie suggested. I used an old 10 speed derailleur cable and housing that I had laying around and chucked it up in my cordless drill.. I had to use the housing with about 1" of cable sticking out to make sure that cable was rigid enough use then as the cable went in I would pull it out and shorten the housing and run it in again. It was plugged with fine powdery brown residu and it only took about 20 minutes and it went pretty easy .Once it passed all the way thru I broke out a can of spray carb cleaner and ran it till it was running free. After
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