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  1. Thinking it's part of an earlier 12-volt conversion. Appears to have ballast resistors on the firewall. Will get some photos of them today. Thank you.
  2. Have a 1952 B-3-F with an alternator. Wondering how to determine if it is negative or positive ground. Thank you.
  3. 1938 Dodge RC Pickup Axle, Suspension, and Steering Parts. Complete hub-to-hub assemblies for both front and rear axles. Building a street rod with new parts and won't be using the original parts.
  4. https://westslope.craigslist.org/pts/d/paonia-1938-dodge-rc-original-parts/7170009979.html image 1 of 4 make / manufacturer: Dodge model name / number: RC 1938 Dodge RC Pickup Axle, Suspension, and Steering Parts. Complete hub-to-hub assemblies for both front and rear axles. Building a street rod with new parts and won't be using the original parts. Please make an offer if you need these original parts. Thank you.
  5. Received photos from Joe Jarvis on rust removal and body work on the lower rear of the cab. Was necessary to reinforce the cab before the rusted metal was removed to maintain dimensions. If the rusty metal is cut away before reinforcement, the dimensions will change, making it difficult to get it back to shape. Maintaining the dimensions makes the doors operate properly.
  6. Received the enameled Dodge Brothers emblem from Karla Maxwell today. Looks to be an excellent restoration. Please contact me if you need her contact information. Thank you.
  7. Fabricating new firewall and floorboard pieces.
  8. Replaced the cab and grill shell to check fit.
  9. Attempted to use the rear-end assembly from the 2014-Dodge-Hemi-Charger, donor car, but there is insufficient travel to use with the planned multi-link, air-bag suspension.
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