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    1949 Dodge B-1-D Cab & Chassis KS
    1949 Dodge B-1-D Dually Pickup CO
    1949 Dodge B-1-D Dually Flatbed NV
    1949 Dodge B-1-DU Route Delivery Van CO
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    1953 DeSoto Firedome Sedan CO
    1953 Dodge B-4-B Pickup NV
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    1953 Dodge B-4-D Grain Truck ND
    1953 Dodge B-4-T Winch Truck CO
    1953 John Deere Model 50 Tractor SD
    1954 Dodge C-1-B6 Pickup CO
    1954 Dodge C-1-C6 Parts Truck WY
    1954 Dodge C-1-C8 Parts Truck AZ
    1954 Dodge C-1-TA8 Cab & Chassis CO
    1957 Dodge D200 Parts Truck AZ
    1958 Dodge W100 Service Truck CO
    1959 Dodge P300 Route Delivery Van SD
    1965 Dodge D200 Pickup Early Version CO
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    1965 Ford N500 Mobile Home Toter CO
    1966 Dodge D600 Dump Truck CO
    1967 Dodge D500 Pickup CO
    1969 Dodge P2-10 Postal Van CO
    1969 VW Beetle Daily Driver CO
    1972 Dodge D300 Stake Bed CO
    1973 Dodge D300 Parts Truck CO
    1974 Dodge W100 Pickup Bought New FL
    1974 Dodge W200 Dually Drill Truck KS
    1974 Dodge D500 Winch Truck CO
    1974 Dodge D600 Cummins Rollback Car Hauler CO
    1974 Yamaha DT 100 Enduro Motorcycle CO
    1975 Dodge S700 Bus CO
    1976 Dodge M880 #1 CO
    1976 Dodge M880 #2 CO
    1977 AMC Jeep CJ5
    1979 Dodge D150 Palomino Pickup CO
    1979 Dodge W150 Parts Truck CO
    1986 Dodge D350 Pickup CO
    1989 Dodge D250 X-Cummins Parts Truck WI
    1989 Dodge W250 Cummins Pickup Bought New CO
    1990 Dodge D250 Cummins Pickup CO
    1990 Dodge D350 Cummins Dually Pickup CO
    1993 Dodge D350 Cummins Dually Pickup CO
    1994 Dodge W3500 V10 Dually Pickup CO
    1995 Dodge W2500 Cummins Mine Truck CO
    1995 Dodge W2500 Cummins Pickup CO
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  1. Prepared to take the 2014 Dodge Charger Hemi engine and transmission to Grand Junction Colorado for the suspension build. Definitely will reinforce the 1938 Dodge RC frame. Once we get the engine and transmission mocked up on the frame for fitting, we will decide on location and how much reinforcement will be required on the frame. Had to reset the engine and transmission on the pallet to load it onto the side of the 1974 Dodge D600 Cummins Hauler. Steady snow all morning. Too slippery around the WeatherPort door for man or machine. Fell down once. Included the seat from the 1974 Dodge W200 Drill Truck to take to Duncan & Sons Upholstery in Grand Junction to recover. Tarped and secured the load. Too much nasty weather to make the trip today. Went to the warm house, had a nice soup-and-sandwich lunch, and getting ready for a long winter's nap.
  2. A man can't always drive cars and trucks. Sometimes he needs a little cross-country adventure. Here's some photos of a 1973 Yamaha RT360 Enduro motorcycle. Bought it many years ago from a farmer near Delta Colorado, who used it to ride his ditch lines, and irrigate his fields. He always parked it in the same place for so long, the paint was faded on the south side. I liked the bike because it was low enough to get my old leg over the seat to get on. Rode it occasionally, but finally sold it to a motorcycle collector in Florida. Of course, I sold it not long after putting on new tires. The old tires had plenty of tread, but also plenty of cracks in the sidewalls. The guy in Florida got a smoking hot deal on the classic 2-cycle, motorcycle. Hated to see it leave.
  3. Truck 40 is a 1972 Dodge W100 Pickup, with a 318-cubic-inch engine and automatic transmission, traded for Truck 34, a 1965 Dodge D200 Pickup, with a 225-cubic-inch, Slant-6 engine and 4-speed transmission. Both trucks were acquired from the same young man near Paonia Colorado. Back a few years ago, the young man needed some money to get by, so I purchased three of his numerous trucks. About a year ago, the same young man needed some cash and a more practical work truck. He brought the 1965 D200 to trade for a 4-wheel-drive. Gave him his 1972 W100, plus a couple hundred dollars. He said he would be back to buy the 1965 D200, when he got a bit ahead after a few paychecks. Haven't seen him yet. When I first got the 1972 W100, the reverse in the automatic wasn't working. Got the transmission, and a few minor things, repaired for a daily driver. One day while unloading the trailer nearby, the driver's side of the bed was damaged. So by the time the young man retrieved the 1972 W100, it was running better, but looked a little worse. He seamed please it did the Big 4: runs, drives, stops, and backs up. He's a nice enough young fellow; however, have you noticed the recently increased values for the 1960's Sweptline Dodge Pickups. According to Hagerty Valuation Tools, the 1965 Dodge D200 significantly increased in value in the first quarter of 2019. https://www.hagerty.com/apps/valuationtools/1965-Dodge-D200-3!4_Ton
  4. Contacted my State Farm Insurance Agent regarding obtaining Comprehensive Coverage on the 1938 truck during the build. My agent is excited about the project, and has no problem providing coverage. Of course, he passed me on to one of his employees to start the process. All she needed was Make, Model, Body Style, VIN, and odometer reading. Made a long story out of a short question for her. In the end, sent her photographs of the Serial Number Plate, and the Odometer, along with a deciphering of the images. Serial Number 8191760 Odometer Reading 08690.0 Judy laid out some removed parts on the trailer. Some need additional work, all need cleaning.
  5. Truck 39 is a 1972 Dodge D300 Flatbed Truck with a 360-cubic-inch engine and 4-speed transmission purchased near Dolores Colorado. Truck runs, drives, stops, and backs up. Low compression between two cylinders indicates it probably needs a head gasket. Previous owner replaced original parts with a later 1976 to 1978 grill and interior door panels.
  6. Thank you so much for your responses. Currently working on a 1938 Dodge RC Pickup project. You may follow along at: https://p15-d24.com/topic/51743-1938-dodge-rc-pickup-build/. You may also see photos of all my Dodge trucks starting at: https://p15-d24.com/topic/53-lets-see-pic-of-your-trucks/page/37/#comments
  7. Hauled the DeSoto about 90 miles home over McClure Pass. Only one tire held air.
  8. Estate Sale near Snowmass Colorado, September 2016. DeSoto was in the back row with the rear bumper buried and four flat tires. Other interesting vehicles at the sale. Also bought the 1949 B-1-DU-117 Route Delivery Van converted into an RV.
  9. 1953 DeSoto 4-door sedan with the first-year, 276-cubic-inch Firedome Hemi engine, and 2-speed, Powerflite-automatic transmission was purchased at the estate sale of one of the original Aspen ski bums near Snowmass Colorado. The small field north and west of the party house was littered with vehicles, including a 1946 or 1947 Hudson Pickup, with parts car, a Studebaker M5, a Dodge B-1-F, and a Dodge B-1-DU-117 Route Delivery Van. Spare tires in the dump bed were included with the sale of the Dodge. The rear of the DeSoto was literally buried, and still had moss growing out of the bumper after it got a new home. The revolutionary-new white-plastic steering wheel crumbles upon touch. Considered putting the Hemi in my 1938 Dodge RC Pickup, but settled for the 2014 Dodge Charger Hemi instead. Like you've heard before, the DeSoto was running when parked. It was running when new, but the question is: What has it done lately?
  10. Several years ago, after seeing one of those "prepper" shows on TV, I looked at wood-burning vehicles. Wood-burning vehicles were fairly common in Europe during World War II, due to gasoline shortages. Since I was working at a coal mine, I wanted to run my vehicle on coal. Instead of placing the burner in the front, or hanging it off the rear, I put mine in the vacant rear seat area of the 1969 Volkswagen Beetle. Also, purchased a small pelletizer, and made my fuel out of pellets. Attempts to make coal pellets were not very successful, since coal lacks the sticky lignans contained in wood to make the pellets. My best results for fuel came from a combination of coal fines, diesel fuel, sawdust, and shredded junk mail. Shredded Junk Mail is a Renewable Resource!!! Constructed the apparatus shown in the photo in the coal mine shop, with the approval of management, using pieces of steel pipe and fittings. Best results were obtained when the smoldering coal produced the thick yellow smoke, often seen around the edges of an idle coal stockpile. Thinner white smoke indicates too much oxygen, and not enough smoldering, in the combustion. Initial testing of the apparatus, by lighting the escaping smoke with a striker, produced a flame about a foot high out the top of the burner. We could really make it flame by introducing oxygen from a tank into the inlet of the smoldering fire. The pieces of the apparatus were assembled inside the car, starting with lowering the center cylinder into the car through the open sunroof with a forklift. All my photos of the apparatus testing and installation in the car are non-digital. The center container of the apparatus is the burner with a grating plate welded about a third of the way up the inner 8-inch-diameter cylinder. The burner cylinder is surrounded by cast refractory material and a 12-inch diameter cylinder. A smoldering fire is started in the burner with the inlet air controlled by the lower valve. The off-gas from the smoldering fire consists of Carbon Monoxide, Hydrogen, and Methane, all of which will burn, with little, to no, Oxygen. The off-gas is vented to the precipitator cylinder to the right. The precipitator drops soot, coal tar, and other solids into the water-filled precipitator. The precipitator is drained every so often to remove the accumulated debris. The thickened liquid comes out looking like black elephant snot. From the precipitator, the "cleaned" gas goes across the series of pipes in the rear, which acts as a radiator/heat exchanger. The cooled gas enters the rear of the condenser cylinder on the left, where the condensed water is accumulated. The condenser is drained every so often to remove any accumulated debris. The thickened liquid comes out looking like black elephant urine. The "cleaned, cooled, and dry" gas is piped loosely to the intake of the air cleaner on the engine. The loose connection on the inlet to the air cleaner allows the introduction of combustion air, and the gas air mixture is passed through the air cleaner into the throat of the carburetor. The engine is started with the in-place gasoline system, and causes a vacuum through the apparatus, increasing flow and fire intensity. Obvious barrier to practicality is the time required to fuel, fire, raise temperature, start, and run the engine. Not good for short runs around town or commutes to work. Main benefit is the waste heat in the winter, since a 1969 Volkswagen Beetle never had good heat from the exhaust shrouds and the piping through the running boards to the front. Anyone who grew up in the northern states knows the only way to keep the windshield defrosted in the winter was to roll down the side windows. When the temperature inside the car is as cold as the outside temperature, and water vapor from breathing is vented out the lowered side window, the windshield will remain defrosted, at least to minus-20-degrees Fahrenheit. Recommend the open sunroof for summertime driving with the heated burner. The added weight and inconvenience of the apparatus was not practical. Removed the apparatus, and sold it to a hippy-type in the mountains west of Boulder Colorado, who was planning on living off the grid. Never heard from him again, so don't know how successful he was. Like the photo of the wood-burner, Dodge pickup with the large round bale next to the 55-gallon-barrel combustion chamber.
  11. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-ypx8_enl-I So, if the 1953 John Deere Model 50 tractor breaks down in the middle of spring-time harrowing the pastures, can always rely on the 1969 Volkswagen Tractor to take up the work. Like I mentioned, the dog loves to go for a ride in the Bug.
  12. Here are some photos of another Non-Mopar vehicle I have, a 1969 Volkswagen Beetle. Use this car as my daily driver during the warm months for many, many years. Took out the rear seat and put in a floor plate to use as a small pickup for parts running. Rusted old body, with a leaky 1,500-cubic-centimeter engine. Whenever anything quits working, of falls off, usually just remove it and throw it out of the car. About the only item replaced was recovered the driver's seat. Almost threw out the passenger's seat, but the dog loves to ride in the Bug. She get to sit up front and hang out the passenger's window.
  13. More photos of Truck 38. Of course, my imagination never sees these old truck as what they are. I always see them as what they could be. I see this van as an armored car, complete with bullet-proof panels and glass, and a "Ma-Deuce", M2, 50-caliber, Browning-machine-gun barrel sticking through the radiator inspection door below the windshield. I see this van as rolling, attention-grabbing, advertising art, complete with a super-charged, mid-engine, high-performance drive train, and flaming-roof-exhaust stacks, doing wheels down the road. What do you see?
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