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  1. I agree with Plymouthy Adams, this is not for everyone. I had a co worker who was going through his Jeep Cherokee at the time when I was getting deeper into my project and he loaned me a backing plate to check it out . When I thought It was do able I purchased a few pieces local, used, & affordable and moved forward. Brake shoes, hardware, & wheel cylinders were purchased new after I got it all fitted. Is not a quick, direct bolt on and I used AMC Eagle cast drums to solve the minor depth issue. My original DeSoto rear brake parts were beyond usable and didn’t feel like coughing up the loot for Restoration quality parts. Hope this helps the OP
  2. Scarebird disc on front. Removed seal holder and trimmed excess off to better suit “new” backing plate . Where the spot welds were removed is where I welded it to “new” backing plate. Drilled holes accordingly. Had to message the upper edge of axle housing for it to seat as it should . Shimmed axle end play as per DeSoto shop manual. Had centering lip machined off of original rear hub after removal of DeSoto drum so new drum would go on and seat properly.
  3. I had adapted backing plates from a 90’s era Jeep Cherokee onto original DeSoto axle . My park brake band was in poor condition so I did use jeep e brake cables and found that I would have to make up a lever to assist with the pull because the hand lever didn’t have enough leverage to properly set the brake to hold on an incline while parked. Was going to move forward with that idea but then scored a very good original brake band and removed all the jeep cables and park brake levers to have a very good functioning original set up . The Jeep drum brakes on the rear are working very well though.
  4. I rewired my 47 DeSoto and kept it 6v positive ground . Added headlight relay that is 2 circuits . I put a fuse between feedwire and the unit has a fuse for each beam . Also put in 6 volt halogen headlight bulbs . Works well and I’m not afraid to drive it at night . As a bonus I added a relay for the brake light circuit.
  5. Nice car . It’s very similar to my ‘47 DeSoto . Enjoy it and welcome .
  6. No more standing on our heads to see it .
  7. This is a pic of Scotty t ‘s p15 manual rack . It’s from an old thread he posted years ago titled Not for the Purists
  8. That looks like the same material my replacement gasket was made of . Stripes and all . If it’s the same material it worked for me .
  9. I got a new gasket from my local Napa auto parts 2 years ago . It is still listed as Part #FPG 4267 and at the low price of $2.82
  10. The toggle switch is for the dash lights and has 3 positions dim, off, and bright. The round switch is a heater switch with a light bulb to illuminate the missing knob when it’s on . It probably has off, low, and high positions if it’s like the one that was in my ‘41 Plymouth
  11. This guy is current posting his current projects on YouTube under the user name Savin’ Junk . You may be able to get a quick response if you message him there.
  12. Thank you for the heads up. My ol’ DeSoto is due soon for a change .
  13. I put a brand new stock replacement master cylinder on my 47 DeSoto with the Scarebird kit . I removed the valve from the master cylinder as recommended and added an inline 2 lb residual valve to front brakes and 10 lb inline to rear which are drum . The brakes work very well .
  14. I put a Scarebird kit with their new hubs on my DeSoto and found dust caps that fit perfectly at my local hardware store. They were in an aisle with replacement utility trailer parts.
  15. junkers72


    I'm in Wes's catagory . My '47 DeSoto all stock engine, Fluid Drive , & Tip Toe Shift gets 13-14 MPG . I only run non ethanol gas but the only choice of non ethanol at the pump is 90 octane . I don't know if octane is a factor
  16. The pain of the price of gas eases as you drive down the road.
  17. Got the 47 DeSoto out for the 1st time this year . Washed off the garage dust and took my son for a couple mile drive to make sure it still has good manners. I started it multiple times over the winter to keep it happy . All went well so after a little this and that my wife and I enjoyed a ride to our local dairy bar for ice cream . Wouldn’t you know someone else with a cool old 1950 Dodge Coronet had the same idea.
  18. Hello MarcDeSoto, tomorrow I will get some pics of my DeSoto brake lines for you . Car is all together so I will do my best.
  19. Marc , I am sure my interior was never touched . The small piece you found is absolute match to my car.
  20. Check out this seller on EBay . The kick panels and rear tray are some kind of pressed board of some sort with a material sewn around the perimeter.
  21. The best I could do today Marc . Don’t mind the light reflection through the windshield. All original 1947 DeSoto Deluxe. The pattern on the front seat is the same but not as picture worthy.
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