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  1. This guy is current posting his current projects on YouTube under the user name Savin’ Junk . You may be able to get a quick response if you message him there.
  2. Thank you for the heads up. My ol’ DeSoto is due soon for a change .
  3. I put a brand new stock replacement master cylinder on my 47 DeSoto with the Scarebird kit . I removed the valve from the master cylinder as recommended and added an inline 2 lb residual valve to front brakes and 10 lb inline to rear which are drum . The brakes work very well .
  4. I put a Scarebird kit with their new hubs on my DeSoto and found dust caps that fit perfectly at my local hardware store. They were in an aisle with replacement utility trailer parts.
  5. junkers72


    I'm in Wes's catagory . My '47 DeSoto all stock engine, Fluid Drive , & Tip Toe Shift gets 13-14 MPG . I only run non ethanol gas but the only choice of non ethanol at the pump is 90 octane . I don't know if octane is a factor
  6. The pain of the price of gas eases as you drive down the road.
  7. Got the 47 DeSoto out for the 1st time this year . Washed off the garage dust and took my son for a couple mile drive to make sure it still has good manners. I started it multiple times over the winter to keep it happy . All went well so after a little this and that my wife and I enjoyed a ride to our local dairy bar for ice cream . Wouldn’t you know someone else with a cool old 1950 Dodge Coronet had the same idea.
  8. Hello MarcDeSoto, tomorrow I will get some pics of my DeSoto brake lines for you . Car is all together so I will do my best.
  9. Marc , I am sure my interior was never touched . The small piece you found is absolute match to my car.
  10. Check out this seller on EBay . The kick panels and rear tray are some kind of pressed board of some sort with a material sewn around the perimeter.
  11. The best I could do today Marc . Don’t mind the light reflection through the windshield. All original 1947 DeSoto Deluxe. The pattern on the front seat is the same but not as picture worthy.
  12. I felt the dodge and the DeSoto were so similar that I couldn’t image any geometry differences in the front or rear suspension. I did not have the body off the frame. I did put all new bump stops on the front. When the car was on the jack stands the stands were placed under the lower A arms in front and under the axle housing in rear . There seems to be a lot of suspension travel in the rear with no shocks in place. If you don’t plan on mimicking stunts performed by the General Lee I feel you will be happy with using similar equipment as I used . If you are going for a points restoration then I guess your search will be a little tougher . I enjoy reading all your posts and commend you for going the extra mile with your research. You not giving up on this car over these many years shows your true character . Whichever direction you choose is the right one and your not a quitter. Have a good day
  13. My last response was for my front shocks . As for the rear I used Air shocks but I did have to switch out the rubber eye bushings on either the top or bottom ( I can’t remember) but it wasn’t hard . Monroe MA727
  14. These are the ones I used from Napa and I didn’t even pay that current list price. And they had them in stock at my local Napa store.
  15. I used the Monroe gas shocks on the front of my 47 DeSoto and they work fine
  16. A 1947 plymouth factory fuel gauge is the 2 wire to sender + 1 wire from ignition switch for power like the same era Chrysler desoto & dodge.
  17. Don’t forget this spring . Circled I used cheap off the shelf throttle springs .
  18. Couldn’t wait til tomorrow . This 1 is from the top
  19. I will jack my car up tomorrow and get better photos of all the linkage and brackets
  20. This isn’t too much of a help but it’s the only photo I have of my 47 DeSoto linkage from when I replaced the master cylinder and was in the process of the re wire job
  21. I got my engine mounts from mopar pro (eBay store) = good ; water pump and thermostat from local Napa (ordered and in store 2 days later) = also good ; hoses are bulk from Napa and Rock auto
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