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  1. I felt the dodge and the DeSoto were so similar that I couldn’t image any geometry differences in the front or rear suspension. I did not have the body off the frame. I did put all new bump stops on the front. When the car was on the jack stands the stands were placed under the lower A arms in front and under the axle housing in rear . There seems to be a lot of suspension travel in the rear with no shocks in place. If you don’t plan on mimicking stunts performed by the General Lee I feel you will be happy with using similar equipment as I used . If you are going for a points restoration th
  2. My last response was for my front shocks . As for the rear I used Air shocks but I did have to switch out the rubber eye bushings on either the top or bottom ( I can’t remember) but it wasn’t hard . Monroe MA727
  3. These are the ones I used from Napa and I didn’t even pay that current list price. And they had them in stock at my local Napa store.
  4. I used the Monroe gas shocks on the front of my 47 DeSoto and they work fine
  5. A 1947 plymouth factory fuel gauge is the 2 wire to sender + 1 wire from ignition switch for power like the same era Chrysler desoto & dodge.
  6. Don’t forget this spring . Circled I used cheap off the shelf throttle springs .
  7. This is the best I could get from the bottom.
  8. Couldn’t wait til tomorrow . This 1 is from the top
  9. I will jack my car up tomorrow and get better photos of all the linkage and brackets
  10. This isn’t too much of a help but it’s the only photo I have of my 47 DeSoto linkage from when I replaced the master cylinder and was in the process of the re wire job
  11. I got my engine mounts from mopar pro (eBay store) = good ; water pump and thermostat from local Napa (ordered and in store 2 days later) = also good ; hoses are bulk from Napa and Rock auto
  12. I didn’t find a drain plug although I did clean all the cake off the housing and searched real good for one. I even have the 5/16” square socket to get it out if I would have found it.
  13. I just recently drained and refilled my 1947 DeSoto . I took 1 of the lowest bolts out that holds the pumpkin to the housing and left it drain out overnight. Cleaned bolt and put a dab of thread sealer on it before re installation. The oil didn’t look to be freckled with glitter and I didn’t recall a previous problem so I refilled with new gear oil and all is well.
  14. Added a 6 volt headlight relay (the bigger one in the red circle) and halogen 6 volt headlight bulbs . Relay is NOS P&D brand for 2 light high and low beam sourced from eBay for $30 something bucks . The headlight bulbs from NAPA . They work very well and I do drive at night too. Note : little relay above it is for the brake lights. Pic is from winter rewire job . Has since been wrapped up in harness tape
  15. I got a new tank for my ‘47 DeSoto from a seller on eBay tomsclassic for a hair under $250 delivered august of 2020. No problems and fit perfectly. I did a quick look and that seller doesn’t have em listed now but at the time there were others listed for more $ but either looked exactly the same or just painted black instead of the silver . Been driving the old bomb with no fuel tank issues all this summer.
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