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  1. It’s not on any part of the throttle linkage on my 47 DeSoto. Took a quick look around the engine bay and transmission linkage and didn’t see it anywhere there neither.
  2. I will take a peek at my DeSoto today. I think also it could be part of the throttle linkage . It’s been a bugging me since I saw the pic .
  3. Thank you ratbailey for posting this issue and also to those who answered. Happy Wiring
  4. I am in the process of rewiring my 1947 desoto engine compartment also and am confused with the shop manual drawing as well for the coil to transmission solenoid. It makes it appear there is a 3rd terminal but there isn’t. I pulled my falling apart cloth covered wires without tracing prior because I have the shop manual.
  5. Trace those wires . IGN. goes to the negative terminal on the coil. ACC. would power radio and heater if equipped or any other item that would only function while in run or acc . Obviously if it cranks over the power coming to the BAT terminal from the ammeter is ok and so is the ST terminal to the starter solenoid. I would trace that red wire before taking a wild guess. A simple meter is your friend. Also a shop manual has the complete schematic. I will dig through my stuff and see if I can find the schematic.
  6. Step 1 : Drive it Step 2 : Drive it again Step 3 : Repeat step 1 & 2 Insert smile when appropriate........ ..... or inappropriate. Enjoy
  7. Hope you get it all ironed out soon. Happy motoring
  8. Pic #2 of your fuel pump appears that the pivot pin has walked out
  9. I grew up in Jim Thorpe. I believe the issue between the railroad and Jim Thorpe will be hashed out. And yes I’m refreshing the brakes and fuel system for this winter and planning to cruise it again come spring. It’s a 1947 DeSoto Deluxe 4 dr . Good running original engine and tip toe shift.
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