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  1. See that's what I don't get is such a big deal I wasn't asking for people to sell me an engine on the spot I was showing that I'm stressed over it. I'm. 17 years old. Just signed with the airforce I've got a lot going on at the moment and my truck it's been in my family since 1950! The things am idle in my family and it's also my daily driver I drive it almost 200 miles a week my engine gave up on my and I didn't know what to do I live off 120$ a week and I was looking for anyone to throw out a solution so I left a blunt tittle. The thin that grinds my gears is all these older adults and guys who think there just so smart and throwing out a complaint for some kid trying to get his baby back on the road. I don't have the luxury of tons of money in the banks or credit cards or any of that I restored this truck a 100$ at a time and it bothers me extremely when my post gets deleted without even a warning or anyone sayin anything. My post wasn't offending anyone nor was it messing with anyone if it's somethin you don't like I mean no diss respect for all you out there but don't veiw it. I'm tired of coming on this website and getting made to look like a cool cause I don't run the forum the right way.... Aren't you guys supposed to encourage a guy my age? All the majority of you guys do it's act like I'm a fool for not knowing what Is wrong or how to use this forum. You discourage me from wanting to not only be a member but continue my work on my truck. I got the thing when I was in 6th grade was told get her runnin and you can have her....6 years later and every dollar I've ever made I'm stuck once again. I came here for help because I've had 5 mechanics say she's had her day and it's dead and I'm not here to get deleted because of where you think my post should be posted what does it matter? I know I shouldn't be this angry but I find it highly disrespectful to take my stuff down because your not happy with where it is I the website that's like sayin hey give me the keys to your pilothouse I don't like the paint color. Atleast in my book... I came here for help because I thought the forum would have nice fellas wanting to keep kids like me turning wrenches cause let's face it were a dieng breed and I don't appreciate the way I've been treated on this forum.
  2. actually funny thing is im currently building a 500cu stroked 440 for it i got a new job and stuff on top of military so money has been pretty great its making around 600hp without the nitro deciding weather or not to put it in this or my 1985 d100 short bed
  3. thank you all so much and yeah i dont have a problem with the way it handles im not gonna lie when i drive it to school i stump my buddies cause there big ol trucks cant turn worth a darn and im in there driving in super tight circles blowing there minds. and trust me ride quality isnt what im going for im just going for something that when i throw the pedal down to the floor the thing launches like a rocket and doesnt bog down im wanting to frame swap so one day i can go back to all original! its gnna be a fun project i hope!!
  4. well im not going for cheap and i know ill have to fabricate things. im not a bad fabricator ive built full panels with nothing but a hammer and a bag of sand i mean when it comes to cab swapping theirs 10 mounts that hold the body to any frame. i found a diagram of both chassis from the 1950 to the 1984 and i designed them in 3d auto cad and ive figured out almost exactly where i need to drill my holes for my mounts and ride height ive designed the whole truck on computer. and i have a 400hp 360 that bolts into the truck so im pretty confident i could get it done for under a 1,000$ since i have the engine and both trucks for free. all i have to do is fab some mounds and then air ride to get it to sit right. im thinking bout triangulating a 4 link in the rear so it hooks like a sun-of-a-gun i may post my cad files if your interested. im a senior in high school and currently studding to be an engineer ive designed anything from simple brackets to small two stroke engines that fit in the palm of your hand i think im capable guess well find out!!!
  5. i just found a 1984 dodge d150 today runs and drives for 350 bucks! how hard a swap you think that would be?
  6. where do i find the disk break conversion? and can you get my a link to that and the heidts cross member? also what rear end did you use
  7. Hey everyone! so ive had my little dodge running for the past year drove it almost every day. then boom one day as im driving home on its last trip the engine just lost all power it still runs but its only running on a couple cylinders. ive completely rebuilt the engine and ive had a blast driving it as stock. i think my intake valves have stuck on a few of the cylinders but i havent gotten to dig into it due to the fact that the kansas winters are harsh and i restored this whole truck at 17 in my drive way. i love the truck and ive had a blast driving it stock and taking it to parades and having date nights in it. but since its geared for only 50mph i cant drive it to much i live in a small town so driving to and from school isnt that bad but when i get in big cities and on highways i dont have any gears left to accelerate around stupid people and i dont have the brakes to stop because of stupid people. so ive decided i have two routs. fix the brakes with disc brakes somehow and then just drop a custom 360 i built for a shop project... and just keep stock suspension and stuff which with that much more power suspension swaps are needed. and id like to swap to a more modern suspension without cab swapping. so my ideas are! Junked out Lincoln mark vIII (was my first car thing was a rocket) i was thinking they already have Irs and Ifs suspension like a mustang gt they also come with air ride suspension how hard you guys think it would be to swap them in my fabrication skills are pretty good but im not sure of the track width of the truck and the Lincoln. i know that if i were to do this complete front and rear suspension swap this truck would be good for short course and some small racing etc etc. nothing to big id also end up using the modular 4.7 out of it so i have fuel injection and all that but ill probably end up selling the modular engine and installing the 360 in there... my overall goal is to get this thing to handle and to get it to have some power. i had fun when it was stock it just wasnt enough for me and id honestly love for my family to be able to drive it too. i seem to be the only one who can get the dang thing in reverse and first gear. my uncle the man who owned it since 1950 cant even get it in gear anymore haha. im going for a street truck thats got power and reliability but without breaking the banks.. i chose a lincoln mk vIII because thats what i had lying around.... what do you guys think? any tips or tricks or measurements? my other idea is to ask what kinda front end i could swap into this truck thatd give me disk breaks and better handling without doing all the swapping and modding from a mk Viii either way its gonna end up mopar powered but im tryin to build a vehicle that when i get back from tours and stuff in the military i can just fill up the tanks and drive till the sun sets. what are your guyses opinions and tips? any help would be loved!! thank you guys!
  8. oh it is wider i figured since the power wagon im using is only a half ton and the truck im cab swapping on it is a 3/4 ton i figured it would be about the same width ill have to look i really wanna do this project but i may just be stuck with two trucks who knows.
  9. yeah it probably is but i mean i have a full shop at my disposal i have 5 jobs all of them are in car shops so when i need to fabricate something i have a place when i need engine stff done i have a place i mean it will be dificult but worth it i mean theres not to much to get done to the truck body itself it needed a new floor pan anywats and i think if i take the original cab mounts off the old truck and then bolt them to the fram that may work to idk i have lots of measurments to do
  10. i figured since the truck will be lifted and stuff the wider track width would just make it look a bit meaner the powerwagon is a 4x4 thats the point of this swap im wanting to make a towing truck so i can hall the old original around due to the fact that i live in the middle of nowhere and taking it across the interstate to car shows is pretty sketchy so i figured hell i have two more trucks lets make a beast but this pick rite here is my intentions but more of a ratrod than this just kinda a mean old hauler any tips you guys have i mean it seems fairly simple but so does tieng your shoes at 2 years old but its still prettty damn rough! really hope i get to tackle this project ill post pics of the original truck i restored here in a bit but this is my goal but i wanna make it look more factory
  11. alright guys you all know i have restored a 1950 dodge pickup its an all original truck with numbers matching everything so i have another truck for parts its a 1948 but its engine and drive train are pretty much gone but i ran into yet another free truck a 1979 dodge power wagon w150 it has a 360 v8 in it that runs a little rough but it sat for 15 years and i got it to fire rite up the truck howerver is in decent shape but the dash and everything is ruined and the floor has decent rust. so what im thinking is i have two options junk the 48 and use that cash to fix the 79 and have just a nice power wagon that i can use to junk around with and play...or i could take the body off the 48 and do a simple and i mean simple cab swap no ac no cruise control or what not just power brakes and power steering etc i think it could be a fairly simple job since the 48 is a flat bed truck so i wont have to worry about the wheel base and track width because the truck has a mild lift to it. what do you guys think of this idea and is there anyone out there whos done a similar project this will probably be done in my highschool shop id imagine some simple body mounts since theres only 6 bolts that hold the trucks cab and fenders to the frame so i dont imagine it would be to difficult and then ill just wire up my own wiring harness only using the essentials lights brakes fan and on of switch pretty much basic.. the cruise control and stuff would be nice but lets face it i dont need it... im not sure i love the style of the 79 as it is its just kinda a rough body for what it is...just give me your thoughts on what you think i should do thank you!! also im only 17 so tips would be great !!!
  12. well the handle doesnt move.. i didnt know if i was supposed to move it a certain direction or something like turn it counter clockwise then give it a pull im not entirely sure
  13. oh no thats my bad i should be more observant ha but thank you guys and also another question what do you know about the emergency brakes on these trucks or i guess the hand brake? i pull on it and nothing happens it doesnt move so im wondering if maybe its froze up? not sure though would sure be handy though so i can let my truck sit and warm up without having to chock the tires haha
  14. thanks for the help sir but i dont know these people like you guys may know them. basically im saying im new to the dodge world and new to the dodge trucks specifically so could you please be more specific about who Gary would be or a phone number possibly i dont mind calling around and stuff just need to know the reason for calling them if that makes since. all you veterans to the dodge world know the whole network of people and places to find parts while i havent a clue of where or who to go to. haha so thank you all for your help just be more descriptive thank you
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