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  1. Found another post on our site with the same question. Seems at least 2 owners are pleased with the glue on style: Door sill / Running boards - P15-D24 Forum - P15-D24.com and Pilot-house.com
  2. Thanks, Bob. How do they look now? Any problems since you've owned and installed them?
  3. I'm willing to pay the price for a more original sill mat. Thanks anyway for the suggestion.
  4. Has anyone bought the repro Sill Mats made of urethane plastic that do not have the metal backing? These are available from Plymouth Doctor and Bernbaum's and are a glue-on type installation. Any other options? Heard Hunley Acuff is no longer in business.
  5. I'm trying to find a source for my P15 Floorboard Master Cylinder Cover which is missing from my car. The same part is used on 42-52 Plymouths and 42-48 Dodge/Desoto. Can anyone help me?
  6. Dodgeb4ya - Loads of thanks for solving my problem. As you guessed correctly, the part was attached to my shift bellcrank assembly in another box. Just for completion below is the diagram from the parts manual showing the part that I thought was missing.
  7. So let's look at the problem of building my own spacer. How are these things set up? Is the spacer sized so that the Flex/Spring plate hugs the bellhousing? Or is the Flex Plate supposed to be a certain distance from the bellhousing to allow for some flexure. I wish some folks could look at their P15's and let me know what they see or if they could provide some measurements that would be great.
  8. Finally, here's the Mopar 46-54 parts manual below. That lists a spacer, but there is no spacer for 46-48 p15's.
  9. Now lets look at the P15 parts manual. The first page shows the standard clutch parts picture. Note that there is no spacer pictured. The second page lists a part number 959134, but that is only for Right Hand Drive (RHD) models. Confusing or what ??? !!!
  10. So I looked at the 36-48 parts manual. Below is what is has. Note the the spacers are cylindrical not a flat plate like the picture above. Also, note that it says "Not Used" for the P15. Confusing or what ??? !!!
  11. I guess then that the spacer must have been lost at some time in the past. Does anyone have any information on what thickness the space needs to be? I can make one up if necessary.
  12. I have an all stock original 48 Plymouth 4dr, family owned since new, that I'm restoring. Upon reassembling the clutch linkage I noticed that the clutch flex plate does not mate flush with the bellhousing. As seen in the picture below, the bellhousing appears to have been machined flat and "hogged out" by the factory. This creates a gap between the bellhousing and flex plate when installed. In addition the bolts can't be torqued down without distorting things. The second picture which I found on this site, is an installation where it looks like someone installed a homemade shim
  13. If you carefully drive the rivets out from the backside (behind the kick panel) the originals can be reused.
  14. Here are before and after pictures of the P15 Serial Plate restoration:
  15. 5) Use a paper cutter to cut out all the decals using the guide lines. The guides were designed to match very closely the size of the plate for ease of installation and centering on the plate. 6) Preheat oven to 300 F 7) Put decal in water for 10 seconds 😎 Leave decal out water for 45 seconds 9) IMPORTANT NOTE: Do not use the glue that came with the paper. For some reason the glue causes the decal to not bond properly to the plate when baked in the oven. 10) Place decal face down on plate 11) Remove paper from decal and caref
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