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  1. Brings back memories. In 1957 our family drove a 1950 DeSoto from Illinois to Fort Dix, NJ to see my brother enlisted there. Farthest away from home I'd ever been at about 15 years old. Still remember how smooth that old car was. Actually only 7 years old at the time. Highlight for me was going through the tunnels in PA on the PA turnpike. Not much in the way of Interstates then. Just learned yesterday that two of those tunnels were abandoned in 1968. Rays Tunnel and Sideling Hill Tunnel.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7s4c0CkCPng
  2. Glad to see you getting involved in this old Plymouth. First car I owned was the one in my avatar. 1947 P-15. I'll have to admit mine was in a little better condition! And a little newer! That was in 1959. But, hang in there, and don't pay a lot of attention to the old duffers who tell you you're not doing it right. I imagine they made a few mistakes when they were 16 too. That's the way you learn. If you need parts or resources, let us know. Maybe we can point you in the right direction. On the other hand, the "old duffers" here are probably your best and quickest resour
  3. Okay, I see what you meant. Thanks.
  4. No seatbelts. I didn't hit the windshield but I did break the steering wheel and bruised up both knees. And if I do it over I will definitely also consider front disc brake conversion. The other driver was definitely at fault, but disc brakes might have stopped me a little quicker, maybe? The guy just pulled right in front of me at the last moment. I asked why and He said: "I didn't see you". It was broad daylight and he was no more than 50' or so away from me. I spent the evening in the emergency room and a night in the hospital.
  5. So sorry to hear this. I know how you feel, I think. Same thing happened to me about two years ago. But I keep in touch with the new owner who bought the car as salvage and restored it. Looks even better now. I still keep in touch here. Might replace it someday, still looking! My old car, his new car. and here's what it looked like after the accident.
  6. I think it looks good with them on! Need a darker pinstripe.
  7. I'll second the video request. Glad you updated this thread. Otherwise I would never have seen it. Just went through the entire build. Nice work!
  8. Does that thing have to watch the load limit signs?
  9. I can't answer this one but I'd like to.... would most likely be considered political.
  10. I think the numbers in this poll are skewed. There would be a lot more percentage of oldtimers here if they weren't already dead! Just sayin'.
  11. Looks like the consensus is that it should be flared on the end to fit the opening, here's another "poor" picture of mine.
  12. Realling looking good! With this slick new paint job, how does the interior compare? Show us some interior shots!
  13. Steve, precisely, that's what reminded me of my experience on the lead weight. Wished I'd read this post before I worked on the weight. As stated, good information here from a lot of knowledgeable people.
  14. I learned a lesson the other day about drilling lead. Didn't think much about it, proceeded to drill a hole in a lead weight for an old clock. First thing you know the drill pulls it's way down into the lead very quickly. (Thought it was going to suck me in with it.) Second thing you know you've broken the drill bit off inside!
  15. Reminds me of my old F1 '52 Ford a few years ago. Seat was so bad all that was left mostly was the springs. My Mom found an old curtain and helped me fashion a seat cover. We stuffed some rags and padding inside and put the home made cover on it and held it in place with hog rings. About a 2 hour job. I drove it that way for a year or so before I had it properly recovered.
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