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  1. Hey Tim - don't want to sound off alarm bells but called a few times last week and didn't raise George. I usually find it easiest to catch him in the evening. I called through the day and was talking to his son who tells me he actually has been in the hospital since the 24th. Apparently doing well, but the building of carbs and shipping of intakes may be in a bit of a holding patterm Barb
  2. I talked to George today and it sounds like the big block triples are now sold out and he has to talk with Tim but they don't have a lot left. I just snagged another small block dual intake and sadly George says he cant supply carbs for maybe 6 months and needs cores even then. He had over 100 cores in late November and says he has built half of them and has ordered for more than he has to build. So congrats to the AoK boys. Your intakes are clearly a huge hit. Here is to hoping you guys can find casting and machining sources to keep prices down. I am the wrong person to gauge what the market would pay. To me these were so cool and having AoK Racing on a triple or George Asche Jr Ltd Ed on the dual intake has a cool factor that you just cant buy. Forget about I am sure there never has and never will be a better intake ever produced which really becomes I had to have them at almost any price. I know easy for me to say now that I have mine purchased. Thanks guys and please keep doing what you guys are doing. Big Hugs from your Gal Pal ! B
  3. All I can say boys is..... Yah Baby #43 has been shipped ! Got that update right from the horses mouth (as they say) ... I think I am more likely to say - Winner Winner Chicken Dinner! Yes Ladies and Gentleman I have won the lottery and have a new Aok intake and linkage on its way. I am so excited.
  4. Wow... Wow... Wow.. That sign is just stunning! I have a good idea what it took to restore it. I have also seen the sign at the Chrysler Museum about 20 years ago. I looked at real close and snapped a few pictures. It was no where near the condition this one was. One of the staff told me that signed was worth $25,000 easily. I can see the "Approved Service" Banner sticks out further one both sides that the one at the Museum. The little blue triangle at the bottom on each end are not on the one at the Museum. Bet that is the extra 1 1/2" on each side. With the prices I have seen at Barrett Jackson Memorabilia Auction I would have to think you could get 2 or 3 x what your asking if not more. It really is stunning.. I don't have a place to display it and I cant really afford it, but I am going to sharpen my pencil and see if I can pull it off. Email sent!
  5. Good blog entry there Tim. It seems what is old is new again or in other terms, the 45 year ago guy sounds a lot like a certain member of the forum, who fits the bill of what ever he has is clearly the best and the only way to go. Sometimes I wonder if those people ever learn. Clearly the one on the forum hasn't. I wonder if the 4 barrel dude learned his lesson ? Thank you for taking the time to explain multiple carbs and flathead mopar inner workings. As usual I learn more on your blog in one entry, than I do from reading thousands of posts by the want-to-be experts on the open forum. Barb
  6. At the risk of starting a bush fire here, what does 50s Fords or a 1997 Ford 150 have to due with improving fuel economy of a flathead mopar ? No reply required. In fact folks this seems to be a regular trend. I totally get why some get their backs up for all this non-mopar stuff. Advice as I leave the forum for good, If you cant directly tie it to a flathead mopar I believe guys are just talking to hear themselves talk. Enough is enough, Id rather go organize the speaker wires behind my stereo. Barb
  7. Never had the pleasure to meet her, although I did remember seeing her at the track years ago when Shirley was still racing. Amazing to make it into your 100th year. Thanks for sharing. B ps I never know whether to like a death notice. Obviously it is not liking that she has passed away. It is that you took the time to notify the board:
  8. Hi Guys - I can sense the frustration here as well as out on the forum. I have never pretended to understand why so few dominate the forum landscape. My observation is that there is clearly a culture of a few buddies who treat the site like their neighborhood bar. They are there every day solving all of the worlds problem. They have very little new information and recycle the same war stories over and over and any new comer is seen as a threat to their little worlds. In my short time here and wandering in and out of the chat room its obvious the parallels to my neighborhood bar is what we have. You need not speculate on a conspiracy. Thanks you the chat room feature showing you the conversation that took place long before you entered and the fact that members immediately bailing doesn't remove that history, I have seen it 1st hand. The only thing I do not understand is why the moderators or the forum owner doesn't keep track and review the conversations. Perhaps the traffic numbers help set advertising rates or some such thing. My personal experience is the second I disagree with any of the usual suspects, I immediately get PM's from them. It is very clear how transparent and naive they really are and my patience for being talked down to extends to showing them the door. What I do know Gentlemen is like the local bar scenario, its unlikely things are going to change. Unless you want to get a table and hang out from the time the bar opens until it closes you will always be an outsider, while the original regulars continue to puff out their chests and try and be experts on more and more, while talking about the same old things and way they did it in the good old days, until they have proven they really now more and more about less and less until finally everyone realizes they truly know everything about nothing. If it wasn't for this Blog I think my exit plan would have long ago been enacted. There are lots over other avenues to discuss things and for anyone who has posted somewhere on this blog in 2016 that wishes to PM me, they are welcome to do so. Clearly Tim has a firewall up to so far keep out the riff-raff. I hope everyone had a great New Years Eve, and hope everyone has a Great 2017! Barb
  9. Hi Billy6 - There is a good article on the various overdrives on the Aok boys blog I suspect if you contacted Tim Kingsbury who writes the blog or George Asche they can help you out on the r10g1 front
  10. A Very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year to the AoK Boys, and those who keep their Plymouth, Chrysler, Desoto, Dodge, Fargo and other Mopars with modifications that Walter Chrysler would approve of!
  11. Hi Tim - If there are any of the small block intakes left I would like 1 with the rails on the inside for my 48 Plymouth and I with the rails on the outside for my 1934 Plymouth Pickup. If I can get linkage and carbs for both that would be awesome. Whatever you and George think for carbs works for me. B
  12. The guy that not only comes to mind as he has a couple of 1929 Desoto's. 1 with a rock stock 6 and 1 that is as wild as it gets, is George Asche. He is in his 80s but still very much active and rebuilds more flathead engines than anyone I know. His number is 814-354-2621. Tim Kingsbury as Rockwood points out you can contact via the message service here. He is the computer contact for George and when talking to George he refers to Tim as his 3rd son. Between those two guys if that cant get your pistons and items required to rebuild it, I don't know who can. I did have Tim's email and phone number but I cant put my fingers on it at the moment. Barb
  13. My condolences for your loss. No matter how long or how great a life a person leads on earth it is always hard on those who love them when they pass away, Some day you will have a chance to join her I am sure. In the mean time in her memory, live your life to its fullest because life on earth is for the living. Please take care. Barb
  14. Think long and hard before you go to a Non-Mopar T5 transmission. There appears to be lots of the forum who have had success with it. Long ago I took the advise of a couple of members and went down the road. It turned out to be a lot more involved and more expensive than portrayed. I should have picked up when one of the pictures shown was of the T5 all taken apart. I was told to look for a ranger t5 which I did. Later on the person who seems to be at the route of the T5 craze changed his tune and it was then an S10 he used. 1st gear is completely useless. After spending a huge amount of money what I had was a transmission that you start off in 2nd, shift to 4th which really isn't right but 3rd is too high geared and then 5th. Thank God I ran into this guys blog http://p15-d24.com/blog/17/entry-88-the-rough-field-spotters-guide-for-mopar-overdrives/ I did not switch to the a833 overdrive. This guy talked me off the ledge and instead of starting over I pulled the t5 out and had the gears changes to a set of gears that were useable. Again more cost although less than if I had tossed everything out and started again. I do wish I had went the A833 tranny route to start although I was assured on this forum there was no Mopar route. That was complete, horse s***. You can certainly find t5's with better gear ratios. They are not the s10 or ranger. They are Mustang and Camaro and those transmissions are much more money. I should have went with my gut to start and went the mopar route. I thought long and hard about posting anything here because in my opinion there are a group of bullies who have their own agenda and I am sure those guys and their group of friends will jump on here to say how great t5 transmission conversions are. I have one, I finally got it going and it was way more cost and effort that described. If you want to send me a PM I am happy to call you and talk further on the topic. I have no interest in others from the bully group pm'ing me looking to brow beat me. Those guys can go pound salt. If I sound bitter believe me I am . Barb
  15. That is indeed quite a ride. It is incredible that it survived in any state. To see someone taking the time and effort to restore it really is something to see. I can only imagine what a media circus it would be if they took it back out on the salt flats. Maybe the AoK boys can lend them the engine from their dragster for a pass or two ?????
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