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  1. The wheels are stock! I'll shoot you a pic of those tires when the car arrives in Florida in a couple of weeks if you pm me, though!
  2. Thanks for your comments. I have had this car since I was 15. I'm 44 now. This was a once-in-a-lifetime operation addressing some rust issues in the body and a total repaint, which eliminated the weird sparkly baby blue color that this poor car had been wearing since the 70s. The car did have all the trim, lettering, and badging in decent condition - but I always thought it made the car look too frumpy for my taste. I like that big blunt nose without the hood ornament. Mine was kind of beat anyway. I like that there's no script anywhere I am keeping everything, though,
  3. Haha. I didn't mean to tease, I also didn't want to seem like I was bragging...
  4. Thanks very much for your input. I got all the stuff I needed. The car is *done*. : )
  5. Hello everybody. My 1950 Plymouth is nearly completely restored. These are the last things I need and I'm having a hard time finding a vendor that sells them. I would greatly appreciate any help: 1. window retaining clips x6 2. rubber bumper stop set 3. horseshoe clips that hold the door locks in place x2 I have tried to contact AMS Obsolete many times. They only have one number that I know of and it is perpetually busy. I did manage to talk to one person who said they would get back to me - but he never did. I have also called Bernbaum.
  6. Thanks guys for all the responses. They have given me a lot to think about. The issue has been settled. I am getting LEDs.
  7. Hi everybody. I'm having my car painted and my body guy asked me something I'd never really considered before - "upgrading" to LEDs. Are there any cons to doing this that I'm not considering? Seems like a no-brainer. I don't drive in the dark much and I didn't mind my warm, yellow old lights... but this is actually a safety issue. Are there any reasons NOT to do it besides an allegiance to probably pointless sentimentality?
  8. I likey!

  9. I'm not much for "blogging" - but I'll def post some pics and may damn well appeal to this very thread in a breakdown somewhere in Appalachia! Thanks for your response. Good info.
  10. Wow - I'd never heard of that. Interesting option! Thanks.
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